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HR - Your role in creating a digital workplace


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Check out Arkadin's presentation from the HR Directors Summit 2016 on how you can enable your enterprise to become a digital workplace.

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HR - Your role in creating a digital workplace

  1. 1. HR - Your role in creating a digital workplace
  2. 2. Contents • Digital Workplace – what does it mean? • Digital Workplace – the vital role of HR • Case study • Your questions
  3. 3. “The digital workplace is the FREEDOM to work as individuals and teams anytime, anyway, anywhere” Earl Talbot - NTT Europe 87% of remote workers feel more connected to their team with video conferencing 66% of candidates prefer to use video conferencing during the interview process 25% of employee satisfaction is accounted for by the workplace environment
  4. 4. Increased Productivity • Nearly 40% say they work longer hours when remote working to counteract any suspicion they may be taking advantage of the company’s central office (Ipsos MORI)
  5. 5. Autonomy “Managers (and employees) can’t work effectively with their hands tied behind their back. Employers must make it their New Year’s resolution to give them the autonomy to succeed.” Ann Francke, CEO Chartered Institute of Management ‘Future Forecast 2016’
  6. 6. The Digital Workplace Think narrow & broad….. • Digital Workplace as the facilitator of new forms of engagement; collaboration; data sharing and innovation – the foundation of truly agile, high performing businesses • This broad digital workplace definition is what unlocks strategic a strategic, value adding role for HR
  7. 7. Getting your arms around digital • HR can’t help deliver consistently high performing cultures without strategically embracing our broader definition of a digital workplace • Narrow digital workplace is a table stakes play • Broad digital workplace is what will allow HR to create competitive differentiation for your business
  8. 8. It should already be part of your talent proposition • Talent favours digital maturity • Digital maturity is the product of organisational strategy, culture and leadership • And if you’re not shaping that who is?
  9. 9. Questions • Does your organisation have a clear strategy for a digital workplace (narrow definition) ? • Does your organisation have a clear strategy for a digital workplace (broad definition) ? • Are you and your colleagues in HR influencing that strategy ? • Does your culture foster and encourage digital initiatives and innovation? • Do you think progress on the digital workplace agenda helps HR have a bigger impact in the business?
  10. 10. Digital Workplace – delivering the HR agenda “HR will care about the digital workplace because they care about flexible working, supporting a diverse workforce, and retaining talent. They don’t want to talk about networks.” Sophie Allen - Microsoft
  11. 11. Meet Your New Best Ally • If you hadn’t noticed IT and HR are both in the engagement business • A close IT / HR partnership will be the beating heart of a successful business with IT / HR jointly coordinating; • Engagement programmes • Changing job roles and skills profiles • Organisational structures to ensure alignment with business goals
  12. 12. The view from industry experts • By 2020, 20% of organisations will include employee engagement improvement as a shared performance objective for HR and IT ( • IT professionals are being actively coached and educated to be vital change agents in the business • Gartner)
  13. 13. Be the new power couple
  14. 14. More glamorous?
  15. 15. Too much…?
  16. 16. The Digital Workplace “In the absence of a strategic response, IT leaders will be out of step with changing business needs… leading to competitive disadvantage” Technology CultureEnvironment Digital Workplace
  17. 17. The Hero’s Journey
  18. 18. Where are you on the Transformation Journey? Vision Compelling reason Assessment Transformation Integration Allies Launch Guides Pitfalls/Challenges
  19. 19. Vision Compelling reason Assessment Transformation Adoption Adoption AdoptionIntegration Allies Launch Guides Pitfalls/Challenges
  20. 20. Allowing associates to work where and when they are most productive, cost-effective and environmentally respectful.
  21. 21. EVOLVE CONNECT TO THE FUTURE OF WORK Cost savings from reduced real estate Attraction and retention of talent More agile and responsive business Safeguarded business continuity Employee wellbeing Increased productivity of employees Upgraded management culture Improved collaboration Reduce attrition
  22. 22. “It has changed work totally from where people go to what they do. It makes HR far more aligned to the business – it’s easier to see where you add value, to integrate into the business. It looks at the future of work and encourages innovation in a range of ways. It gives functions that are shut away e.g. HR the opportunity to be part of the programme. There is nothing you can’t deal with in this environment.”
  23. 23. Takeaways • Think of us as one of your guides • Complete the feedback form and register your interest • Make the first move – don’t leave your IT Crowd stuck under the stairs We can do this together! Email: Twitter: LancasterHelen