Preliminary question 7


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Preliminary question 7

  1. 1. S Evaluation question 7 Looking back at your preliminary task, what have we learnt from our progression, for it to full product?
  2. 2. Sound S In our preliminary task we did not use music as if would not link in with the short film. However for our final film we used a soft tone type of song, the sound that we had coming through on our film was very relax-full. We chooses that type of music as we did an advert for out piece and the music we used linked in well, the sounds was very smooth as it was background music. This would then give the audience the feeling that it is a nice peaceful school, they the ending of the film would be hard to predict and they would also be interested to what is going to happen. This effect was done through the use of sound.
  3. 3. Credits S I have learnt how to create credits for the number of different films we have done, throughout the course. In the preliminary task there was only one shot so there for credits one had to come at the end, so this made much easier for me to do, as in our film task there was a number of different shots so therefore we had to apply credits throughout the film, this was much harder compared to the preliminary task, as we had to add the credits by constantly editing the film. However through this task being harder I feel like I have a good understanding and my skills have improved when editing credits in to films and pictures.
  4. 4. Camera effects S when we did our preliminary task we did not choose to use camera effects as we felt that it would not have been successful, as it was quite a basic film that we produced. In our final piece we used camera effects as we felt this film was suitable for it also, we felt it would improve our piece. As our film was an advert we shot someone watching it this then would give the audience the impression that he was up to no good. It also comes off well as we film part of the film live then after filming someone watching the footage, this then gives our piece a special camera effect.
  5. 5. Editing S I feel like my editing in my preliminary task was good as when we edited the video I linked two shots together linking them into one. Also when filming the character who was plotting to kill ‘Mr wilkinson’ it was important that we filmed his hands and back of his head, as when editing we could link the two shots together giving which would give off a mysterious effect, this would also give us a verity of different shots throughout are film. This would then relate well with the audience as they would not see his face.