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Innovation, Cloud Powered - Dr Werner Vogels


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Innovation, Cloud Powered - Dr Werner Vogels

  1. 1. Innovation, Cloud Powered Dr. Werner Vogels CTO,
  2. 2. Hotels Music Storage Photos Magazines
  3. 3. 150,000 people are hosted on any given night
  4. 4. Total # AirBnB Guests
  5. 5. Up by over 5 million since the beginning of the year Total # AirBnB Guests
  6. 6. 0" 200" 400" 600" 800" 1000" 2010" 2011" 2012" 2013" 24 48 432 1,000 Total # EC2 Instances
  7. 7. 0" 5" 10" 15" 20" 25" 30" 35" 40" 45" 50" 284GB 4TB 23TB 50TB Total Photos Stored in Amazon S3
  8. 8. Why AWS?
  9. 9. “We have a 5-people operations team AWS allows us to devote our resources and mindshare to the core business.”
  10. 10. Remove Waste Your Business 70% On-Premise Infrastructure 30% Managing All of the “Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting” Waste is anything that does not lead to direct value for the customer
  11. 11. AWS Cloud-Based Infrastructure Your Business More Time to Focus on Your Business Configuring Your Cloud Assets 70% 30%70% On-Premise Infrastructure 30% Managing All of the “Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting” Remove Waste with Cloud
  13. 13. 2014: 80 new features and services since January 2008 2009 2010 2011 Amazon EBS Amazon EC2 Amazon SNS AWS Identity & Access Management AWS Import & Export Amazon CloudWatch Amazon EMR Amazon RDS Amazon VPC Auto Scaling Elastic Load Balancing Amazon ElastiCache Amazon SES AWS CloudFormation AWS Direct Connect AWS Elastic Beanstalk GovCloud Amazon SWF Amazon Route 53 Amazon Redshift Amazon Glacier Amazon Dynamo DB Amazon CloudSearch Amazon EC2 AWS Storage Gateway Amazon CloudTrail Amazon CloudHSM Amazon WorkSpaces Amazon Kinesis Amazon Elastic Transcoder Amazon AppStream AWS OpsWorks AWS Data Pipeline 20132012 A Rapid Pace of Innovation
  14. 14. 56 releases since Feb 2013 Regional expansion to US West (Oregon) Support for temporary credentials when loading data from Amazon S3 Regional expansion to EU West (Dublin) SOC1/2/3 Compliance certification Ability to UNLOAD encrypted files in parallel to Amazon S3 Regional expansion to Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Support for JDBC fetch size to enable extraction of large data sets over JDBC/ODBC Enable logging of UNLOAD statements New built-in function to compute the SHA1 hash of a value Added support for UTF-8 characters up to 4 bytes in size Ability to share snapshots between accounts to simplify manageability. Support for statement timeouts to automatically terminate queries that exceeded allotted execution time Added support for timezone conversion in SQL Added support for datetime values expressed in milliseconds since EPOCH to simplify ingestion Simplified ingestion by automatically detecting date and time formats. Added support for automatic query timeouts to workload management queues. Enabled the use of wildcards when assigning queries to workload management queues. New built-in function to enable customers to calculate the CRC32 checksum of a value Console improvements to show progress bars for backup and restore operations. Added the ability to support IAM at the resource level allowing tight control of who can take what actions on which resources. Obtained PCI compliance Added the ability to substitute a customer chosen character for invalid UTF-8 characters to simplify ingestion Allowed customers to store JSON data in VARCHAR columns and added built-in functions to enable data extraction Added support for POSIX regex expressions when using SIMILAR to in SQL queries Added Cursor support to enable extraction of large data sets over ODBC connections Built-in function to enable splitting a string using a supplied delimiter to make parsing values easier Added system tables to enable logging of database activity for auditing Regional expansion to Asia Pacific (Singapore, Sydney) Enable customers to control cluster encryption keys by using an on premises hardware security module (HSM) or Amazon CloudHSM Enable customers to receive alerts via SNS for informational or error-related events for cluster monitoring, management, configuration and security. Integration with Canal to enable streaming data ingestion Copy from an arbitrary SSH connection enabling direct copy from Amazon EMR, HDFS, or any other