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Aws in enterprise applications


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Try Amazon cloud. Avail our 360 degree report on your Benefits / ROI / Migration Timeline exclusive for your business. Amazon Cloud can bring your maintenance/investment reduced, giving worlds efficient IT infrastructure that is required to meet your scaling up/down online software application/data access and processing speed for your business you have/use may get moved to Amazon cloud with all required compliances. We request an hour time slot with your stakeholders, next week, between Monday and Friday , 8am and 5pm EST.

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Aws in enterprise applications

  1. 1. Enterprise Cloud Computing with AWS for internal partner use only
  2. 2. How did Amazon Get into Cloud Computing?
  3. 3. On-Premise Infrastructure is Costly & Complex Large Capital Expenditures Underutilized IT Assets Patching Software Out of Datacenter SpaceScaling down as needed Slow IT Deployments Contract negotiation Scaling up quickly Prices too high for IT products Managing physical growth “IT spends 80% of its time and resources keeping the lights on” Gartner (*) (*) Gartner Press Release, 2006
  4. 4. Cloud Computing Benefits No Up-Front Low Cost Pay Only for Capital Expense What You Use Self-Service Easily Scale Improve Agility & Infrastructure Up and Down Time-to-Market Deploy
  5. 5. No Up-Front Capital Expense On-PremiseUp-Front On-Premise Costs VariableCloud Computing Costs Cloud Computing Physical Space Cabling Power Cooling Networking $0 Racks to Get Started Servers Storage Certification Labor
  6. 6. Low Cost Scale & Innovation … … Drive Costs Down Attract More Invest in Customers CapitalReduce Invest inPrices Technology Improve Efficiency“TCO savings inherent in a cloud provider’s environment relativeto that of a tradition enterprise datacenter may be as high as 60%.” Morgan Stanley Research(*) (*) Cloud Computing Takes Off, 2011
  7. 7. Pay Only for What You Use Unable to Large serveInfrastructure Cost Capital Expenditure customers Predicted Demand Traditional Opportunity Hardware Cost Actual Demand Cloud Computing Time
  8. 8. Self-Service Infrastructure On-Premise Cloud Computing Build new environments can New infrastructure is always a be complex and slow few clicks away Needs Survey Assess New Development Environment New Test Environment Plan Design Engineer New Environment in Japan Procure Construct Commission Add 1,000 Servers Deploy Remove 1,000 ServersSource: PTS Data Center Solutions
  9. 9. Easily Scale Up and Down Internet Video App on Amazon EC2 (*) From 50 to 5,000 servers in 3 days 5,000 Number of EC2 Instances 0 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday(*) CEO Jeff Bezos on Animoto, The Animonot Blog, 2008
  10. 10. Improve Agility & Time to MarketRespond faster to internal & external demand “AWS made it possible for our project to happen at the speed of breaking news.”Focus resources on innovation & business growth “We finished our first client project in 6 weeks with no upfront investment, no hardware purchases and no additional staff.”Say “yes” more often to the business “We were able to leverage the infrastructure created by AWS and decrease our time-to-market threefold."
