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Art Timeline


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Art Timeline

  1. 1. Art Timeline Elizabeth N. Spears Fine Arts- Amy Landrum January 29, 2007
  2. 2. Prehistoric 100,000-1000 BC Prehistoric Art – art produced in early cultures in history ; this art was beginning late in geological history. Basically, it was art that was created early in history!!
  3. 3. Greek (800BC-200AD) Greek Art- During this time in history the idea of the perfectly propionate body was what most artist sculpted, drew, etc. The idea of symmetry was very important. The Greek also liked to portray humans with animal bodies, and animals with human bodies.
  4. 4. Roman (120BC-400AD) Roman Art- The Romans when it came to art were very practical people. They often depicted heroic figures.
  5. 5. Medievial (300 AD-1200/CE) Medieval Art- This period in time covered a large spectrum of work. This period of time regarding art, included major movements, artists, and genres. Artists of this time period had their own individual styles. Many believe that these pieces of work should be looked at individually, and not compared to other pieces of art during this time.
  6. 6. Renaissance (1400 CE-1500 CE) Renaissance Art- Renaissance is the French word meaning “rebirth.” During this period of time it also followed the middle ages and the reformation. Art during time was classical and developed perspective in painting.
  7. 7. Baroque (1600's) Ba roque Art- This time period of art was known for clear and exaggerated motion, tension exuberance and grandeur. All of which are portrayed in sculpting, paintings, music, dance and literature.
  8. 8. Eighteenth Century (1700's) Eighteenth Century- Art during this particular period in time if most often referred to as Rococo. Rococo is a negative way of referring to this type of art. Many believed that is was a frivolous connection of shell like forms. By this I think that they are referring to the idea of the art being very one dimensional.
  9. 9. Nineteenth Century (1800's) Nineteenth Century Art- This era in art is most often referred to as the Historical period/era. This is most often referred to this because the historical and theoretical approach that artists, scholars, and writers took to their work during this time.
  10. 10. Modern (20th century ,1900's) Modern Art- This type of art refers to where the subject does not necessarily have to be represented by realistic subject. An example of this would be photography.
  11. 11. Contemporary (Now) Contemporary Art- This is a more recent form of art.. Most often portrayed in visual art. Many Contemporary artists try to portray a deeper meaning!
  12. 12. Bibliography