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  • We need to talk about how ubiquitous has Internet become because of the new devices…Smartphones have become the de-facto device to access the Internet when people are not behind a PCConsumers are often workers as well; separation of phone usage for personal and business is not going to last
  • Leap Factor Executive Presentation

    1. 1.
    2. 2. Light Enterprise Access Point<br />Eliminating complexity from the mobile enterprise<br />Executive Summary<br />
    3. 3. Before we start…<br />From standardization to uniqueness on the edges and universal access to information<br />Past 20 years were about digesting a huge ERP<br /> Process standardization <br /> Increased IT complexity<br /> Compromised agility <br /> High TCO<br />Perpetual licensing <br />Basket approach <br />Next 20 years will be about IT sustainability<br />Process uniqueness at the edges <br />Functional micro packages by role <br />Simplified service catalogs (SOA) <br />Lowered TCO by cloud computing <br />On-demand pricing<br />Utility approach<br />
    4. 4. Evolution of mobility and connectivity<br />4<br />Smartphones have become the de-facto device to access the Internet when people are not behind a PC.<br /><ul><li>UN says that, 50% of the world’s population account for over 3.3 billion cell phone subscribers worldwide. Compared to 12% penetration in 2000</li></li></ul><li>Fast forward to the era of Micro Apps<br />Along with its indulgent interfaces, Apple introduced zero hassle application provisioning and redefined the industry<br />5<br />Development of<br />Galaxies, Planets, etc.<br />1 Killer App<br />Dark Edges<br />50 M Units<br /> 10 Years<br />Quantum<br />Fluctuations<br />WMAP<br />1M Units <br />1 Weekend<br />Big Expansion 13.7 Billion Years<br />60K Micro Apps<br />
    5. 5. Opportunity lies on the unattended business needs of the average Jane<br />Provide business applications with the same ease of use as mobile weather, banking, recipes, gaming, etc.<br />6<br />Jane the consumer is enabled <br />Jane the employees is powerless<br />for pleasure & for business<br />
    6. 6. The formula lies on Micro-Transactions with actionable data<br />Adoption and ROI in IT investments would be maximized if actionable data could to be accesed conviniently<br />7<br />I need far less information and features, here and now!<br />What I need is not available!<br />
    7. 7. Think of us as an information logistics service<br />We will take your business content and deliver it to your employees partners and customers<br /><ul><li>End-to-endmessagingservice
    8. 8. Ondemand
    9. 9. One flat fee</li></ul>anywhere … anytime … easy<br />
    10. 10. Can LeapFactor overcome the IT complexity ?<br />Complexity will persist but … we will only enable singleton transactions fragmenting the problem<br />9<br />LeapCentral<br />IT complexity fragmented<br />and exposed via SOA <br />secure & scalable platform<br />loaded in the cloud<br />Jane enabled by many <br />micro transactions <br />
    11. 11. Introduction to components<br />In the cloud<br />Customer domain behind a firewall<br />on the go<br />LeapAgent<br />LeapCentral<br />LeapElement<br />SAP System<br />Dealer<br />Backend system controlling business processes and handling master data and corporate records<br />Custom build interface to extract ad insert data on demand or for publishing <br />Prewired Plugin designed to serve an specific business scenario leveraging the platform processes <br />Universal XLMS based interface designed to authenticate dealers and manage message traffic. <br />Centralized message clearing house designed to dispatch and route message authenticated and secure messages between Enterprise publishers and LeapFactor Subscribers<br />Business Suite provided by LeapFactor<br />Custom build mobile client<br />OEM applications mobilized via LeapFactor<br />Free mobile applications <br />
    12. 12. Applications in concert<br />6 Basic Applications could mutate to provide tailored solutions<br />11<br />Indicators<br />Networking<br />Alerts<br />Electronic Records<br />Content<br />Approvals<br />Executive Suite<br />OEM Apps<br />Custom Apps<br />Free Apps<br />