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Featured presentation I gave about Surviving Rapid Tech Change at the Alabama Library Convention in Birmingham/Hoover, Alabama on April 26, 2012.

Program Description:
Libraries are constantly inundated with new technologies. This session covers the top tech areas to watch so we can be librarian rock stars in the information arena. Hear about the most important tech trends, how they are impacting libraries and the services that we provide, and how to implement them right away. Explore the current transformational trends in digital content and information access as we provide access to all.

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  • Alive on arrival alabama talk

    1. 1. Alive on Arrival Surviving Rapid Tech Change This impressive logo was designed by Elin Glenn, Wendy Geist, and Mike Benson. All from the Hoover Public Library. Joe MurphyTwitter: @libraryfuture Alabama Library Association Convention 2012
    2. 2. Rock like a library star. Be a rock star like those heroes among us who give, and are led by compassion.Twitter: @libraryfuture
    3. 3. 104 million smart phones in America Mobile Market Share Report From comScore - “234 million Americans age 13 and older used mobile devices” in the last three months - 14% rise in US smartphones in last 5 months• Google’s Android operating system now boats 50% of Here are the percentage rates of total mobile the platform share users who did the following activities on their• Apple claims just under 30% devices. •Sent Text Messages – 74.8%• Apple iOS is 3rd in mobile •Downloaded and Used apps – 49.5% subscribers •Mobile browser – 49.2% •Social networking – 36.1%• Mobile content usage is up •Mobile gaming – 32.3% cross the board. •Music - 24.8% @libraryfuture _Reports_February_2012_U.S._Mobile_Subscriber_Market_Share
    4. 4. Tool for creating digital student portfolios with a Smartphone via The mobile as creation and curation tool Twitter: @libraryfuture
    5. 5. Google Drive – Cloud StorageTwitter: @libraryfuture
    6. 6. Google Drive brings cloud storage services to the masses (at least to their awareness)Social collaborationAccess anywhere, Access on any device, share by link, 5GB free, web and client access, 5 years n the making Twitter: @libraryfuture
    7. 7. Self publishing app mashes up w/ Google Drive “Lulu is also working on expanding its content creation andCollaborate on a piece of work in distribution options for the app, with plans to add the ability to create print books directly from Google Drive, as well as sell titlesGoogle Drive and publish with Lulu created on Google Drive through other outlets such as, iBookstore, and the Nook Bookstore.” -Twitter: @libraryfuture
    8. 8. Now Share Dropbox files with a link Also for streaming sharing, works around down/uploading 1 year ago .. @libraryfuture
    9. 9. Facebook is now the 3rd most populous country with 901 Million monthly active users million-monthly-users-barrier/Twitter: @libraryfuture
    10. 10. Apple, world’s most valuable company, beats estimate again. Sold in Apple’s most recent quarter: •35 million iPhones •12 million iPads •iPad sales up 150% year over year •international sales account for Infographic made by Statista posted on 2/3 of revenueTwitter: @libraryfuture
    11. 11. Don’t blame mobile tech for too much Some holes can’t be seen until we stumble into them. Skill – plan for stumbles. Assess the true causes. l-rescued-after-falling-through-pavement.htmlTwitter: @libraryfuture
    12. 12. Google Photos Tours User added pictures that share the experience of a location with a 3D photo scene. Taps into now common elements: •Image meets location again •Mobile •Visual search •social sharing to deepen virtual and real world Twitter: @libraryfuture
    13. 13. Engages social media rewards for real world benefits Campaign gives altruistic excuse to seek self reward in social network. Tool to recycle an old Facebook status to promote recycling of plastic bottles. for more infoTwitter: @libraryfuture
    14. 14. Hardware platforms for networked information continue to evolve Moves the smart phone access point to your wrist, closing the gap of when info cannot be “Pebble connects to iPhone and Android smartphones using Bluetooth, alerting you with a silent vibration to incoming calls, emails and messages. While designing Pebble, we strove to create a minimalist yet fashionable product that seamlessly blends into Twitter: @libraryfuture everyday life.”
    15. 15. Klout mobile app brings social metrics to wherever the influencer goesTwitter: @libraryfuture
    16. 16. Lots more original and partner online video content from AOL “AOL is a brand company. We offer innovative platforms like the AOL On Network, along with vibrant and engaging video content that we know people are flocking to the Web to consume at an unprecedented velocity,” AOL CEO Tim Armstrong quoted in @libraryfuture
    17. 17. Facebook partners to protect users from spam & viruses Partnering with Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos, and Symantec, adding Antivirus Marketplace, and bolstering URL blacklist system ( Boasts that “At the moment, less than 4% of content shared is spam (compared to nearly 90% of email)” Twitter: @libraryfuture
    18. 18. Google+ Share Button out now Twitter: @libraryfuture lopers&utm_campaign=shareplugin
    19. 19. lest we not mention Wikipedia … Wikipedia user Justin Knapp is the first to make 1 million edits @libraryfuture
    20. 20. Skype comes to Playstation Vita Another notch in Skype’s mobile belt 1/skype-lands-on-playstation-vita/Twitter: @libraryfuture
