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Write don't cite: Wikipedia in education


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This webinar presented by Pru Mitchell for school library staff considered critical thinking projects that show students how Wikipedia works, and helps move them from being consumers to creators. Participants evaluated content and citations to consider how Wikipedia can be a reliable source of neutral, verifiable, established background information on current curriculum topics.

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Write don't cite: Wikipedia in education

  1. 1. WRITE DON’T CITE: WIKIPEDIA IN EDUCATION P r e s e n t e d b y P r u M i t c h e l l Australian School Library Association Inc.
  2. 2. Housekeeping Housekeeping:  Participation options  Attendee control panel  Question facility  Post-webinar information  Future PL events
  3. 3. Presenter • ASLA member • Manager Information Services, Australian Council for Educational Research • 2006 ‘Wikis in education’ in Wikis: tools for information work & collaboration • 2009 GLAM Wiki conference • 2013 Committee Wikimedia Australia • 2014 Wikimedia Future of Education • 2014 ALIA Wikipedia and Libraries • 2016 VALA WikiBomb and Wikidata tour Pru Mitchell
  4. 4. Session overview 1. Why write [edit] Wikipedia 2. Editing activities 3. How to work with Wikipedia 4. Questions and Answers
  5. 5. Using Wikipedia as a source 1. I have followed a link to Wikipedia 2. I have read a Wikipedia article to find information 3. I know at least 3 ways to evaluate a Wikipedia article 4. I have cited Wikipedia
  6. 6. Editing Wikipedia 4. I have a Wikipedia username 5. I have edited something in Wikipedia 6. I have added a reference to Wikipedia 7. I have created a new Wikipedia article
  7. 7. Wikipedia’s media files 8. I understand Wikipedia's licence CC by-sa 9. I have used a media file from Wikimedia Commons 10. I have uploaded my own media content to Wikimedia Commons
  8. 8. Teaching with Wikipedia • Engaged students, global audience, real world purpose • Unique assignment, peer feedback, cool and different • Media literacy, identify bias, evaluate credibility • Constructing knowledge, content gaps • Discourse, collaboration, community of practice • Expository writing, literature review, citation • Critical thinking, process reflection • Plagiarism, close paraphrasing, copyright • Digital citizenship, online etiquette, wiki code
  9. 9. Wikipedia writing style • Wikipedia is an encyclopedia • no original research • neutral point of view • statements must be verifiable • must reference reliable published sources
  10. 10. Go forth and edit - and CITE Use full sentences An encyclopedia article is written in a formal narrative style using third person, and avoiding adjectives. Every fact, statement or claim in Wikipedia is supported by a citation. No opinions.
  11. 11. Assessment rubric Article assessment for student assignments (2016). Wikimedia Israel
  12. 12. Choose user name  Personal not corporate account  Personal email address  Unique  Real name or Pseudonym  Gender  User page
  13. 13. Visual editor preferred 1. Click preferences tab 2. Click editing tab 3. Change Editing mode to: Always give me visual editor 4. Save
  14. 14. Editing toolbar LH side
  15. 15. Editing toolbar RH side
  16. 16. Adding a citation  Click CITE on the edit toolbar  Enter URL in Automatic and Generate Always check auto citation and edit if needed  Use Manual for physical resource or self-published  Re-use a citation rather than entering it twice
  17. 17. Wikimedia Commons
  18. 18. Beware when editing...  Article on your school  Article on an organisation you are affiliated with  Article on a person  Cannot use own website or publications as proof of notability, and no PR material  Can use reviews by independent people, independent newspaper reports, books, etc  OK to cite their publications in the article, but not sufficient alone to prove notability
  19. 19. Wikimedia Australia  Volunteers  We’re here to help …  Advice on using Wikipedia (or other projects)  Wikipedia edit training  Donations welcome
  20. 20. Post-webinar information Certificate of attendance will be emailed Membership information is available at Future Webinars Follow ASLA on Twitter Like us on Facebook 20