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Using Email To Engage Users & Drive Product Innovation - A Ziff Davis Enterprise Case Study


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The marketing and advertising industries are changing dramatically. One trend you will notice is how content marketing is evolving and becoming more and more engagement based. In this webinar, learn …

The marketing and advertising industries are changing dramatically. One trend you will notice is how content marketing is evolving and becoming more and more engagement based. In this webinar, learn from leading IT-related magazine publisher, Ziff Davis Enterprise, on how their email program is changing engagement marketing. Peter Westerman, Ziff Davis Enterprise's SVP of Audience Marketing, will take you through all the best practices and steps they took to create quality content for their highly engaging and successful email programs.

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  • 1. WebinarUSING EMAIL TO CONTINUOUSLY ENGAGEUSERS AND DRIVE PRODUCT INNOVATION- A Ziff Davis Enterprise Case Study February 8th, 2011 ✆ Dial-in telephone: +1 (312) 878-0511 Access code: 850-416-164 Webinar ID: 988-535-784
  • 2. BEFORE WE GET STARTED…  Having technical difficulties? Use the Q&A dialog box to let us know If we can’t help you call Citrix at 888-259- 8414 for technical support . Or you can chat with a Citrix representative at •To submit questions during the webinar, use the Q&A chat box Today’s webinar is moderated by: •Everyone will receive a link to a recording Vicky Oxley of the presentation and a copy of the slide Vice-President of Services deck within 1 to 2 business days WhatCounts2
  • 3. TWEET! Twitter about the webinar using #whatcounts Follow: @WhatCounts @pwesterman3
  • 4.  Moving forward as a rebranded WhatCounts using the WhatCounts robust and flexible technology.  We have a much larger foot print, with offices in Atlanta, Washington D.C., Seattle, and Sydney, Australia  Team members will be able provide more resources and opportunities for our clients and partners.  We will be able to better maximize our customers’ revenue opportunity while improving production efficiency and reducing cost.  Union reinforces our commitment to a culture focused on customer service and satisfaction4
  • 5.  One of the only ESPs with flexible deployment options including SaaS, On-premise appliance (Broadcaster), and Managed Services.  Dedicated account model with a history of commitment to exemplary customer service.  Campaign Production Services – our team members are able to help you implement best practices on a daily basis.  Full Video and Social Integration.  Long list of marquee clients include Costco, Alaska Airlines, FOXNews, Pandora, Virgin America, Ziff Davis Enterprises, AARP & NEA  Proud of its customer focus and 90%+ customer retention rate. Recently recognized as a Finalist for the 2011 Stevie Award for Customer Service.5
  • 6. Speaker Peter Westerman Audience Marketing, Ziff Davis Enterprise peter.westerman@ziffdavisenterprise.com6
  • 7. AGENDA • Role of eMail in ZDE’s Business • Aligning Content, Audience and Offer for Results • Case Studies • Lead Nurture With eMail7
  • 8. EMAIL SUPPORTS ALL ZDE LINES OF BUSINESS • Lead Generation • F2F events • Content Syndication • Publications • eSeminars • Websites, forums, blogs • Digital Universities • Research8
  • 9. What is your marketing focus?  Business to Business  Business to Consumer  Both B2B and B2C9
  • 10. ZDE TODAY: DATA-DRIVEN, RESPONSE-ORIENTED Virtually all Ziff Davis Enterprise audience recruitment & retention is done online & by phone Hybrid In-House / Out-of-House customer database solution •7M total customer records •5.2M under active management •1.5M prospect database •Inputs include publications, live events, eSeminars, white paper libraries, etc. Prospecting database covering industry verticals, installed base of technology, etc. 40+ eNewsletters 20+ Web sites 26 million page views/month 25+ monthly eSeminars 100k user registration transactions/month 60+ lead gen programs/month 15+ major research studies/year10
  • 11. 3 PILLARS SUPPORT ENGAGEMENTMARKETING AT ZDE Compelling Content Engaged Audience Professional Execution • Respected and sought- • Audience targeting using • Content and audience after media platforms user-supplied data, alignment with client • Effective content aligned observed behavior, data goals with audience, message enrichment • Integration of audience and campaign goals • Creative development delivery with content • Content that: • Trigger-based marketing development • Builds Trust and • Lead disposition • Program management Credibility • Best Practices for: • Repeatable business • Secures Market • Cadence of customer processes best practices Position contact to ensure positive • Captures New • Content-based results Business marketing • Closes Sales • Message maps and • Has measurable ROI message continuity • Off-ramps to sales and marketing Managed by marketing pros with each domain expertise11
  • 12. OUR MOST SUCCESSFUL PROGRAMS START WITH COMPREHENSIVE UNDERSTANDING OF CLIENT GOALS • Comprehensive discovery process about products, customers and their purchasing process • Combined with best practices based on the thousands of campaigns ZDE has run over the past 5 years • Alignment of client and ZDE best practices around content, prospect targeting and creative execution • Set-up of measurement, analysis, and reporting support specific to program goals The success of virtually every program we create is user engagement with content12
  • 13. AND IS USED TO ACHIEVE A VARIETY OF CLIENT OBJECTIVES  IT magazines  Events/conferences  IT sites  Blogs/forums  RSS/newsletters  Podcasts  ROI calculators  Vendor sites  White papers  Webinars  IT-analyst reports  Web videos  Tools/widgets  Virt. tradeshows  Demos/trials  Podcasts  Mini-sites  Demos/trials  ROI calculators  Tools/widgets  Vendor sites  IT-analyst reports13 13
