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Social Media: Fueling Modern Movements in the Digital Age


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This presentation given at the the Grade Level Reading ( conference in Denver Colorado, July 1st 2012.

Session description:
When it comes to championing and gaining support for modern causes and movements, integrating strategic social media is no longer an option. Integrating digital strategies effectively into an overall communications plan can amplify support and empower advocates. This session provides tools and techniques drawn from successful, real life movements.

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Social Media: Fueling Modern Movements in the Digital Age

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Social Media: Fueling Modern Movements in the Digital Age #read2012
  3. 3. IntroductionsMelissa Thompson – Communications Manager, CAP@melissathompsA writer since she could punch the orange keys on her Little Tikes typewriter,Melissa Thompson has always been a fan of communicating. She’s an even biggeradvocate of helping others discover the power of emerging digital media (youknow, the tools that are helping us connect, collaborate and “share good” fasterand farther than ever.)Through her work with The Patterson Foundation, Melissa has advised voluntaryhealth organizations, community engagement entities, and others on strategicsocial media practices. She recently earned a certificate in online communitymanagement from WOMMA. When she is not doing her part to bridge the digitalengagement deficit, Melissa can be found training for her next race or getting lostin baking blogs.
  4. 4. IntroductionsSam Stern – Partner, CAP@mhealthmarketerCAP is the communications partner of The Patterson Foundation, a thoughtleader in the transformative role of strategic communications within thephilanthropy sector.As chief strategist, Sam has integrated social media strategies and emergingtools within the foundation’s DNA, resulting in relationship building with someof the sector’s most influential leaders. Leading the CAP team, Sam uses socialcommunications strategies to build and encourage awareness and impactthrough work with The Patterson Foundation’s partners.
  5. 5. Objectives• Defining movements• Why social media is important• Getting started• Effective use of social media channels
  6. 6. “An idea that spreadswith passion through acommunity.” @ThisIsSethsBlog
  7. 7. “Passion enables movements to grow and have a significant impact on culture.”
  8. 8. PASSION!The only prerequisite to starting a cultural movement
  9. 9. Idea: Doing at least one nice thing per week makes the world a better placeStarted: LA 2005Spread: Do one nice thing emails reminding people to do nice things Media Coverage – Radio, Oprah, Martha Stewart, Kits for members to start their own local clubs SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT (Twitter, Facebook, blog)Today: Members in 92 countries 100 tons of school supplies sent for Iraqi and Afghan 10’s of 000’s of books for schools, libraries, and children’s hospitals 10’s of 000’s cans of food items to food banks
  10. 10. ™ ( RED )• IDEA: Transform the collective power of consumers into a financial force to help fight AIDS and other diseases in Africa• STARTED: Bono of U2 and Bobby Shriver founded RED in 2006.• HOW IT SPREAD: RED spread through its pacts with its partners, extensive media coverage resulting from the high profile of the corporations involved and RED’s founders, social networking, celebrity spokespeople, and brand exposure. In 2010, a full-length documentary called The Lazarus Effect was executive produced by Spike Jonze and sponsored by (RED), HBO, and Anonymous Content, on the heels of a public-service TV featuring high-profile celebrities in the United States.• Today: Generated more than $170 million Reached more than 7.5 million people in Ghana, Lesotho, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, and Zambia Programs have averted 6.5 million deaths worldwide
  11. 11. Modern movements are digitally connected Members of movements are more likely to have socially engaged friends who belong to other movements Friends of Friends = Amplifying messages and expanding reach of influence
  12. 12. Mention Mapp
  13. 13. Take-away: Leverage the networks of key contacts• Enlist ambassadors• Define roles• Timing strategy
  14. 14. i Survey: 2,252 Adults April & May ‘10- Low income people among fastest adopters of mobile web devices (May ‘10)- Low income people using mobile devices in place of higher-cost computers- 46% of households earning less than $30K a year are wireless Internet users. (May ‘10)- The lowest income group surveyed was the fastest growing- Of those surveyed who use wireless mobile technology - 64% African Americans - 63% English-speaking Latinos - 57% White Americans- Minorities more likely to use social networking sites, watch videos, post videos and purchase products onmobile devices
  15. 15. i Surveys: Adults using social media – 2,277 May 2011 Twitter Use 2012 – 2,253 adults;- 65 % of Internet-using adults use social - Online adults who use Twitter in typical daynetworking sites (only email and search doubled since May 2011 (still about 15% onlineengines are used more frequently) adults)- Positives outweigh negatives in words - Incomedescribing experience using social - 31% under $50Knetworking sites - Of that,19% under $30K- Among Internet users, social networking - Of those using Twittermost popular with women, young adults - African American – 28%under 30 and parents - Latino – 14% - White – 12%
  16. 16. • Familiar with most social mediachannels• Using social media somewhat regularly• See social media as somewhat to veryimportant to programs• Majority see social media playing asomewhat greater role• Two Biggest challenge – Time to plan and execute/cost – Convincing others of value
  17. 17. Conveying value of social mediaSocial movements need people who are champions for strategic social mediaEducate leadership by sharing the benefits of onlinecommunications tools and online communities - low barriers to entry - segment of audience already using - expansive reach - two-way mediaAddress fears early on: What’s the worst that couldhappen?Share examples of success