  11. 11. Cloud Computing is More Than Just Virtualization Cloud On-Premise Computing Virtualization No Up-Front Capital Expense Low Cost Pay Only for What You Use Self-Service Infrastructure Easily Scale Up and Down Improve Agility & Time-to-Market
  12. 12. AWS Adoption “AWS is the market share “In terms of market share, AWS isleader, and a thought leader.” Coke and there isnt yet a Pepsi.” Gartner (*) The 451 Group (**) The 451 Group (**)(*) GartnerMagic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, 2011(**) The Wall Street Journal, Meet the Rainmakers, 2011
  13. 13. Hundreds of Thousands of Customers in 190 Countries
  14. 14. AWS Pace of Innovation New Service Announcements & Updates 8275 Including: AWS Sao Paulo Region “AWS is extraordinarily AWS Oregon Region 61 innovative, exceptionally Elastic Beanstalk (Beta) Including: Amazon SES (Beta) agile and very responsive AWS CloudFormation Amazon SNS to the market.” Amazon CloudFront Amazon RDS for Oracle50 Gartner (*) 48 Amazon Route 53 AWS Direct Connect S3 Bucket Policies AWS GovCloud (US) Including: RDS Multi-AZ Support Amazon ElastiCache Amazon RDS RDS Reserved Databases VPC Virtual Networking Amazon VPC AWS Import/Export VPC Dedicated Instances Amazon EMR AWS IAM Beta SMS Text Notification25 24 EC2 Auto Scaling AWS Singapore Region CloudFront Live Streaming EC2 Reserved Instances Cluster Instances for EC2 AWS Tokyo Region Including: EC2 Elastic Load Balance Micro Instances for EC2 SAP RDS on EC2 Amazon SimpleDB 9 Amazon Cloudfront AWS Import/Export Amazon Linux AMI SAP BO on EC2 AWS Mngmt Console Oracle Apps on EC2 Win Srv 2008 R2 on EC2 Including: Amazon EBS Win Srv 2008 on EC2 SUSE Linux on EC2 Win Srv 2003 VM Import Amazon FPS EC2 Availability Zones IBM Apps on EC2 VM Import for EC2 Amazon S3 SSE Red Hat Enterprise on EC2 EC2 Elastic IP Addresses 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011(*) Gartner Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, 2011
  15. 15. Large Partner Ecosystem System Integrators Independent Software Vendors
  16. 16. AWS is Open and Flexible Operating Systems Languages & Libraries Certified Applications
  17. 17. AWS Platform Your Applications Management & Administration Building Block Services Administration Identity & Deployment Monitoring Console Access Application Platform Services Content Parallel Libraries & Messaging Distribution Processing SDKs Foundation Services Compute Storage Database Networking Availability Zones AWS Global Infrastructure Edge Locations Regions
  18. 18. AWS Global Infrastructure Availability Zones AWS Global Infrastructure Edge Locations Regions
  19. 19. Global Infrastructure for Global EnterprisesGovCloud US West US West US East South EU Asia Asia (US ITAR (Northern (Oregon) (Northern America (Ireland) Pacific Pacific Region) California) Virginia) (Sao Paulo) (Singapore) (Tokyo) AWS Regions AWS Edge Locations
  20. 20. AWS Regions and Availability Zones Customer Decides Where Applications and Data Reside
  21. 21. Built for Enterprise Security Standards Certifications Physical Security HW, SW, Network SOC 1 Type 2 Datacenters in Systematic change (formerly SAS-70) nondescript facilities management ISO 27001 Physical access Phased updates strictly controlled deployment PCI DSS for EC2, S3, EBS, VPC, RDS, Must pass two-factor Safe storage ELB, IAM authentication at decommission least twice for floor FISMA Moderate Automated access Compliant Controls monitoring and self- Physical access audit HIPAA & ITAR Compliant logged and audited Advanced network Architecture protection
  22. 22. AWS Foundation Services Foundation Services Compute Storage Database Networking Availability Zones AWS Global Infrastructure Edge Locations Regions
  23. 23. Compute & Storage Services Virtual Servers in the CloudAmazon EC2 Your Choice of Linux and Windows Easy to Scale Up and Down Hard Drive for Virtual Servers on EC2Amazon EBS Designed for High-Performance You can Mount a Drive or Boot from EBS High-Volume Storage in the Cloud Amazon S3 Designed for Durability and Scalability Number of Objects You can Store is Unlimited
  24. 24. Storage: Scale of Amazon S3 Total Number of Objects Stored in Amazon S3
  25. 25. Database Options Self-Managed Managed Databases Database Server Amazon Relational Amazon SimpleDB on Amazon EC2 Database Service (RDS) NoSQL Database Your choice of Oracle or MySQL offered Non-relational model; database running on as a service indices and queries Amazon EC2 Bring Your Own Flexible Licensing: BYOL Zero admin overhead License (BYOL) or License Included
