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  1. 1. Evaluation question 5The surveys that we made and distributed allowed use to see what audience our film would attractand what they would like to see in our film.During the [planning and production of the film me made sure that we addressed the mainconvention that are associated with the genre of action (e.g. good versus evil). The main plot to thefilm is the main villain is threat to national security and the government have allocated a singleperson to eliminate the villain as he is a threat to national security; we used this as our story becausethis is a plot that is commonly used with the action genre. We gave our film a fast tempo by usingshort quick shots as this will add tension as well as giving our film an action feeling we used this fasttempo as this would appeal to our main target audience of young and middle age males. We alsoaddressed the fact that our audience will be British by having the line “from London with love” alsothat the main villain originates from France. The main character is also a “rebel” to the company thathires him and we felt that this would appeal to the younger viewers.To get the attention of young and middle age males we made our film as fast pace as possible toreally give the feeling of action and this was evident during post production and editing as wetrimmed our shots and added cross dissolves to give the impression that the pace isn’t stopping butflowing from one scene to another. We also added a fast pace and modern soundtrack to the film tocomplement the film. The use of loud shots that played over the music added to the tension becausein most films the sight of a fire arm of any description will add tension to any scene. The use of closeshots allowed the audience to see the emotions of each as the story progresses and adds a personaldepth to each character will allowing the audience to see the progression of each character throughthe film. We also added a briefing to the film to allow the audience to have a brief introduction toeach of the characters and also to have a quick introduction to the story.
  2. 2. Most of the feedback that we received during and after the production of the film showed that wedid appeal to the audience that we were aiming and they did think that the fast pace of the film didget them engaged quickly and made them want to continue the film and the cliff hanger that willplaced at the end of the title sequence did allow the viewer to use their imaginations to see how thestory would progress as the ending will leave a wide range possibilities for the story to progress.