  18. 18. Taking the plungeThe Patterson Foundation• 13 people age 45+• Limited knowledge of social media• Apprehension and fear
  19. 19. Build confidence- Educate- Train- Remove mystery- Take baby steps- Praise
  20. 20. Are you ready for social media?- Goal- Core Message/Key Message- Audience- Strategies- Tactics/Vehicles- Measure Success
  21. 21. Using social media platforms- Overview of social media platforms- Real examples- How relates to Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
  22. 22. Social media platforms- Blogs- Facebook- Twitter- YouTube- Pinterest
  23. 23. Finding the passion by listening • #earlyed / #ECE • #literacy • #elemchat • @youngchildfacts • @birthto5policy • @literatenation • @reachoutandread List of education hashtags on app
  24. 24. Where are conversations already happening?
  25. 25. Where are conversations already happening?
  26. 26. Where are conversations already happening?
  27. 27. Content StrategyContent strategy is planning for the creation,aggregation, governance and expiration ofcontent that is useful, usable and appropriateto your movement.
  28. 28. What does “good” content do?- Connect themes across platforms- Easily shared (easy to retweet, share, like,comment on, subscribe to)-Stimulates discussions among people withinyour online community- Useful- Entertaining- Thinks of community members first- Show (don’t tell) how community membersare making a difference
  29. 29. Connecting themes across platformsIdea: Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) #GoSilent campaign asking peopleto go silent for one minute at 12:01 pm on Memorial Day 2012Spread: Simple call to action. Easy to participate. Multi-platform.
  30. 30. Connecting themes across platforms
  31. 31. Making it easy to participate Samples of Facebook posts and Twitter updates to share (included in e-blasts) Ask people to donate their Facebook profile photos to your cause for a week
  32. 32. Platforms- Recommended platforms- Use cases- Applications
  33. 33. Digital Storytelling – Spotlight on blogs
  34. 34. Spotlight on blogs1) Benefits - Owned media - Drive search - Low cost to set up - Thought leadership
  35. 35. Need ideas?• Storify – Turn tweets into blog posts• Video – Embed with an intro for a short post• Lists – Top 5 most talked about Facebook posts• Photos – Highlight community members
  36. 36. Grade-Level Reading Applications• Robust blog=content hub• Comment on other blogs• Cross post• Guest bloggers• Repurpose posts for Twitter and Facebook
  37. 37. i Facebook+ “Super Platform”+ Reach (900 million people on Facebook)+ Flexible (connect publicly and privately)+200 Million average daily visits on mobile devices+ Average time on site per visit: 23 minutes+ Connection point to others forms of social media+ Geo targeting
  38. 38. i Idea: NPR and KPLU (Seattle affiliate) experiment with Facebook geo-targeting Baseline: NPR’s Facebook page has 2.3 million people worldwideContent: Only posted content that was conversational with a splash of local SeattleflavorPacing: Posted one Seattle-targeted story a day (mixed in with other NPR posts thatoccur every hour)Measurement: Facebook insights to track comments, shares etc.Audience Growth: In 4 months posted 50 pieces of KPLU content increased traffic toKPLU 12 percent
  39. 39. Facebook Geo-Targeting
  40. 40. Facebook Geo-Targeting
  41. 41. Facebook Insights
  42. 42. Partnership with Marguerite Casey Foundation and its granteesBegan by asking two questions:What would a nationwide movement aimed at raising the voices of poor and working familieslook like?What would it take to spark and sustain a movement that ensured that those voices were heard,not on a single issue but across all issues that affected their lives?
  43. 43. Idea: Raising the voices of poor and working-class familiesStarted: 2007-2008 nationwideSpread: Mobilized more than 30,000 familieswith multiplatform strategy includingFacebook, Twitter, Video65 town hall style meetingsOnline convention to vote on nationalplatform issuesToday: Online newspaper Equal Voice30 grassroots networks for communityengagement
  44. 44. Grade-Level Reading Applications- Spotlight community member impact (photos from literacy fairs andprograms etc.)- Ask the community for tips related to GLR pillars (best practices to bridgesummer learning gap and share the top answers in a blog post)- Highlight major advocacy milestones and ask the community to act- Promote in-person, town-hall style sessions- Highlight new members (ask them to share why they are involved andcommitted))- Use Facebook Insights to determine what content is most engaging
  45. 45. Twitter+ Global and local community+ Research & discovery platform+ Real-time chat and conversation tool+ Driver of direct traffic+ 250 million tweets per day
  46. 46. Idea: 30-minute video to makeUgandan warlord Joseph Kony“famous”Started: Kony2012 Initiativelaunched in March by theInvisible Children nonprofitSpread: #stopkony on Twitterand celebrity interest
  47. 47. #stopkony: Spotlight on Twitter
  48. 48. #s #stopkony celeb supporters @rihanna – 15.3 million @KimKardashian – 14.2 million @NickiMinaj – 10.3 million @RyanSeacrest – 6 million @BillGates – 5.7 million @iamdiddy – 5 million
  49. 49. Grade-Level Reading Applications- Power in engaging local/regional/state/national influencers- Participate in existing Twitter chats and/or start your ownwith other GLR communities- Be selective about what you share – share the useful stuff!- Use free tools like HootSuite to track notable retweets andmentions- Drive traffic to blog or website
  50. 50. YouTube
  51. 51. i
  52. 52. i
  53. 53. iEducation
  54. 54. iLiteracy
  55. 55. i
  56. 56. i Grade-Level Reading ApplicationsPinterest for your community – Is it right? + Demographic alignments + Content alignment (Literacy, Education) + Two-way content driverRequires strong content strategy - Ability to develop own graphics to share (original work, high quality) - Time to curate pins of others (Bandwidth check) - Driving people to blogs or websites that house the resources you want to share
  57. 57. iQuestions and Sharing
  58. 58. i@mhealthmarketer // //