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Brief Introduction Of Products

  1. 1. Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine Thousands of grips and standards for metal and non-metallic used in the worldwide of electromechanical universal testing machine provide a suitable solution of your demands. From the applications, the load frame includes:   Single column Dual columns with single testing space  Dual columns with dual testing space  Table and floor  Grips and software meets ASTM, ISO, DIN JIS, GB standards  Environmental test from -400℃ to 1100℃  Load capacity from 1kN up to 600kN Hydraulic universal testing machine Thousands of applications worldwide prove that the hydraulic universal testing machines are with top quality, high accuracy and high reliability. It is ideal products for Q.C, Q.A. and R&D. From the applications, the load frame includes:  Actuator at bottom  Top actuator  Load cell measured  Pressure transducer measured  Dual testing spaces  Single testing space  Load capacity from 50kN up to 3000kN Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation Email:;
  2. 2. Impact testing machine for metal and non-metallic Impact test conforms to ASTM, ISO and GB standards with Charpy Izod and Tensile impact includes analogs, digital and computer. It is also with instrumented to get the curves and characteristic data for impact test. From the applications, it includes:  Measuring range from 300J up to 800J for metal  Measuring range from 1J up to 50J for non-metal  Charpy, Izod, Tensile impact for metal and non-metal  Instrumented function can be with the impact test  Lower temperature bath is optional for environment test Drop Weight Impact Testing Machine Drop weight impact test for non-metal and DWTT for pipe that conforms to international standards. Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation Email:;
  3. 3. Compression testing machine  Concrete testing machine from 500kN to 3000kN conformed to BS1881.  Cement compression and bending testing machine  Structural compression testing machine for pipes, structural parts and components. Load capacity up to 10,000kN. Hardness tester Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers, Micro-Vickers, Leeb, Knoop etc can be provided. Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation Email:;
  4. 4. Static and Dynamic testing machine  Load capacity 50kN to 1000kN Frequency 0.01-100Hz Testing dynamic function of materials  Resonant high frequency fatigue testing machine  Load capacity from 20kN to 500kN  Frequency 60-300Hz.
  5. 5. Torsion testing machine  Digital and computer control  Capacity from 100NM to 5000NM  Static and fatigue test Creep, relax and capture testing machine  Mechanical and electromechanical creep  High temperature furnace  Standard materials and components Quick forge testing machine  Load capacity 1000kN to 3000kN  Forge, shearing, alignment Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation Email:;
  6. 6. Friction and wear testing machine Conform to ASTM standards for: Oil, grease evaluation Material friction and wear performance Cupping Test Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation Email:;
  7. 7. Horizontal testing machine Load capacity from 100kN to 15000kN Electromechanical and hydraulic Chain, anchor, rope, cable etc. Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation Email:;