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Andy Jassy Illuminates Amazon Web Services


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Andy Jassy, senior vice president of Amazon Web Services, provides an overview of AWS at the May 8, 2013 Startup Secrets session at Harvard innovation lab.

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Andy Jassy Illuminates Amazon Web Services

  1. i-Lab AWS Overview
  2. 7 Years Young Amazon S3 launched: March 14th 2006
  3. Broad & Deep Services to Support Virtually Any Cloud Workload Compute Networking Amazon EC2 Amazon EMR Amazon ELB Amazon Route 53 Amazon VPC AWS Direct Connect AWS Premium Support Storage & CDN Amazon S3 Amazon Glacier Amazon EBS AWS Import/Exp Database Amazon RDS Amazon DynamoDB Amazon Elasticache Amazon RedShift AWS Professional Services App Services Management Amazon CloudSearch Amazon SWF Amazon SQS Amazon SNS Amazon SES Amazon Elastic Transcoder AWS IAM Amazon CloudWatch AWS Elastic Beanstalk AWS Cloudformation AWS Data Pipeline AWS OpsWorks AWS CloudHSM AWS Trusted Advisor AWS Marketplace AWS Training
  4. AWS Service Launches and Feature Updates
  5. 21 71 Services and Features Launched So Far in 2013
  6. AWS Global Infrastructure 9 regions 25 availability zones 38 edge locations
  7. Amazon S3: Over 2 Trillion Total Objects 1,100,000 Million peak requests/sec
  8. Total Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) Clusters Launched by Customers 5.5 M clusters launched since May 2010
  9. 2003 $5.2B retail business 7,800 employees A whole lot of servers 2012 Every day, AWS adds enough server capacity to power this $5B enterprise
  10. Hundreds of Thousands of Customers in 190 Countries
  11. Every Imaginable Use Case Free steak campaign Facebook page Mars exploration ops Consumer social app Ticket pricing optimization SAP & Sharepoint Securities Trading Data Archiving Gene sequencing Marketing web site Interactive TV apps Financial markets analytics R&D data analysis Consumer social app Big data analytics Web site & media sharing Disaster recovery Media streaming Web and mobile apps Streaming webcasts Facebook app Consumer social app
  12. Comprehensive Security Capabilities to Support Virtually Any Workload VPC Direct connect Dedicated instances Identity & Access ManagementS3 Encryption Security groups for EC2 & VPCNetwork ACL Multi-Factor Authentication CloudHSM RDS Oracle transparent encryption
  13. Certifications & Accreditations for Workloads that Matter “Amazon Virtual Private Cloud offers an additional level of Dr. Michael Miller, security and Head ability of HPC for R&D an to integrate with other aspects of our infrastruct ure.”
  14. The AWS Price Reduction Philosophy Reduced Prices More Customers Ecosystem Lower Infrastructure Costs More AWS Usage Global Footprint New Features New Services Infrastructure Innovation Economies of Scale More Infrastructure rice 31 P tions educ R 2006 ince S
  15. Obsessed with Helping Customers Save Money AWS Trusted Advisor Cost optimizations Security & Availability checks Performance recommendati To: AWS Customer To: Amazon Web Services From: AWS Customer To: AWS Customer From:Potential Cost Savings Subject: Amazon Web Services From: Amazon Web Services Subject: Potential Cost Savings DearSubject: Potential Cost Savings Customer, Dear Customer, We have identified $49,000 of potential WeDear your current AWS deployment. haveCustomer, $49,000 of potential savings in identified We have identified $49,000 of potential savings in your current AWS deployment. savings Services -Amazon Web in your current AWS deployment. -Amazon Web Services -Amazon Web Services 329,000 recomme ndations $22M in annualiz ed savings
  16. Thriving Partner Ecosystem Consulting Partners Technology Partners
  17. AWS Marketplace: Buy Software Pre-Configured to Run on AWS 25 categories 778 product listings Growth since Jan 1, 2013 Active customers Usage per customer 102% 53%
  18. Why are customers adopting cloud computing?
  19. 1. Trade Capital Expense for Variable Expense On-Premises $0 to get started Average of 400 servers replaced per customer Pay as you go Source: IDC Whitepaper, sponsored by Amazon, “The Business Value of Amazon Web Services Accelerates Over Time.” July 2012
  20. 2. Lower Variable Expense Than Companies Can Do Themselves 70% lower 5 year TCO per app AWS $0.90M Onpremises $3.01M 50% reduction in analytics costs Saved $34M on SmartHub app 10’s of millions of $ saved with first 12 apps migrated to AWS Source: IDC Whitepaper, sponsored by Amazon, “The Business Value of Amazon Web Services Accelerates Over Time.” July 2012
  21. 3. You Don’t Need to Guess Capacity Self Hostin g Actual demand r me tion st o f ac Cu tis a ss Di Waste The Cloud Actual demand Predicted Demand Rigid Elastic
  22. 4. Dramatically Increase Speed & Agility Old World: Infrastructure in Weeks
  23. 4. Dramatically Increase Speed & Agility Old World: Infrastructure in Weeks AWS: Infrastructure in Minutes Instance Type M3 Extra Large Number of Instances Availability Zone 1,000 US-West-2b Launch Add New Dev Environment Add New Production Environment Add New Environment in Japan Add 1,000 Servers Remove 1,000 servers
  24. “Time to deploy from went weeks to hours.” Comparison of developer efficiency with AWS and in-house alternatives Improved Efficiency “We reduced application deployment times from 2 months to 3 days.” 5X Faste r 600% 500% 400% 300% 200% 100% 0 De Ov Te De Int e ra stin eg p lo ve rat l op ll g ym io n me en t nt Source: IDC Whitepaper, sponsored by Amazon, “The Business Value of Amazon Web Services Accelerates Over Time.” July 2012
  25. 5. Stop Spending Money on Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting We take care of... Data Centers Power Cooling Cabling Networking Racks Servers Storage Labor so you don’t have to... buy and install new hardware set up and configure new software build new data centers
  26. 6. Go Global in Minutes
  27. The Benefits of Cloud Computing Replace CapEx with OpEx Lower Overall Costs No More Guessing Capacity Agility / Speed / Innovation Shift Focus to Differentiation Go Global in Minutes ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
  28. How to Choose a Cloud Partner
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