  • 14. OUR MOST SUCCESSFUL PROGRAMS • Maximize engagement from prospects with a high probability of conversion • Limit interruptions/delays/hurdles to accessing offers • Rotate and refresh assets • Educate, and don’t demonstrate • Describe a solution to a business problem/opportunity, not a product • Allow enough time to align with product sales cycles • Don’t discard valuable leads, through arbitrary filters14
  • 15. CONTENT IS KING • Experience demonstrates the quality of a program’s content/offer delivered to a relevant prospect is the most important determinate of success • Content is the currency being exchanged for customer/prospect’s data and interaction – it must be compelling! • Multiple voices; Vendor, 3rd Parties, and Peers are essential to driving results – Vendor only content is a liability • Must be aligned with audience issues, problems, solutions • Must be recent and relevant to them and their job • Emotional engagement with the client is key15
  • 16. CONTENT IS ALIGNED TO AUDIENCE Prospects activated, opted-in via brand engagement5.2M contact records 1.5M prospect records• Publication subscribers • Custom-built prospect panels• eSeminar registrants and evergreen data sources• Web Buyer’s Guide members • Deep dives: Healthcare, Federal• F2F event registrants Government, Financial Services• Virtual Trade Show registrants • F2000 Senior IT• Newsletter subscribers • Installed base of technology• Web site registrants • Other data licensed as needed • Targeted prospecting Sales prospects and leads surfaced through targeting, Verified Data Self-Reported Information engagement •Industry classifications (SIC, NAICS) • Industry segments • Job function/title •Job function/title • Firmographic information •Firmographic information (DUNs) • Transaction history •Installed base of technology • Installed base of technology •Street addresses •Parent/child business relationships •3rd-party data relationships if required16
  • 18. Are you currently doing any triggered based email marketing?  Yes, we have a few programs set up  Yes, we have many advanced programs set up  No, but we plan to in the future  No, and I am not sure how to go about setting them up  No, and we don’t plan on it18
  • 19. CASE STUDY: ESEMINAR • Deployment lists selected/segmented based on job function, company size, industry, past user behavior, propensity to attend eSeminars • Trigger-based emails sent to: users who open, users who click, users who abandon registration (has a tangible impact on conversion recovery) • Trigger-based confirmation and reminders to registrants (Increases show rates)19
  • 20. CASE STUDY: ESEMINAR • Follow-up sent to no-shows (recovers no-shows as on- demand viewers) • Thank you and cross- promo sent to attendees (upsell) • Depending on the program, api calls are made from our CRM to WhatCounts for deployment, or managed within WhatCounts, or managed from the event platform20
  • 21. CASE STUDY: LEAD GENERATION • Opt-in eNewsletters on various topics deployed daily • Segmented based on ISP, company size, job function, topic • Some use of dynamic content based on data we persist at WhatCounts • Partial members sent through standard registration path21
  • 22. CASE STUDY: LEAD GENERATION • Full members sent to landing pages that pre-pop, only displaying questions not yet answered by users • Some programs involve subsequent triggered- based email based on user engagement scoring22
  • 23. Have any of you developed any multi- touch lead nurture plans to dictate your triggered email programs?  Yes  Yes and it is very advanced  No and I am not sure what this is  No but we plan to in the future  No and we don’t plan to23
  • 25. EMAIL-DRIVEN LEAD ACCELERATION Stage Custom Questions Nurturing & Lead Generation Appended Data & Scoring Reporting Content Part of Download Addition of data from email nurturing & syndication Registration Process syndicated sources re-scoring Process Detail Establishes BANT Telephone screening Registration/Lead (Optional) criteria Data Capture Re-contact for full Numerical lead qualification of lead Any Out-of-target scoring & reporting form Leads Filtered Out for prioritization Automated form abandonment reminders Initial outreach Initial segmentation Nurture and dynamic scoring And recruitment and nurture paths Contact BANT Next Steps Data Collected Company Type Company/Organization Current Solution Lead Business Description Distribution Address Product Solution SIC Code And Telephone Interest Industry DUNS# Disposition Purchase Time Frame Solutions /Requirements Co Size IT Decision Authority25 Job Function/Title Role in Purchase Process Budget Status Integrated
  • 26. SUMMARY • Email is integral to every line of our business • Each business has evolved best practices based on testing and iteration • Every program is custom, but they all share common building blocks • Questions?26
  • 27. Would you be interested in hearing more from WhatCounts about any of the following:  More re-engagement tactics specifically tailored to your business  Lifecycle marketing strategy best practices  Email deliverability tips and consultation services  Best ways for integrating email & social media27
  • 28. Q&A28
  • 29. Next Webinar“How To Use Competitive IntelligenceTo Understand Email Best Practices” Tuesday, March 8th 10:30 AM Pacific / 1:30 PM Eastern Featuring Carter Nicholas, CEO, eDataSource More Info To Come Shortly29
  • 30. Contact Peter Westerman: Audience Marketing, Ziff Davis Enterprise peter.westerman@ziffdavisent erprise.com30
  • 31. Contact Us WhatCounts, Inc. 315 5th Avenue South, Suite 800 Seattle, WA 98104 800-440-7005 Twitter @whatcounts sales@whatcounts.com31