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Question 7


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Published in: Technology
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Question 7

  1. 1. Question 7 For this question I will be looking back at my preliminary task and put it in contrast with my final piece, I will show improvements within aspects of organisation, research and production, camera, editin g and sound.
  2. 2. Organisation Organisation is how well you planned ahead of recording and know exactly what you’re going to do throughout the time of production. The clips on the left are from our preliminary, as you can see clothing is changed because the two clips were filmed on different days and not planned ahead. Where as the final piece (right) would appear as if it was on the same day, However we had made sure that clothing would be the same whilst filming. This made the film a whole lot better because it meant no amateur mistakes were made.
  3. 3. Camera Camera is having a wider range of shot composition and have continuity within your film. The shots on the left from our preliminary shows that most of the time all our shots were standard mid range shots to show the character, we had no close ups to help emphasise on characters emotions and facial expressions. However in our final piece we tried to implement as many close up as we can to help portray the characters emotion.
  4. 4. Editing Editing is used after filming, it is used to help make the final piece appear seamless and therefore improving on the continuity used in filming. In our preliminary the only transition we used between clips is a fade, this did not help emphasise the continuity in filming and actually made the film appear really bad because most clips were separated with a fade. However in our final piece we had implemented cuts and still made the film appear as if it was all happening in time.
  5. 5. Sound Sound is a really important factor as it can make the audience interpret things in different ways all being dependent on the sound. In our preliminary we had no music to help portray the different characters and our voices had hardly any emotion. Whereas the voiceover in ours was really confident and helped portray the characters lifestyle, in our voiceover the character mainly spoke as if he didn’t care about being arrested and was mainly wanting to speak about how great and celebrity-like his lifestyle was.