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  1. 1. Evaluation question 2In the film “operation Croak” we looked at the conventional roles of the main hero and villain inaction films and decided to challenge them. We did this by placing the actor that would usually playthe villain as our main hero. The actor who played the main hero is Juber (as seen below on the left).We decided to do this to challenge the stereotypes portrayed by many major films which had themain villain played by someone of an ethnic minority. We represented Juber’s ethnicity in a positivelight by making him the main hero and the one to stop the terrorist attack that was threateningnational security. Juber’s character is well dressed as he is in a suit and is portrayed as a high rankingmember of the company. We also decided to challenge the stereotype that is associated with themain villain by having the villain portrayed as a French person (played by Joe also seen belo on theright) instead of the usual stereotype of Asian, German or Russian. We decided to use someone ofFrench origins due to the stereotype that the French cower from war and in this incident the mainvillain is trying to start a war. The actors in our film were portraying adults because children orteenager would not be able to start a war or be seen as a threat or have the recourses to do anydamage.Most of the filming was done inside a classroom as this had computers, desks and other pieces ofscenery that we used to give a professional feeling to the film. We decided to film our briefing roomscenes in theses condition because a briefing room would have a serious feel and computers andother technology. The rest of the filming was done outside of a council estate to give the film andurban feel as this would represent a modern terrorist attack.
  2. 2. We also used technology that young and middle age males could identify to represent the urban andmodern technology that is commonly used.