database that supports SSH access and script execution Enable distributing tables to all compute nodes to speed up queries, especially those involving star or snowflake schemas Logging of database logins, failed logins, SQL execution and data loads to S3 and integration with CloudTrails for control plane events Enabled caching of database blocks to speed up access to frequently queried data Increase cluster concurrency limits from 15 to 50 to enable higher concurrent query execution Optimizations to resize code that lead to 2-4x improvement in resize performance Approximate COUNT DISTINCT using HyperLogLog giving 10-20x performance improvements with less than 1% error Enable customers to continuously, automatically and incrementally back up data to a second AWS region for DR On track to obtain Fedramp certification Deliver Redshift on SSD instances enabling a lower-cost, high performance entry point IAM Redshift Elastic Map Reduce Data Pipeline Route 53CloudFront CloudFormation Elastic Load BalancerEC2 S3 EBS DynamoDB AppStream Kinesis Rapid delivery and interation based on customer feedback
  15. 15. Small, autonomous teams Roadmap ownership Decoupled launch schedules Get Core Functionality in the Hands of Customers, Quickly Small, “Two Pizza” Teams Operational stability High scale Limited initial feature set Iterate Based on Customer Feedback
  16. 16. Amazon DynamoDB Amazon Redshift Amazon Glacier
  17. 17. No hardware or virtualization software Access through any tablet device Monthly pricing—no long-term commitments Pre-installed software or bring your own licenses Easy integration with MS Active Directory Amazon WorkSpaces
  18. 18. 42 Price Reductions Since 2006 The AWS Price Reduction Philosophy Ecosystem Global Footprint New Features New Services Infrastructure Innovation More AWS Usage More InfrastructureEconomies of Scale Lower Infrastructure Costs Reduced Prices More Customers
  19. 19. Trade CapEx for Variable Expense 1 Economies of Scale Provide Lower Costs than Companies can do on their Own 2 Pricing Model Choice to Support Variable & Stable Workloads On-demand Reserved Spot 3 Save More Money as You Grow Bigger Tiered pricing Volume discounts Custom Pricing 4 Cost Savings and Flexibility
  20. 20. “The move could save the Navy as much as 60% versus the cost of hosting of managing data data in its own data centers” “We've halved storage costs. We're looking forward to saving hundreds of millions of dollars” “Without AWS we would have needed to raise $7.1M to launch instead of $1.8M” “Migrating data centers to AWS contributes to a global savings of $100 million in infrastructure costs”
  21. 21. Customer Infrastructure Audits Saves money Improves availability Closes security gaps Increases performance Recent Performance 1,000,000 recommendations $207M in annualized savings AWS Trusted Advisor
  22. 22. Infrastructure as a Service Magic Quadrant 2013 “AWS is the overwhelming market share leader, with more than five times the compute capacity in use than the aggregate total of the other fourteen providers.”
  23. 23. Forces Driving New Resource Models! Increasing Uncertainty! Growing Abundance! Intensifying Competition! Growing Power of Customers! Decreasing Brand Loyalty! Limited access to Capital!
  24. 24. UNCERTAINTY!
  25. 25. Addressing Uncertainty! Acquire resources on demand! Release resources when no longer needed! Pay for what you use! Leverage other’s core competencies! Turn fixed cost into variable! !
  26. 26. STARTUP!
 An organization designed to deliver a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty!
  27. 27. ENTERPRISE! 
 An organization designed to deliver new products or services under conditions of extreme uncertainty!
  28. 28. If you want to increase Innovation, you have to lower the cost of failure Joi Ito Director MIT Media Lab
  30. 30. Telegraph Media Group
  31. 31. Eliminate Capital Lower Operational Costs Stop Guessing Capacity Agility Speed Innovation Avoid Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting Go Global in Minutes ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ The Benefits of Cloud Computing!
  32. 32. Eliminate Lower Operational Costs Stop Guessing Capacity Agility Speed Innovation Avoid Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting Go Global in Minutes ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ “Private” Cloud X X X X X X The Benefits of Cloud Computing!
