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IAUG Converge2013 Avaya CEO Kevin Kennedy June 4 2013 Keynote


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These are the slides from Avaya CEO Kevin Kennedy's keynote speech. Includes details about the new Avaya Aura Collaboration Environment application development platform, as well as Avaya's six most innovative customers of 2013.

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IAUG Converge2013 Avaya CEO Kevin Kennedy June 4 2013 Keynote

  1. 1. Beyond Convergence:Connection and CollaborationPresident and CEO, Avaya Inc.Kevin J. Kennedy
  2. 2. Context
  3. 3. ContextContext: Clarity of purpose matters
  4. 4. Not to Be ForgottenContext: Our mission is unforgettable, serving enterprisesin the course of the essential and aspirationalNYC 311• Response Agent: ~300• Typical day: 55,000calls/day• During Hurricane Sandy: 250K-300K calls/dayMTA• 18 Radvision Scopia® virtual desktop war rooms setup for executive staff at the MTA• Over 1,000 hours of usage were logged in 3 days
  5. 5. From around the WorldTop of MindOpportunity: Enable customers to navigate important industry transitionsIndustry Initiatives Consumer MomentumNext WaveProductivitySIP, VideoEnterprise:Purpose DrivenSoftware DeliveredConsumerizationof EnterpriseBYOD, MobileConsumerOn-Ramp / Off-RampScale, Channels, AnalyticsApplication DrivenNetworkSecurity & IntegrationVirtualizationCloud
  6. 6. WebRTCEmerging Forces in CommunicationsSIP1. Four forces2. Markets will grow and overlap3. Proprietary will yieldto open over time4. Middleware will enablecoherence and support5. WebRTC: On-ramp / Off-rampApplicationExpressedCommunication(Publish / Subscribe,FaceBook)CommunicationInfrastructure(Real time, switches,store / forward)CommunicationApplication(Twitter)Communication-Enabled BusinessProcess (CEBP)(SFDC, Oracle, SAPintegration)Unified multi-channel communications via middleware
  7. 7. RiskComplexity & ProductivityCapabilityValueExtensibility and SpeedOperational Challenges• Proprietary divides• Choices & dilemmas• Integrations (vendor & generational)• Interoperability• Administrative burden• Confluence of dependency• Duration• Surprise of aging assetsHierarchy of PursuitComplexity of TransitionIncludes but not limited to . . .
  8. 8. Avaya’s OpportunityA software company focused oncustomer support and clear product stack differentiation
  9. 9. Avaya’s OpportunityA software company focused oncustomer support and clear product stack differentiation
  10. 10. Avaya’s FocusMaintenanceand ManagedServicesNetworkingInfrastructureContactCenterClients andDevicesTo be the preferred provider of open mobile enterprise collaboration platforms
  11. 11. Avaya’s FocusTo be the preferred provider of open mobile enterprise collaboration platforms
  12. 12. • Operations Services• Advanced Diagnostics & Methods• Tools and Probes• Expertise and Published Solutions• Software Support Services• Professional ServicesEnterprise Collaboration Platforms
  13. 13. • Access Control / BYOD• End-to-End Multi-tenant Virtualization• Resilient SPB• Application Configured Networks• Ethernet Switching & Routing• Wireless NetworksEnterprise Collaboration PlatformsInteropNet 2013: Unbreakable! Avaya Fabric Connect Delivers on All Fronts“ ”Four system engineers completed the network installation in three days –1/10 the resources of previous events . . .“”
  14. 14. • Low Bandwidth / High Definition Video Collaboration• Unified Communications• BYOD-enabled Collaboration and Mobility• Session-enabled / Scaling• Open stack• Unified Integration / Collaboration EnvironmentEnterprise Collaboration Platforms
  15. 15. • WAN Optimization• Video / Multi-Channel• Performance Management• Experience Management (assist & automate)• Contact Center Awareness• AnalyticsEnterprise Collaboration Platforms
  16. 16. Enterprise Collaboration Platforms• Mobile clients, desktop devices• Video and conferencing• Communication and messaging
  17. 17. Operational DefensePurposeful Transition Leadership: Examples• WAN Optimization• Multi-Channel• Avaya Operations Services• Tools• Identity Engines• Top Rack Switching• Avaya on Avaya• BYODRiskComplexity & ProductivityCapabilityValueExtensibility and Speed
  18. 18. Operational OffensePurposeful Transition Leadership: Examples• Tools and Probes• Advanced Diagnostics• Multi-Tenant Virtualization• SPB / VLAN Scaling• LB / HD UC & Collaboration• Application Virtualization• Avaya Speech AnalyticsRiskComplexity & ProductivityCapabilityValueExtensibility and Speed
