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  1. 1. Evaluation question 6The equipment used during the production of our films varied between hardware and software. Theequipment used is listed below.The camera that we used was the Canon Legria HF M41. The reasons for this choice is the small sizedallow us to move and alter the angle and other factors affecting the camera easily due to the lightweight and small size. Another reason was the quality of the recording as the camera records at a HDquality. The device was also simple to use for armature film creations. The camera also had an LEDscreen to allow playback which was a very useful feature as this allowed us to quickly review thefootage without the need of a computer and this meant that we could quickly remove or retake anyof the scenes that we needed to retake. The major disadvantage of the camera was the microphonethat was on the camera as it picked up a lot of unwanted noise and background noise and forced theactors to talk loudly and this affected the emotions conveyed by the actors.Piece of software used to edit the film was final cut express. The reason for this is the simple buteffective user interface and this allowed us to have a professional effect but with ease. This alsoallowed us to have layers of video and sound, this meant that we could have the sound effects,music and recorded audio from our scenes along with text above the shots. This software also meantthat we could easily upload our videos.
  2. 2. Another piece of software used in the production is live type. This allowed us to create the text thatwe later put onto our film and allowed us to edit the colour, font, style and the effect that we usedon the text.We used an online blogging account blogger to upload our progress and films. We used this becausethis allowed us to upload with ease and allowed us to design and personalise our blogs. Blogger alosallowed us to track our blogs views and where the views are coming from.Slide share allowed us to upload our videos onto our blogs. We did this by uploading our files to fileshare and then copying the embed code to our blogs.