  33. 33. Every industry. TRANSFORMED
  34. 34. Financial Services TRANSFORMED
  35. 35. Stringent regulatory, compliance and security requirements.
  36. 36. Media & Advertising TRANSFORMED
  37. 37. 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 $10,000 $20,000 $30,000 $40,000 $50,000 $60,000 $70,000 Print Only Including Online Millions of 2012 Dollars Newspaper Advertising Revenue Adjusted for Inflation, 1950 to 2012 Source: Newspaper Association of America Carpe Diem Blog
  38. 38. Health Care & Biotechnology TRANSFORMED
  39. 39. How are enterprises thinking about and using the cloud in 2014?
  40. 40. 70% reduction in operational costs #1: Development and Testing Do more dev and test work, faster Sharepoint and SAP SAP Reduced dev and test environment costs Oracle
  41. 41. #2: New Workloads Product prototyping & design Audience management & creative design Hotel booking engine Biological data research Global deals engine Video streaming SIM card credit News distribution App streaming Firmware upgrades Mobile games Mobile music discovery
  42. 42. #3: Supplement Existing Workloads with the Cloud Export operational data to Amazon Redshift for analysis 2X faster queries at 1/2 the cost Analytics Disaster recovery SSAE 16- compliant to restore all data within 2 hours Equipment leasing app Operational applications Export data to AWS for analytics processing
  43. 43. #4: Supplement Workloads with Existing On-premises Infrastructure AWS serves up application content & data Integration back to Samsung Data Centers for financial transactions Existing systems
  44. 44. #5: Migrating Existing Applications Migrated 500 web properties in 5 months 1,700 web properties New product websites in 2 days vs. 2 weeks Migrated clinical trials simulations platform Simulations in 1.2hrs vs. 60hrs 64% reduction in costs
  45. 45. #6: Data Center Migration From 40 data centers, down to 6 9X increase in AWS usage APIs help govern usageand control cost Enabling global collaboration 3,000 applications by January 2015
  46. 46. #7: All-in — IT Entirely in the Cloud “We have to be great at a number of things… operating data centers is not one of those things” “We are a hospitality management organization, not an IT services company” 2000 applications migrating to AWS in 18 months
  47. 47. Companies Worry that These are the Only Two Choices Build a “private” cloud Rip and replace with AWS #1 #2 #1 #2
  48. 48. On-Premises Resources Cloud Resources Integration The Cloud Isn’t An ‘All Or Nothing’ Choice Corporate Data Centers
  49. 49. Active Directory Network Configuration Encryption Back-up Appliances Users & Access Rules Your Private Network HSM Appliance Cloud back-ups AWS Direct Connect Your On-Premise Apps Your Cloud Apps AWS Support For Hybrid IT Architectures AWS Storage Gateway Amazon Virtual Private Cloud AWS Identity & Access Mgmt AWS Cloud HSM Corporate Data Centers
  50. 50. Integration with On-Premises Resources Integrated networking Integrated access control Integrated cloud backups Single pane of glass
  51. 51. AWS is the place to be to protect your information from unauthorized access
  52. 52. Private Resources to Maintain Control Private compute Private storagePrivate network Private key management Governance Software-defined private network Fine-grained access roles and groups Encrypted Object Storage Private encryption key management Geographic data locality Dedicated private network connection Software-defined network isolation Encrypted Block Storage Fine-grained access control Dedicated instances Single Tenant Block Storage In-depth audits
  53. 53. 4 cloud-driven Innovation trends for 2014
  54. 54. The Cloud will enable your content to follow you where ever you go
  55. 55. Cloud-based analytics enhances the off-line world
  56. 56. Dropcam is the biggest inbound video service on the Web •  More data uploaded per minute than YouTube •  Petabytes of data processed every month •  Billions of motion events detected
  57. 57. The Cloud allows everyone to become a Media company
  58. 58. Faster and faster, the Cloud moves data processing to Real-time
  59. 59. What was happening yesterday?
  60. 60. What right now? trades are executing is the exception rate is the ad click-through topics are trending inventory remains queries are slow are the high scores
  61. 61. Sometimes the most powerful innovation focuses on the Things Never Change
  62. 62.