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  1. 1. Evaluation question 1In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of realmedia product.The title we used was at the end of our title sequence. This is used in few films. We placed the titleat the panicle point (when the villain is about to be assassinated by the hero of the film also with agunshot sound) to leave the audience with the tension that we built up before hand like a cliffhanger. The title choice “operation croak” was selected because the word operation gives the title amilitary feel and also gives the audience the image of a structured and flawless plan, the park croakcame from the main villain having a French heritage and the stereotype associated with Frenchpeople is frogs, this is also colloquial for a person who has passed away. The font style is stencilbecause this also had the military feel to it and the effect type is dirt stop as this made the text emitsmoke as they came into view. Some of our main inspiration for this film is the A-team and missionimpossible and Bourne identity. The way the title has been set would make the film easilyidentifiable with action films.The setting used was inside of school class room as the conference room and a council estate wasused as the point of confrontation between the main hero and villain. A large proportion of the filmwas done outside. The area used added an urban feel to the film and with the area being a close itwas enclosed which gave the image that was no escape for the villain. When filming inside there wasvery little space which made all of the shots of the hero up close while he ran down the stairs whichgave what he was doing a more personal feel to it. Also it allowed us to see more of the emotions onhis face. The last area used was a class room that we used as a conference room. We used this areabecause it was a neat area in comparison to the other areas used to show that the company side ofthe operation are very professional. The main types of shots used where close shots or mid rangeshot as this is the shots primarily used in action films to build tension and allow the audience to seeall of the emotions that the characters are feeling.
  2. 2. The costume worn by the characters varies as the area changes to compliment the areas. In theconference room bit the informant and the hero are both dressed in suits to show professionalismand to show that what is taking place is important. As they enter an urban zone the hero is no longerin a suit but in casual/smart clothing this allows the hero to be more comfortable when completingthe mission but still shows he is acting professional. The props used was a paper envelope to containthe mission details when the informant hands the hero his mission and a replica fire arm, both ofthese items shows that this is an action because the sight of a fire arm in a film builds tension andthe folder show the professional side again by keeping all of the document neat. The use of ablackberry mobile allowed us to continue the idea of professionalism as this is a phone closelyassociated with business.While editing we tried to keep the shot lengths as short as possible to give the film a fast pacedaffect to it. We also added dissolve transitions to allow the film to flow smoother. We didn’t add any
  3. 3. filter because that the natural lighting gave the film a modern urban effect. We also added text oversome of the shot to show the information about the film. The text type was stencil and the effectused to make the text entre the screen is spring loaded. We used the effect spring loaded to makethe text appear like it was being typed onto the screen give a professional image to the audience.We also made great use of the shots length for example at the beginning as the hero is being briefedon the mission the shot length are longer so we had a slower paced music playing in the back groundbut as the pace o the film increase the we selected another song to complement this change.Our story is based around the villains last moment as he discovers that he has been compromised byMI6. The title sequence begins with the hero’s briefing with his informant. After this they are variousof the villain talking to his colleges as he finds out that he has been compromised and of the heroquickly making his way to the villain while eliminating a few of his henchmen. This then ends withboth hero and villain standing of at one another before the hero shoots the gun which then cuts to ablack back ground with the main title of the film. With the sequence of the shots this gives the storyof the film in brief before the main title cliff hanger allows the audience to relive the story in a muchgreater depth. This isn’t used often in most films as they choose to have establishing shots of thecharacters before entering the main story to allow the audience to understand each character inlittle depth. The main effect in our title sequence was the cross-dissolve because this allowed us tokeep the pace of the film without it jumping from one shot to another.Our story was based upon the assassination of leader of a French terrorist group and a single personwas sent out to eliminate him. The main hero’s background is he was a high ranking MI6 agent buthe was betrayed and forced to leave but now he is the only person who is able to complete themission. The reasons for the hero’s dismissal is unknown but will be explained as the film progresses.The hero is a calm person who believes that by completing this mission he will reclaim the pride thathe has lost from his dismissal. The villain’s character is a violent leader who demands perfectionfrom all of his followers and will stop at nothing to achieve perfection this is shown in the titlesequence when he is on the phone to one of his followers. the title sequence show the main villain’slast moments before he is assassinated when he realises he plan has been compromised by MI6. Itstarts when the hero is being briefed by his informant on the mission. It then cuts to the villain on hisphone and the hero making his way to the villain, this then ends with a gunshot and to imply thatthe villain was killed but leaves the film on a cliff hanger to be explained.The genre our film would best fit into is action due to use of short clips to increase the films tempo.The use of the gun and folder show some of the common components found in action films. Thefasted tempo music also shows that this is an action film as this helps to build tension throughoutthe film.The three characters that are present in the title sequence are the hero Morriarty the villain DeGaulle and the informant Eames. The first person to appear in the sequence is Eames as he briefsMorriarty on his mission to eliminate De Gaulle he says few words and is gets to the point and is aconfident professional character. Morriarty contrasts Eames by having a laid back attitude that isevident during the briefing as he only flicks through the documents before saying “consider it done.”De Gaulle is a violent leader as towards he enemies and his followers as he wants to achieveperfection by any means necessary.