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I spoke about “Transparent Tech Trends of 2012” for the Indiana Library Federation’s Reference Division Conference (with its conference theme of Tech Trends in Libraries: Seeing the Forest for the Trees.) on August 7, 2012 at the Noblesville Branch of the Hamilton East Public Library in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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  • Apple’s Find my iPhone
  • Siri
  • Foursquare
  • iPad and education
  • indiana library federation reference conference keynote

    1. Transparent Tech Trends of 2012Indiana Library Federation Reference Division Conference Joe Murphy
    2. Tech Trend Spotter for Libraries Twitter: @libraryfuture libraryfuture@gmail.com 2
    3. We shouldadopt this as our attitude
    4. Findinspirationthat tells usto … … Rock On
    5. Just What is the Library for? To facilitate: - Imagination
    6. More than a MakerBot• Not just about technology• Focus on giving our patrons the tools they need to create• Example: kids can make their first book• Circulate their creations!
    7. Ingredients
    8. “Let us leave limits in thinking!”
    9. Facebook is now the 3rd most populous country with 950+ Million monthly active users
    10. 1 Billion People using Social Media Report from International With 950+ Million users, Facebook Telecommunication Union represents 9/10ths of social networkers May soon be 1 billion on Facebook alone D/treg/publications/trends12.htmlmobile is quickly becoming the main means for accessing social networks media-worldwide-most-on-mobile/
    11. There will 2X more smart phones than PCs
    12. Mobile subscriptions far surpass land lines
    13. Smartphone owners now outnumber users of more basic Nearly Half of Americans own Smartphones
    14. 104 million smart phones in America Mobile Market Share Report From comScore - “234 million Americans age 13 and older used mobile devices” in the last three months - 14% rise in US smartphones in last 5 months• Google’s Android operating system now boats 50% of Here are the percentage rates of total mobile the platform share users who did the following activities on their• Apple claims just under 30% devices. •Sent Text Messages – 74.8%• Apple iOS is 3rd in mobile •Downloaded and Used apps – 49.5% subscribers •Mobile browser – 49.2% •Social networking – 36.1%• Mobile content usage is up •Mobile gaming – 32.3% cross the board. •Music - 24.8% _Reports_February_2012_U.S._Mobile_Subscriber_Market_Share
    15. The Growth of Smartphones crosses demographics “Nearly every major demographic group— men and women, younger and middle-aged adults, urban and rural residents, the wealthy and the less well-off— experienced a notable uptick in smartphone penetration over the last year” 2012/Findings.aspx
    16. Time spent on mobile apps out paces desktop web
    17. 86% of smart phone owners use their device to access timely info “The rapid adoption of cell phones and, especially, the spread of internet- connected smartphones are changing people’s communications with others and their relationships with information. Users’ ability to access data immediately through apps and web browsers and through contact with their social networks is creating a new culture of real-time information seekers and problem solvers. “70% of ALL cell phone users have recently used their device to:Coordinate a meeting, solve a problem, decide to visit a business, find info tosettle an argument, look up a sports score, traffic info, get help in an emergency
    18. The continued proliferation of iPhones Means more people have access to more advanced mobile features.
    19. Ongoing transition towards data for mobile interaction AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson - "Ill be surprised if, in the next 24 months, we dont see people in the market place with data-only plans," Stephenson said at a Sanford Bernstein investor conference in New York. "I just think thats inevitable.“ -
    20. Appreciating thevalue we providedin the past is notsynonymous withthe way we didthings in the past.
    21. Why we now will pay moreattention to Yahoo.Lessons for renewinginstitutions.
    22. The future is rarelyhow we imagined it
    23. Facebook Sent 160 Million Visitors to Mobile Apps in MarchUp from 60 million in February These represent over 1 billion visits “Seven of the top ten grossing iOS apps and six of the top ten grossing Android apps are integrated with Facebook.” -
    24. Facebook Camera Facebook Messenger
    25. Facebook’sApp Center
    26. Eyes open: for a gem in the morass
    27. Mobile Payments Make Headway death-cash/ mobile paymentsand new productsEvolution past mobile payments to free staff from registerand into mobile as platform for service management.
    28. Mobile payments as growing trend
    29. New tablets, smart phones, and devices
    30. Cell Phone for Seniors adds Social Features Implication: Demographic barriers to social technology and photo sharing continue to lessen. Contemporary means of engagement spread across user types.
    31. Microsoft’s Tablet ‘Surface’
    32. Next waves of hardware interfaces Mind interface headset Closing the gap between intention and action. Minimizing technical interface steps.7604577426251091339254.html
    33. Controlling your computer with hand gestures, using an affordable ($70) motion sensor USB accessory.!
    34. It doesn’talways require a leap of faith
    35. Google +
    36. Google’s Nexus Tablet to compete w/ Kindle Fire, (cheaper/smaller than iPad) 7-tablet-finally-revealed/
    37. Next Android Software Update Will Include Ai Personal Assistant, Google Now• Features: – Makes assumptions about information needs based on • Personal history • Calendar • Location / Location history – Takes Apple’s Reminders a step further to action and suggestions not just user input memos. Source
    38. Google’s “Infrastructure-as-a-Service product” Cloud VirtualizationMore info -
    39. Google Project Glass Coming next year• Google’s Headset hardware Includes• memory and a processor• a side touchpad & voice control• camera and external a button for pictures shared to cloud via Google+ Main primary uses will include• microphone Notifications• Speaker Text messages• accelerometer & gyroscope taking pictures• Compass• Wifi no 3G Point: shifts low level interaction
    40. Google+ One Year Old• 250 million registered users• 150 Million active monthly users• New Tablet Apps : Android and iPad• Events tool is the real gem