  26. 26. Networking & Security AWS Direct Amazon Virtual Dedicated Connect Private Cloud (VPC) Instances Single Tenant Compute Instance Internet Dedicated connection Private VPN Amazon EC2 between your connection to your resources running on datacenter and AWS AWS resources private hardware
  27. 27. AWS Application Platform Services Application Platform Services Content Parallel Libraries & Messaging Distribution Processing SDKs Foundation Services Compute Storage Database Networking Availability Zones AWS Global Infrastructure Edge Locations Regions
  28. 28. Content Distribution: Amazon CloudFrontGlobal content delivery network21 edge locations across the globeSelf-service sign up, easy administrationBuilt using’s highly reliableinfrastructure Use Cases Key Features Video and Rich Media RTMP Streaming Online Gaming HTTPS Delivery Interactive Agencies Private Content for HTTP & Streaming Software Downloads Programmatic Invalidation Static Websites Detailed Logs for HTTP & Streaming Default Root Object
  29. 29. Higher-Level Services Messaging Parallel Processing Libraries & SDKs Amazon Simple Amazon Elastic Developer Centers Queue Service MapReduceReliable and highly scalable Your choice of message queue for cloud Allows customers to easily programming language applications and cost-effectively (Java, PHP, Python, process vast amounts of Ruby, .NET) and mobile Amazon Simple data utilizing a Hadoop platform (Android, iOS) Notification Service framework running Amazon Push notifications from the EC2 instancescloud to subscribers or client applicationsAmazon Simple Email ServiceSend bulk and transactionalemails in a quick and cost- effective manner
  30. 30. AWS Management & Administration Management & Administration Building Block Services Administration Identity & Deployment Monitoring Console Access Application Platform Services Content Parallel Libraries & Messaging Distribution Processing SDKs Foundation Services Compute Storage Database Networking Availability Zones AWS Global Infrastructure Edge Locations Regions
  31. 31. AWS Management Console One-stop shop to manage your AWS services
  32. 32. Identity & Access Management (IAM)IAM enables customers to create and manageusers in AWS’s identity system • Identity Federation with local directory is an option for enterprisesVery familiar security model • Users, groups, permissionsAllows customers to • Create users • Assign individual passwords, access keys, multi-factor authentication devices • Grant fine-grained permissions • Optionally grant them access to the AWS Console • Organize users in groups
  33. 33. Consolidated Billing with IAM • Allows you to get one bill for multiple accounts • You can easily track each accounts costs and download the cost data in CSV format • You may be able to reduce costs by combining usage from all the accounts to qualify for volume pricing discounts
  34. 34. Deployment & Administration Services Deployment Monitoring Automation AWS Amazon AWS Elastic CloudFormation CloudWatch Beanstalk Use application Monitor AWS resources Provision an Apache templates to create a and track metrics to Tomcat environment collection of related gain insight and react and deploy your Java AWS in order to immediately to keep applications in minutes provision and update applications running them in an orderly and smoothly predictable way
  35. 35. AWS Platform Your Applications Management & Administration Building Block Services Administration Identity & Deployment Monitoring Console Access Application Platform Services Content Parallel Libraries & Messaging Distribution Processing SDKs Foundation Services Compute Storage Database Networking Availability Zones AWS Global Infrastructure Edge Locations Regions
  36. 36. What are Customer Running on AWS? Enterprise Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, IBM Applications Line-of-Business Applications Digital Media Distribution Web Gaming Applications Media Sharing Social Media Big Data & Analytics for Consumer Web High Performance Genome Sequencing Computing Large Scale Batch Processing Backup & Recovery Disaster Recovery Disaster Recovery & Archive Archive
  37. 37. Enterprise Applications Runs its production Uses AWS to run Connected corporate Oracle E-Business Microsoft SharePoint datacenter to the AWS Suite and Oracle and SAP Dev & Test cloud to run SAP & RMAN on AWS environments LOB applications“The existing relationship between Amazon and Oracle made “not possible”become “push the button”. We have seen cost savings in excess of 70%with no new staff and hundreds of man hours saved each week.”Michael Higgins, CTO, Advanced Technologies
