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The Future of Mobile: Retail Products


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Presentation from a talk on the future of mobile in the retail/product environment.

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The Future of Mobile: Retail Products

  1. 1.  Emerging and Future Mobile!
  2. 2. !About me!! @marktxt4ever!! 20 years in digital!Mobile Strategy! 9 years in mobile! & Innovation! Chair of DMA
 Senior Lecturer
 Mobile Council
 Chair of DMA 
 Future Media! Awards!
  3. 3. We’ve  come  a  long  way  
  4. 4. !The rise of the convergent device!
  5. 5.  Impact  of  Mobile  Commerce  
  6. 6. Electrical  Items  are  top  of  the  list  •  Researching  of  big  purchases  is  key  
  7. 7.  New  ways  to  make  content  
  8. 8.  The  revolu>on  will  not  be  televised  
  9. 9.  The  fall  of  old  media  
  10. 10.  Data  driven  brands  
  11. 11.  The  future  is  (open)  data  
  12. 12.  There  are  many  ways  to  use  data  Scenetap  uses  face  recogni9on  in  bars  to  iden9fy  how  meny  men/women  there  are,  their  ages  and  how  busy  the  venue  is.  Creepy?  
  13. 13.  Loca>on  is  important  Mobile  is  very  much  about  loca9on,  from  search,  to  vouchering  to  social  media.  
  14. 14.  SoMoLo  is  not  just  for  shops  
  15. 15.  The  future  is  gamifica>on  
  16. 16.  Content  and  co-­‐crea>on  
  17. 17.  Do  we  want  surprises?  KLM  Surprises  delivered  relevant  giEs  to  passengers  who  had  checked  in  at  the  airport  on  social  media.  
  18. 18.  Or  just  get  a  beJer  service?  
  19. 19.  Connec>ng  Products  
  20. 20.  Extending  tradi>onal  media  
  21. 21.  Everything  becomes  responsive   In  Spain,  Fiat   ac9vated  road   signs  to   promote  their   Evo  car  
  22. 22.  Audio  becomes  responsive  Shazam  for  TV  allows  brands  to  ac9vate  any  advert  to  nearly  200  million  users  
  23. 23.  Shops  won’t  be  shops  
  24. 24.  They  can  pop  up  anywhere  
  25. 25.  Mobile  connects  devices  
  26. 26.  Fric>onless  Connec>ons  
  27. 27.  The  wheel  is  reinvented  
  28. 28.  And  new  ways  to  interact  
  29. 29.  Ac>va>ng  Brands  
  30. 30.  The  future  will  feel  different  
  31. 31.  There  will  be  new  devices  
  32. 32.  There  will  be  new  screens  
  33. 33.  The  future  seems  uncertain?   Don’t  worry  about  it   Because  the  future  is   already  here