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  • press@visitengland.orgYou can share info with us on Twitter, email is better as it get shared with the editorial team as wellWe follow 425 people on Twitter - journalistsWe can’t follow everyone as we wouldn’t be able to follow conversations (used to follow over 6,000 in July 2011)We’re happy to mention businesses – the following is low purely so we can manage contentEngage in conversation: tweet @CotswoldsInfo, @thecotswoldchef, @cotswoldlife; tweet local/regional newspapers & radio channels Create a ‘personality’ online for your business, have a voiceKnow your audienceWho are you following and why?What’s your relationship with your followers?Aims & ObjectivesWhy are you/do you want to be on Twitter (not because everyone else is doing it)Who are you trying to reach – is your audience on Twitter or elsewhere?What to tweet about?Local eventsIf you’ve had a positive review online (i.e. Tripadvisor), why not thank the writer on Twitter?Awards; nominations, entries, winsLook for relevant hashtags for your business; #holidays #B&B #cottages #Cotswolds
  • VisitEngland TMI mobile social media may 2012

    1. 1. Mobile, Appsand Social MediaTracey Taylor, Nora Makiand Andrew DainesTMI Hot TopicCoventry, May 2012
    2. 2. Mobile, Apps and Social MediaMobile, Apps and Social Media• Is it really that important?• VisitEngland’s agenda for Social Media• Best practice considerations for mobile• Shaping VisitEngland’s digital roadmap
    3. 3. Is it really thatimportant?Andrew Daines
    4. 4. Mobile, Apps and Social MediaRemember me? Functional? Sophisticated?
    5. 5. Mobile, Apps and Social MediaPrecious
    6. 6. Mobile, Apps and Social Media Every day… 1000 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 700 200 371 378 100 0(thousands) Babies born iPhones sold Android devices activated
    7. 7. Mobile, Apps and Social MediaIn the UK• Over half the mobile population own a smartphone (Source: ComScore, March 2012)• 57% of mobile users access ‘mobile media’ (Source: ComScore, March 2012)• 9% of visitors to travel websites in 2011 access via mobile devices (up from 2.8% in 2010) (Source: EyeForTravel)• 28% of UK travel-related queries came from mobile devices by the end of 2011, tablets accounting for a third of these (Source: EyeForTravel)
    8. 8. Mobile, Apps and Social MediaSocial media and mobileMobile audience for selected social media channels, US Total audience (000s) Aug 2010 Aug 2011 % changeFacebook 38,240 57,332 50%Twitter 7,639 13,375 75% Source: ComScore, October 2011 Mobile check-ins via foursquare / Facebook, US 2011 2012 Adult population 4% 10% Source: Tnooz, May 2012
    9. 9. VisitEngland’sagenda forSocial MediaNora Maki
    10. 10. VisitEngland’s Social Media Profile • • 156,797 likes • Daily posts about events & news across England • • 93,031 views • Destination promo videos • UGC (competition entries) • 2nd most popular search engine after Google •!/VisitEngland • 21,949 followers • Daily posts about events & news across England • #journorequest • Answering queries/questions
    11. 11. Twitter – how to make it work Best option is always to speak with local DMO Key to Twitter success: know your audience Aims & Objectives Who are you trying to reach?Don’t sell anything on Twitter – Engage in conversation! So, what do I tweet about? Local events Awards #hashtags Positive customer experiences Good examples in tourism – destinations!
    12. 12. VisitEngland Social Media Activity
    13. 13. DON’T… DO… Be afraid of social media  Create personal account to get a feel for Direct all links to your website platform Use social media as a sales channel  Set a strategy – what is your aim with the Don’t be afraid of deleting, unfollow or account/s? ban followers who spam you  Engage in conversation; RT, mentions, tag Use social media if you don’t have the etc. resources to do so  Stay focused when choosing who to follow; follow people relevant to you business  Keep branding consistent on all platforms  Create a tone that suits your brand  Categorise and create lists – easier to digest
    14. 14. Best practiceconsiderationsfor mobileAndrew Daines
    15. 15. Mobile, Apps and Social MediaKey considerations for delivering content via mobile devices1. Use the device’s GPS functionality and deliver content accordingly
    16. 16. Mobile, Apps and Social MediaKey considerations for delivering content via mobile devices2. Integrate with mapping functionality, to provide directions
    17. 17. Mobile, Apps and Social MediaKey considerations for delivering content via mobile devices3. Integrate with installed social media apps, to enable and encourage sharing
    18. 18. Mobile, Apps and Social MediaKey considerations for delivering content via mobile devices4. Ensure content is up to date
    19. 19. Mobile, Apps and Social MediaKey considerations for delivering content via mobile devices5. Allow offline access to content
    20. 20. ShapingVisitEngland’sdigital roadmapTracey Taylor
    21. 21. VisitEngland’s roleis to ensureEngland grows itsshare of leisurevisits against keycompetingdestinations
    22. 22. Mobile, Apps and Social MediaFrom VisitEngland’s marketing objectives…• Instill pride in England as a destination and get our audience to share their experiences• Enable integration for England and its destinations• Bring value to the whole industry and reduce duplication of effort• Focus on inspiration and conceptualisation of the decision making process• Focus on thematic campaigns• Ensure advocacy is at the heart with sharable content and strong social media integration
    23. 23. Mobile, Apps and Social MediaStart with needs• The design process must start with identifying and thinking about real user needs. We should design around those — not around the way the ‘official process’ is at the moment. We must understand those needs thoroughly — interrogating data, not just making assumptions — and we should remember that what users ask for is not always what they need.
    24. 24. Mobile, Apps and Social MediaDo less• We should only do what only we can do.• If someone else is doing it — link to it.• If we can provide resources (like APIs) that will help other people build things — do that.• We should concentrate on the irreducible core
    25. 25. Mobile, Apps and Social MediaDo the hard work to make it simple• Making something look simple is easy; making something simple to use is much harder — especially when the underlying systems are complex — but that’s what we should be doing.
    26. 26. Mobile, Apps and Social MediaUnderstand context• We’re not designing for a screen, we’re designing for people. We need to think hard about the context in which they’re using our services. Are they in a library? Are they on a phone? Are they only really familiar with Facebook? Have they never used the web before?
    27. 27. Considerations• How do we include content across every location in England?• How can VisitEngland facilitate mobile / app development?