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Accenture NILF 2015 digital engagement


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FireArc created Digital Engagement for Accenture at NILF 2015 with RFID LinkedIn Integration and gamification for POV/Case Studies presentation

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Accenture NILF 2015 digital engagement

  1. 1. Accenture Digital Highway NILF 2015 Digital Engagement through RFID- Linked In Integration and gamified POV Presentation Contact: +91-9811315396
  3. 3. Concept • Showcase Accenture 2020 Digital Vision • An information highway leading to 2020 with Accenture Solutions/POV showcased
  4. 4. Information Highway • The user registers through Name/Email etc • A car travels on the information highway depicting the digital challenges landscape. The user can have an immersive experience using the wearable video glasses • On course the game screen stops and Accenture POV summary is flashed • If it interests the user, they press the > sign on the button to save it
  5. 5. Information Highway • After the game ends the user can see the saved case studies using the wearable screen • The POV’s can be mailed and the user exposed to POV subscription opportunity
  7. 7. Digital Information Highway Client – Accenture Event: NASSCOM NILF 2015, Mumbai
  8. 8. Objective To Engage the visitors by presenting the POV’s in an interesting manner and pitch for subscription of the POV’s To create buzz on social media about the activity
  9. 9. Solution RFID LinkedIn Integration and Digital Info Highway game • The visitors were registered with their LinkedIn credentials and issued RFID tags • There was a check-in message on their profile when the RFID tag was issued • The visitors could login to the information highway game through their RFID tags and could see the POV’s and also subscribe to them by flashing their RFID tags • The product demos also had RFID readers and when a visitor wanted to share that information on LinkedIn, they could accomplish it, just by flashing the RFID tag
  10. 10. Registration
  11. 11. Information Highway Game