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Published in: Education, Lifestyle
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  1. 1. Prepositions – Where to? up down ( 1 ) onto past ( 1 ) onto ( 1 ) over ( 2 ) out of ( 2 ) off ( 2 ) under back to through along round ( 1 ) to around ( 2 ) towards across up Go up this road then turn left. down Karen fell down the stairs. into I saw him getting into a taxi. out of Can you get the eggs out fo the fridge, please. past He walked straight past me without spcaking. onto The cat jumped onto her knee. off It fell off the table and broke. round I’m tired – I’ve walked round town today. back to Can we go back to the theatre please – Eve forgotten my coat. through I hate driving through the town at this time of day. along They walked along the beach. over I tripped over a stone on the pavement. under The cat ran under the car. to They rushed to the door. across He ran across the road.