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  1. 1. Evaluation question 7Comparing both of the productions that I was evolved in i.e. our main production “Operation Croak”and our preliminary task I have felt that there have been a large progression from the preliminarytask to our main production.One of the differences is the main task has soundtracks that are playing in the background. This addsanother dimension to the film that the preliminary task was lacking. This also meant that a lot of theunwanted background noise from the preliminary task could still be heard. Another feature of themusic is that it makes the film more interesting and this was evident in the preliminary task as theshots used were long and slow paced with very little happening so the application of the musicwould have made the film more interesting.Another difference was the shot duration as the shots used in the main task where short and had afaster pace and this gave the high tension effect that was required in the making of action film. Inthe preliminary task the shots were long and dull considering the lack of music or any other interestwhich did not complement the fact that the film was meant to have a high tension feeling as thepackage was delivered.
  2. 2. The shot types used is also different between the two films. In the preliminary task we only used midshots that gave little emotion to the film and also didn’t allow the audience to see all of the emotionon the actors faces. In the main tasks we varied our shots by using panning shots, close shots highangle shots and others which complemented the fast pace and kept the audience’s attentionthrough the film. This also allowed us to see the emotions that were being conveyed by the actorsand made the characters easier to understand to the audience.
  3. 3. The effects used in the production of the films also differs between the films as the preliminary taskhas no effects added and this gave the film a armature feel and make the dialogue “choppy” and thefilm didn’t flow well there is also no text to show the actors or name of the film. In the main task weadded cross dissolves to make the film flow better and allow is to continue the face pace and madethe film more engrossing. The use of text also allowed us to say the film’s title and the names andpositions of the people involved. The use of the effects gave our main task a more professional feeland made the film more pleasing to watch.In the production of the preliminary task we only used one layer of video and audio this made thefilm shallow and very basic and dull to watch. In the main task we added multiple layers of audio andvideo to add depth to the film and to make the film more appealing to the audience.
  4. 4. The amount of shots altered because the preliminary task used fewer shots then the main task andthis gave the preliminary task a slower pace than the main task and made the preliminary task lessexciting and not have as much tension.