  38. 38. Web Applications Uses AWS to Yelp stores images Runs its online process media files and analyzes logsbusiness almost and deliver them with AWSentirely on AWS to customers“We moved to the clouds looking for availability. We have also found atremendous agility by eliminating complexity, process, and control.”Kevin McEntee, VP of Content Engineering, Netflix
  39. 39. Big Data & High Performance Computing NASA Runs parallel Uses AWS to Runs genome computations and analyzes massive sequencing projectimage processing on click stream datasets on AWS AWS for client campaigns “Our first client campaign experienced a 500% increase in their return on ad spend from a similar campaign a year before.” Mark Taylor, Program Director, Razorfish
  40. 40. Disaster Recovery & Archive Estimated cost Uses AWS to store Uses AWS to storesavings of $70,000 real-time stock market billions of objectson a single storage data for its financial adding 10TB of new project products images each month “It took less than a week to implement Amazon S3. If we’d stuck with our native photo store, our database would currently be 25 times its current size.” Adam Doppelt, Co-Founder, Urbanspoon
  41. 41. Examples of How Amazon Uses AWS TodayWeb Hosting: All traffic for is now served by AmazonEC2Microsoft Sharepoint on AWS: Corporate Intranet is running on theAWS infrastructureConsumer Storage Apps: Cloud Drive uses Amazon S3 to storecustomer music, photos, videos and documentsCloud Backup: Kindle automatic backup uses Amazon S3 to store digitalpurchases for all Kindle devicesBig Data & Analytics: Client Experience uses AWS to mimic 100miactive customers across 10+ web propertiesArchive: Corporate IT archives Oracle application databases to durableAmazon S3 storage
  42. 42. Next Steps Learn about Enterprise Cloud Computing with AWS Get started with a free trial
  43. 43. Thank You!
  44. 44. AWS Platform Your Applications Management & Administration Building Block Services Identity & Access Deployment & AWS IAM Web Interface Monitoring Automation Identity Federation Management Console Amazon CloudWatch AWS Elastic Beanstalk Consolidated Billing AWS CloudFormation Application Platform Services Content Messaging Parallel Libraries & SDKs Amazon SNS Distribution Amazon SQS Processing Java, PHP, Python, Amazon CloudFront Elastic MapReduce Ruby, .NET Amazon SES Foundation Services Database Networking Compute Storage Amazon RDS Amazon VPC Amazon EC2 Amazon S3 Elastic Load Balancing Amazon SimpleDB Auto Scale Amazon EBS Amazon Route 53 Amazon Elasticache AWS Direct Connect Availability Zones AWS Global Infrastructure Edge Locations Regions
  45. 45. AWS Infrastructure Investments Every day, AWS adds enough new server capacity to support all of Amazon’s global infrastructure in the company’s fifth full year of operation, when it was a $2.76B annual revenue enterprise
  46. 46. Compute: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) • Amazon EC2: Virtual Servers in the Cloud • Provision and boot new servers in minutes • Your choice of Linux or Windows • Quickly scale capacity up or down • Deploy across Regions and Availability Zones for reliability • Getting started is free: • Flexible ways to buy Amazon EC2 instances • On-Demand: Pay as you go compute • Reserved: Small upfront fee for 34%-50% hourly discount • Spot: Bid on unused capacity
  47. 47. Storage: Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) • Amazon EBS: Hard Drive for Amazon EC2 Instances • Persistent storage independent of any particular instance • Easy to create, attach, backup, restore and delete volumes • Designed for high-performance • Equal to or faster than a local drive • Volumes behave like unformatted block devices visible from Linux or Windows instances • You can create a file system on top of Amazon EBS • You can boot Amazon EC2 instances from Amazon EBS
  48. 48. Storage: Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) • Amazon S3: Storage in the Cloud • Write, read, delete objects containing from 1 byte to 5 TB • The number of objects you can store is virtually unlimited • Authentication mechanisms are provided to help protect data from unauthorized access • Options for secure data upload/download and encryption of data at rest are provided for additional data protection • Fast, economical, highly available and durable