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How the digital revolution is cloud powered



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How the digital revolution is cloud powered

  1. 1. The Digital Revolution : how the cloud enables innovation, (and everybody wins) Perry Hewitt @perryhewitt
  2. 2. We paid for, named, and nurtured our pets. h/t Bill Baker
  3. 3. But now we’re maintaining our web infrastructure more like a herd of cattle. Photo credit: AmberSky235
  4. 4. Source: Beware techno-utopia: not all problems are solved
  5. 5. enterprise enablement
  6. 6. Using the cloud to advance … speed to launch initiatives like mobile campus
  7. 7. Using the cloud to advance … measurement capabilities (including real- time web, media)
  8. 8. Using the cloud to advance … services to improve social integration
  9. 9. campus innovation
  10. 10.
  11. 11. The LibraryCloud API makes available catalog information about 12.3M items in the Harvard Library. The aim is to make everything libraries know available to everyone on the web, and to enable and encourage the collaborative development of these apps and many more.
  12. 12. 350 teams in the i-Lab Venture Incubation Program since January 2012 – with student founders representing every Harvard school.
  13. 13. Developers are creating more complex and distributed applications with terabytes of data and multiple independent services. Isn't it time their development environments caught up?
  14. 14. 2 parting thoughts
  15. 15. student empowerment 1. Make sure your culture’s caught up to speed of tech. Innovate, iterate, rinse, repeat. It’s about change management. 2. Get ready for what cloud will do to as well as for your business. Who are your new competitors?
  16. 16. thank you Perry Hewitt @perryhewitt

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  • The health of the herd, not the coddled pet.
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