    21. 21. Nook Simple Touch adds GlowLight to read in the dark Catching up with the iPad in freeing readers from reliance on the lightTwitter: @libraryfuture
    22. 22. Humor Break @libraryfuture _n_1450417.html
    23. 23. Report by AASL & CoSN on policies about mobile technologies and social media in schools Key observations: •The use of student-owned mobile devices for classroom instruction is growing, more schools are moving from policies that ban their use to integrating them into the classroom. •… substantial educational benefits through the use of mobile devices and social media. •Equity is a vital issue to consider when establishing policy around Shared via social media and mobile making-progress-rethinking-state-and-school-district-policies- concerning-mobile-technologies-and-social-media/ technologiesTwitter: @libraryfuture
    24. 24. Zombie survival workshops at the library Not tech – but cool http://www.acorn- @libraryfuture holding-zombie-survival-workshops-for-teens.html
    25. 25. Nelson Mandela’s rich multimedia archive brought online with help from the Google Cultural InstituteTwitter: @libraryfuture
    26. 26. British Parliament members may get iPads @libraryfuture
    27. 27. The most visited websites of 2011 Some of the rankings - • Facebook #1 • YouTube #2 • Yahoo #3 • Wikipedia #5 • Bing #9 • Wordpress #15 • Twitter #16 2011_n_883756.html#s297621&title=1__FacebookcomTwitter: @libraryfuture
    28. 28. Database tracking teens daily text messages, emails, & IMs over 4 years “For the past four years, the University of Texas-Dallas developmental psychology professor has essentially wire-tapped 175 Texas teens, capturing every text message, email, photo, and IM sent on Blackberries that she provided to them, creating a rich database that now contains millions of funny, explicit, sexual, and inane messages for academic study. Half a million new messages pour into the database every month. This summer, she’s adding Facebook content to the mix as well. The teens sacrificed their privacy for science… and a free smartphone, data plan and unlimited text messaging.” By Kashmir Hill mind-boggling-database-of-teens-daily-text-messages-emails-and-ims-over-four- years/Twitter: @libraryfuture
    29. 29. Random news pieces of note • “AT&T Opening Watson Speech Recognition To Developers With New APIs In June.” “the release of the APIs means that developers of every stripe will soon be able to access AT&T’s voice transcription engine.” • Pivoting to adapt to new generations and their behaviors. “Watch teenagers and see the future of Intuit, says CEO Brad Smith.” Members of the upcoming generation “are the ones actually dictating technology change.” @libraryfuture
    30. 30. Cloud-based phone systems provider adds management of phone systems from mobile devices. @libraryfuture
    31. 31. PayPal’s in store mobile payment service scores 200 thousand business users Competitor Square has 1 million merchant users!/Square/status/146667781255995394 @libraryfuture
    32. 32. Mobile payments as growing trend uture_of_Money.pdfTwitter: @libraryfuture
    33. 33. Foldable whiteboard to take creativity with you. @libraryfuture
    34. 34. “a new report by Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps argues that “in three years, wearables will matter to every product strategist”” Sony SmartWatch Google’s Project Glass age-of-flexible-electronics-is-upon-us/ Twitter: @libraryfuture
    35. 35. For more info: @libraryfuture
    36. 36. Pinterest’s Popularity media_pinterest-third-social-network_1_social-networking- facebook-and-twitter-social-media?_s=PM:TECHTwitter: @libraryfuture
    37. 37. @libraryfuture
    38. 38. Trends & Information Contexts • Pinterest succeeds at the juncture of the major online and content trends of: – self curation – image engagement and sharing – visual search/discovery – and social discovery • Holds implications for the way we find, share, and use online resourcesTwitter: @libraryfuture
    39. 39. Ethics of Pinterest • How does Copyright• Concerns come into play with• Considerations Pinterest?• Worries • What can libraries Pin• Solutions • How to protect intellectual property on Pinterest @libraryfuture
    40. 40. Use Pinterest in Library Environments for • Providing targeted resources • Extending the reach of collections and items • Connecting with researchers • Collaborative resource guides • Highlighting services and Outreach • Visual link collections • Teaching and learningTwitter: @libraryfuture
    41. 41. RePinning – an example Choose which Board to repin it on something you love Add you own noteTwitter: @libraryfuture
    42. 42. Pin Videos Twitter: @libraryfuture
    43. 43. Pinterest as Service • Pin Your Community: – Pin campus news – Pin departmental news – Pin news related to the disciplines served by your library – Pin news of awards won by your constituency – Pin local news events – always of interest – Pin pictures or works of new students and staffTwitter: @libraryfuture
    44. 44. Meshing Pinterest with other techs Plays well with all image based social networks and technologiesTwitter: @libraryfuture
    45. 45. Pin From your Social Media ContentTwitter: @libraryfuture
    46. 46. Further Trends • Image sharing: in depth Instagram projects • Content trends • Location technologies: what’s new in place engaging. • 3D Printing and shifting roles of librariesTwitter: @libraryfuture
    47. 47. Learn TogetherGrow Together Tech Trend Spotter for Libraries Twitter: @libraryfuture http://joemurphylibraryfuture.comTwitter: @libraryfuture