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Vishuka Mathur - A Renaissance Timeline


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This is the power point I made for a humanities project in which I had to make a timeline about main people and events that happened during the Renaissance.

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Vishuka Mathur - A Renaissance Timeline

  1. 1. Important People from the Renaissance, Reformation, Age of Discovery, and the Enlightenment By: Vishuka Mathur 8B Red House 
  2. 2. 1440- The printing Press Johannes Guttenberg had invented the first printing press which helped in making more copies of famous books and bibles in the past from which today we have made a better version, and still use this machine for the same purpose as it makes our lives easier so we don’t have to copy another book by re-writing it by hand.Why do we care about this invention?increased mechanization, remained the principal meansof printing until the late 20th century. This is a big Image: for us today as we use machines for a lot of and can use a printing press for various reasons content/uploads/2009/05 /first-printing-press.jpgsuch as news paper, copies of books, magazines etc. Information: This is an Vaunt Design Group, and Internet consulting company. image of the "Fascinating facts about the invention of the Printing Press by Johannes first printing Gutenberg in 1440." press that was N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Oct. 2011. < made in the s.htm >. year 1440.
  3. 3. 1451-Christopher Columbus- Spanish Explorer Born: 1451 Died: 1506 He was the first European since the Vikings to "discover" the New World. Why do we care about him? Because through Christopher Columbuss discovery, today we know that the world is round and not flat, so we are not scared that If we just kept going straight, we would fall off the earth. Image: Today, we also know about the land Christopher yLAItrjlaSA/TTMif- Columbus discovered which is today known as OlxVI/AAAAAAAAADk/nxYB USA. WF8TbSw/s400/columbus_ro He ruined all of the culture that used to be in the ute21.jpg south of America because he came and changed This is a map that their believes and lifestyle. shows the trip that Christopher Information: "Columbus." N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Oct. 2011. Columbus had < done after he left >. Europe on his ship.
  4. 4. 1452- Leonardo DaVinci Born :April 15, 1452 in Vinci, Italy. Died: May 2, 1519, and was buried in the cloister of San Fiorentino in Amboise. He has a lasting impact in the world we live in today, also we still use his inventions effectively which make our lives easier.( One of the important inventions that Leonardo da Vinci created is the design of a boat. ) Why do we care about him? We care about his inventions because today we still use his creations effectively and they Picture of Leonardo make our lives easier and fun. This is why he is Da Vinci known as the man of the Renaissance. Information From: Robin Coffee. "Leonardo da Vinci." Serving Image: Coffee, http://www.lucid Art, History and Literature Lovers on the World- Wide-Web , 1 Jan. 2011. 96apr/leonardo.h Web. 21 Oct. 2011. < tml o.html >.
  5. 5. 1473- Nicholas Copernicus Nicolas Copernicus was born February 19, 1473 in Poland. Died: Died: May 24 1543 , Formbork , Poland He studied astronomy and figured that the earth revolved around the sun. Because he was against the Catholic church’s believes , he was sent to the inquisition and was burnt at the steak. Why is he important? This is a picture of He invented the first telescope in Norway Nicholas from which Galileo galilei was inspired to Copernicuss learn more about astronomy. The telescope is still effectively used in our perspective of the modern world today as astronomy is universe. important. Image: Information: Saari, Peggy, and Aaron chttp://conservapedi Saari. Renaissance & Reformation Biographies. N.p.: Rite Wimberly, n.d. Print. b/0/0e/Copernicus_sy stem.gif/300px- Copernicus_system.gif