    41. Google+ EventsSchedule video chatGoogle+ Hangoutsahead of time as events Elements are almost ‘Color’esque
    43. Google+ Platform for Developers
    44. Google Plus
    45. Know a goodentrance/exitwhen we see it.And know how tosee what is on theother side.
    46. Apple is far in the lead in the mobile PC market thanks to iPad The iPad accounts for 4/5 of Apple’s mobile PC sales.And the iPadcompletelydominates thetablet market
    47. Reminders to pay attention nmlb_sdnmlb_1
    48. Best way to understand photo synching with iCoud Pictures taken by iPhone thief continue to be uploaded via iCloud uploads-photos-to-photo-stream- facebook_n_1539353.html#s219615&title=Markedly_Bad_Disguise
    49. Apple iMessage Big Trends in mobile communication:•Group messaging•Fusion of images, talking, text•Location integration
    50. Google buys Meebo Meebo, a popular online messaging aggregator in the heyday of IM, has exhibited some interesting pivots since then to reposition for relevancy.More interesting to us isthe newest Meeboproduct, a social tool thathelps with currentawareness and informationfiltering.
    51. Apple iTunes Getting Overhaul • iCloud integration • Integration of app search engine – App search skills • Music sharing – Inspired by Spotify’s disruptions • Improved content discovery • Integration of social networks • Changes will impact multiple segments of all content industries Bloomberg “Apple Said to Prepare ITunes Changes to Improve Sharing” itunes-overhaul-improving-storage-sharing.html
    52. Are we maximizing the features of iOS5?
    53. Upcoming in iOS6• Maps• FB integration• Siri• Tom Tom• Location in Mac OSX• No YouTube
    54. Trend Area: images as fulcrumPinterest
    55. Before you laugh – Interesting even as art because: •A reflection of a prevailing trend of the role of a visual element in search. •An expression of the continued need for curative experts.
    56. Instagram
    57. • 80 Million users• Hash tags to pull together Instagram images around a topic• Share story of your library through the pictures uploaded at your location• API to pull together pictures taken around campus The True Meaning of Mobile Photo Sharing - Community contributions to the visual narrative of a place/topic/social grouping
    58. Path Brand new update: social sharing of content engagement extendedNow a life-streaming app to movies and books
    59. Find theminutetexture
    60. Twitter App Updates In app notifications
    61. Trend Area: Access based on proximity.• Augmented Reality• QR Codes• Near Field Communication (NFC)• Location based social networks
    62. QR CodesInfographic created by
    63. QR Codes meet food ordering and mobile payments “The Melt is as much a story about mobile payments as it is about comfort food.”“customers can create anorder for their grilledcheese from their Order Technology:computers or mobile THE MELT uses mobile technology that allows customers to remotely placephones and receive a QR a meal order from their computer or mobile phone and pick it up at anycode that they then bring MELT location, always hot and ready, anytime. When ordered via theto a Melt location and mobile application, the customer will receive a QR code on theirscan at the counter” smartphone that can be scanned at any restaurant location, allowing them to pay through their phones, skip the line, and pick up their freshly made order within minutes.opens-its-doors/?mod=mailchimp
    64. See thePac Man rock? Good, d on’t lose that ability.
    65. Apple drops GoogleMaps for its devices infavor of an improvedApple made mapfeature.Will likely impact localdata about yourlibrary: possiblychanging how it isdisplayed as well aslocation sensitivediscovery maps-with-incredible-3d-mode/opportunities. Tech changes impact service opportunities
    66. Foursquare Innovations • More moves towards social discovery • Connected apps platform – Third party input based on user behavior Example of Foodspotting – Path integration for integration from 4sq Blog advanced photo sharing Other partner apps include: • Weather Channel • Instagram • Groupme
    68. Foursquare refocuses on discovery. App updates coming Item promotions for purchase by business. This may change the game for non-profit service centers. “We’ll essentially be offering promoted placement of specials within our redesigned app, targeted using the same technology that powers Explore, and some other premium features,” Foursquare spokesperson in interview with Mashable app-redesign/
    69. Augmented Reality
    70. The Future of Gamification - Pew StudyOne respondent says - “The development of ‘serious games’ appliedproductively to a wide scope of human activities will accelerate simplybecause playing is more fun than working.” – Mike Liebhold, seniorresearcher and distinguished fellow at The Institute for the Future
    71. Gamification Mentioned as a Top Tech Trend for 2012 by Deloitte. es/consulting/technology- consulting/49ec911905f25310VgnVCM3000001c 56f00aRCRD.htm
    72. Always take the up escalator … up
    73. Perhaps through
    74. New venues for content Poetry on a plane
    75. iAuthor Self publishing For the iPad
    77. iTunes Match: Marriedcontent cloud access andestablished expectations
    78. Social Reading
    79. Seek currency, but in the right venues
    80. Updatingour message
    81. “FullCircle raises $3M for its combination of every technologytrend ever: a mobile geo social discovery network” - by Rebecca Grant “FullCircle sealed the deal on $3 million for its product which fuses every hot technology trend out there into one app. It is a mobile, geo- locating, social, discovery network with group organization capabilities that offers targeted advertising opportunities.” ever-a-mobile-geo-social-discovery-network/
    82. Social Gaming
    83. Policies to matchcurrent expectations and align environment
    84. Attitude, approach, ingratiation.From signage to tech policies to adoption
    85. Barriers It’s more about attitude than technology
    86. A past sobright weneed shades
    87. Solution – focus on the moment
    88. We are alwaysat the beginning
    89. This shouldbe our rolemodel
    90. Grow With Challenges Joe Murphy Tech Trendspotter for LibrariesTwitter: