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Top 7 tools to supercharge your team based collaboration


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Let’s get everyone round the table. Or not.

There are countless ways to communicate and collaborate in today’s workplace. And while videoconferencing, telepresence, whiteboarding and so on are brilliant, they’re not the whole story of effective teamwork.

That story involves a wide range of tools that encourage communication, collaboration and innovation. We take a look at these top seven tools that really add an extra something to your team and your day.

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Top 7 tools to supercharge your team based collaboration

  1. 1. Top 7 tools to supercharge your team based collaboration Equip your teamwork toolbox with these top seven tools for team based collaboration Bringing order to how you Tweet, Post and Share. Evernote’s 100m users swear by it. (Not at it.) Attach notes to apps, sort them by topic, even make notes collaboratively. Every meeting needs notes. 1. FOREVER EVERNOTE 2. GIVE A HOOT(SUITE) 3. TAKE UP THE SLACK. 4. KINDLING KNOWLEDGE.. 5. STRIKE OUT FOR BASECAMP. 6. EMOJIS, NOT JUST FOR TEENS 7. PHOTOGRAPHS Takeaways WHY? WHY? WHY? THE BIG WHY? THE BIG WHY? THE BIG WHY? WHY? 92% Post-Its and pads need further transcribing, but Evernote meshes the notes with your workflow … from the get-go. A single dashboard for all your social media lets you update everyone in one session - in- meeting or after-hours. Sorting comments into topic areas, Slack brings order to messy talk. Kindle highlights sync with your Amazon account. Easy cutting, easy pasting, easy collaborating. The bookworm’s friend is the collaborator’s secret weapon. The heavy hitter is light in weight, easily learnable in minutes. Chances are your teams are already using it. Teamwork lives or dies on togetherness. Emojis can foster the friendships. And with 92% of consumers using them your customers will feel closer too. People relate better when they know what each other looks like! Never leave a profile, avatar, or ID icon blank. So join the 10m using HootSuite. But maintaining 100 social accounts shouldn’t be. Slack enables those freeform conversations where the magic happens - without losing the structure of project management. 15 mins highlighting passages in a long doc let you sum up a 100-pager in a few paras, ready for your online chat at 2pm. Action items, To-Do lists, timelines and tickle dates glue teams together across territories… perfect for both big formal projects and informal little ones. Research shows emojis increase that sense of shared understanding. Like a wink or a nudge. Use them. Just being able to see each other makes for great teamwork. Social media is part of collaborating. In today’s teams, slack means tightening up. Did you know that a Kindle isn’t just for books? Project tool Basecamp just keeps getting better. Let’s get silly. Smileys and symbols aren’t collaboration tools. Or are they? We saved the simplest tool for last. 15 min Great collaboration tools aren’t as obvious as you think 500m users of these 7 tools can’t be wrong Great teamwork shouldn’t be limited by lack of tools An app that’s already a platform means the value’s already there The right communications infrastructure lets you mix and match tools 01 03 05 02 04 Sources: [Enjoy work, enjoy life, enjoy sharing]