  6. 6. 1483- MartinLuther born 10 Nov 1483 and died 18th February,1546 when he was 62years old.  His translation of the Bible also helped to develop a standard version of the German language and added several principles to the art of translation. Luthers hymns sparked the development of congregational singing in Christianity.  Why do we care about him?  We care about him because if he didnt This is a painting of translate the bible in to German, then people Martin Luther might not have suspected the catholic church and today people might have still been paying the priests to forgive them for the sin they had Image: made. http://www.yesne Information: Greatsite Marketing. "English Bible Martin Luther." ojects/renaissanc Greatsite Marketing,n.d. Web. 21 Oct. e/luther.html 2011. < martin-luther.html>.
  7. 7. 1483- Invention of the Parachute The change is that people are now able to be in the air through the support of the parachute without dying. This has also made an impact as it has attracted more tourists. Why do we care about this? Today, with the help of the Parachute, we can do many exciting things like sky diving without dying and this also helps in attracting tourists to our country. Information: Model of Leonardos parachute The New York Times based on Vincis sketch of a Company., n.d. Web. 21 Oct. parachute from c. 1483 that was 2011. found in a notebook margin. The < original drawing is kept in the Inventions-of-Leonardo-DaVinci/Leornardo-Da- Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan Vinci-Parachute.htm>. Rubin, Julian. "Leonardo da Vinci The Invention of the Image: Parachute." http://www.leonard, Jan. 2011. o-da-vinci- Web. 21 Oct. 2011. < ges/leonardo-da- davinciparachute.html>. vinci-parachute.jpg
  8. 8. 1491-Henry VIII Born: June 28 1491 Greenwich, England Died: January 28 , 1547, London , EnglandHe allowed divorce to occur under the churchand it still happens today.Why do we care about him? Impacts our lives because before when someone was against the catholic church they would be sent to the inquisition. People who were sent to the inquisition were often killed however, overtime people started to develop freedom of speech. Information: common knowledge, This is a painting Book : Renaissance & Reformation of Henri the Biographies Eighth. Image: Saari, Peggy, and Aaron Saari. Renaissance & Reformation Biographies. N.p.: Rite /wikipedia/commons/thumb /4/45/Henry-VIII- Wimberly, n.d. Print. kingofengland_1491- 1547.jpg/220px-Henry-VIII- kingofengland_1491- 1547.jpg
  9. 9. 1503- Mona Lisa Painting  Leonardo Da Vinci started to work on an painting that is today very famous called "Mona Lisa". In 1503 Why do we care about this? This painting has a lasting impact because it is a very famous painting that Leonardo made using his techniques to make portraits, and this painting today also attracts tourists to go an see the original painting in Paris. This is the  Information: Book : Renaissance & painting that Reformation Biographies Leonardo da  Saari, Peggy, and Aaron Saari. Renaissance & Vinci made in Reformation Biographies. N.p.: Rite the year 1503.  Wimberly, n.d. Print. Image: s/6/6a/Mona_Lisa.jpg
  10. 10. 1564-Galileo galilei Born: February 15th, 1564, Pisa, Italy Died: 1642 He supported Nicolas Copernicuss theory that the earth revolved around the sun, not the sun and other planets revolved around the earth. Galileo used instruments to observe nature.Why do we care about him?His lasting impact on us today is that through his support toNicolas Copernicuss theory, it is proven that the earth andother planets revolve around the sun.He was able to prove that the earth moves around the sunby using a telescope made by himself, which wasinfluenced from Nicolas Copernicus’s telescope.Finally the fact that the earth and other planets revolvedaround the sun was confirmed true only after Galileo’s Image:death. http://www.crystal Information: The StarChild Team. "Galileo Galilei." pg StarChild, n.d. Web. 21 Oct. 2011. < StarChild/whos_who_level1/galileo.html>.
  11. 11. 1643- Isaac Newton  Isaac Newton was born on December 25, 1642.  Date of Death: 3/31/1727  Isaac Newton was a scientist and mathematician.  Newton studied the laws of motion and gravity.  Why do we care about him?  We care about him as today we have the knowledge of why we stay on the ground and This is a painting of why everything remains on the ground , and not sir Isaac Newton. float around in the air. Through Isaac Newtons knowledge, today scientists and astronauts also IMAGE: know that in space there is no gravity which is http://www.gradea why in space crafts astronauts float around.  Information: Common Knowledge, es/sir-isaac-  "Sir Isaac Newton." newton.jpg N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Oct. 2011. < newton.html>.
  12. 12. Thank you, I hope this washelpful 