Hoegaarden Beer - Product Launch


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Hoegaarden Beer - Product Launch

  1. 1. PRODUCT LAUNCH 2007/2008
  2. 2. HIGHLIGHTS 1. The achievement of a behavioural insight that was reinforced by a physical attribute that I’ve noticed at product’s exclusive cup. 2. The proposal of a comprehensive Communications Strategy to construct the desire positioning. 3. A hands-on research that deep dived into the Brazilian beer market, mapping competitors, analyzing drivers and understanding consumers.
  3. 3. CHALLENGE How to position and communicate Hoegaarden? (a premium beer imported from Belgium, with a distinctive composition and taste)
  4. 4. RESEARCH After many researches and studies to understand the market, its players and drivers, we found out that: The average Brazilian was learning to enjoy distinctive beers. Special Beers share - Brazilian market : 2,3% 5,3% 6,8% - regular (popular) 2001 2006 2007 - special (Premium + Source: Nielsen – site Ambev Super Premium)
  5. 5. MARKET The Premium Beer market had many different competitors, therefore the need of a distinctive positioning. Pubs were responsible for 58% of the category’s distribution.
  6. 6. DRIVERS 1. Suggestion “Someone suggested me, saying it is good” 2. Status/ Self-gratification “It’s cool, the glass is unique. I do deserve it, it’s how I treat myself.” 3. Availability “Because it’s available/ being served.” 4. Imported “Way better than domestic.” 5. Price “It ‘s affordable/ It’s on my price range” “Itʼs not the beer itself... itʼs about being seen as different... thatʼs the real deal with Premium Beers. Itʼs a personal upgrade." Rodrigo – Consumer
  7. 7. CONSUMER We’ve also identified two distinctive consumers: Newbie: Regular: •Stepping into the market. •Volatile – Promiscuous •Drinks Premium Beers, looks for •Regular drinker, knows beers’ better quality. heritage and uniquenesses. •Drinks Super Premium Beers once •Looks for new experiences, in a while – Learning factor new tastes – cultural enrichment. •Looks for new experiences, new flavours.
  8. 8. TARGET And, based on their behaviours, picked our target. Newbie: Regular: •Stepping into the market. •Volatile – Promiscuous •Drinks Premium Beers, looks for •Regular drinker, know beers’ better quality. heritage and uniquenesses. •Drinks Super Premium Beers once •Look for new experiences, new in a while – Learning factor tastes – cultural enrichment. •Looks for new experiences, new flavours.
  9. 9. PRODUCT Hoegaarden had the right price and a taste that was unique enough to be positioned as “your first Premium beer”. Price x Segment PRICE SUPER POPULAR PREMIUM PREMIUM First Step into category
  10. 10. CONSUMER INSIGHT The Premium Beer´s consumer is someone who has achieved some professional and personal results, who has conquered some space and is now a bit different from what he/ she used to be. Someone who has been “polished by life”. A - B+, 25 - 40, mostly men, urban. Drink to taste and enjoy its flavour, not to get drunk. Acknowledge the added value of the product and agree to pay more for that.
  11. 11. PRODUCT INSIGHT We also noted that Hoegaarden’s exclusive cup is built with a six-sided body and bottom. Instead of rounded watermarks, and different from all the other Premium Beers’ cups, this one leaves “polished” watermarks.
  12. 12. COMMUNICATION INSIGHT If you’re no longer the same, why does your beer have to be?
  13. 13. COMMUNICATION STRATEGY POS ATL - Bottle Tie, Stopper - Films - TV and Theatre and Shelf Tags - Press - Exhibition Display - Manly Magazines - Cross Merchandising POConsumption BTL - Coasters and Bucket - Blitz at Corp. - Pub Merchandising - Trial tastings through - NewAd and Mirror mailing AWARENESS - Hexagonal Table - Tasting Booth - Brand Ambassadors - Aspirational Brands - International Flights - Bloggers
  14. 14. CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT When you evolve, the world evolves with you. Hoegaarden – It is great to evolve!
  15. 15. Years and years to master the perfect combination and here comes John Doe with an ordinary cup. It is great to evolve.
  16. 16. FINAL CONSIDERATIONS 1. This project was developed as part of the Miami Ad School Account Planning Bootcamp. 2. Despite being theoretical, it was based on a real brief conducted by Hoegaarden’s Product Manager, from AmBev. 3. The entire study took 3 weeks to be developed by a team of 3 Account Planning students. 4. The Creative development, led by two Creative students, did not reflect the our desired positioning but had to be presented as is, for them to be judged.
  17. 17. ROBERTO FARIA creative planner www.robertofaria.com