  19. 19. Purposeful Transition Leadership: ExamplesOperational Future• Video Experience / Multi-Cast– Scale– Resilience• Collaboration Environment– Application Adoption• Operational Deployment• Collaboration Environment CC– Application Adoption– CC Functional Integration• Experience Management• Lowest Risk MigrationExtensibility and SpeedRiskComplexity & ProductivityCapabilityValue
  20. 20. Helping Customers Meet the ChallengesSolutions• Innovation momentum• Roadmaps for both legacy and new products• Complexity reduction‒ Pricing, license portabilityInvestment Flexibility• CapEx to OpEx trend• Virtualization• Cloud modelsVideo• Fully scalable, low bandwidth, HD• Lower TCO• Multi-channel collaboration experience• Microsoft Lync® clientLeadership and Organization• Single sales / go-to-market organization• Video – integration & specialists• New Collaboration organization‒ Reflects technology evolution• New CIOClient Experience: Services• Managed Services• Support Services• Web adoption• Ease of doing businessSmall and Medium Enterprise• Significant TCO benefits on IP Office• Affordable Radvision Scopia®---- solutions• Legacy and new technology bridging
  21. 21. Business DriversTransformation of Customer CareWhy Is Customer Care Important for Business Performance?Business Performance Satisfaction MetricsService Delivery Performance Productivity and AutomationGross Margin Key Cost DriversOnline chatsresolved in <1 hourNew knowledgearticles / monthViews ofinstructional videos4.3pointsBacklogTime to TicketResolution56% 17%Restoredin 2 Hours (ER)25%CSAT 14%NPS 38% EmployeeEngagement12%TopPerformerRetention97.9%Attrition18%<10%PhonevolumeElectronicSolutions34%28%83%1,600179K27%1 Avaya Certified Specialist gross margin comparison – Q2 2012 vs. Q1 2013
  22. 22. New Tools for Customer SupportNew Approachto Support• Vision: Agents work on newproblems only• Single web portal handles allcustomer issues via chat , avatar,voice, video – all available thru thewebsite• Total service outages andimmediate escalation of issuesnow enabled thru web buttons forfast agent accessWeb Talk and Web Video providemulti-media collaborative supportImmediate publishing of known solutionsProvides Better, Faster and More Intuitive Support Options for CustomersMultimedia knowledge basemakes known solutions easilyavailable to usersAvatar (Ava) and live chat enableon demand access to live agents
  23. 23. Managed Services• Existing strong partnership with customer’scontact center team• Enterprise division targets cost reduction inoperational and support by 40%• Maintain high level of customer serviceand operational efficiency• Complex multi-vendor environmentBefore52KUC Ports15KCC Agents16Servers 33SitesContact CenterNational Wireless Provider
  24. 24. Managed Services160KUC Ports47KCC Agents82Servers4.5KConf. BridgePorts145SitesAfterCost Savings• No large upfront payment• +15% immediate savings• +18% overall 3-year TCO improvementProductivity• Free up customer resources for criticalprojectsSimplification / Relevance• Same Avaya Management Services team• Multi-vendor support• Additional value-added services+ EnterpriseNational Wireless ProviderContact Center
  25. 25. HD Video Conferencing• Long decision time• Confined to room-based videocommunication• Struggle with vendor equipment, supportand the lack of features• Limited video collaboration• Significant time and money spent ontravel-related meetingsBefore
  26. 26. HD Video ConferencingAfterProductivity• Decision time cuts down to 5 min• Ease of use – Video use from 3 per quarterto “through the roof”• ROI on travel savings - Time and moneyReach• Internal – Interviews, company-widemeetings, team collaborations• External – Sales, marketing, productdevelopment, CEO mentorship programSimplification / Relevance• Better equipment and support• Mobile / BYOD• Personalized experience
  27. 27. Contact Center• Expensive and difficult to manage multipleand report on contact centers and remoteagents• Separate work groups manage separatechannels• Lack call back capabilityBefore5 M inbound calls250 M white mail2 M emails45 M+Subscribers500+Publications4 Contact Centers250 onsite agents45 remote agents
  28. 28. Contact CenterAfterCost Savings• $200K per year in headcount• $190K per year in support andmanagement of multiple systemsProductivity• From 86% to 98%• Avg. handle time decreased 30s per trans.Simplification / Relevance• Multi-channel capabilities• In-depth real time end-to-end reportingand analytics• Extended services by home agents• Call back and outbound dialing
  29. 29. Avaya, a Trusted Network Partner toBring the World TogetherOlympic Teams80Reporters and Media3KVolunteers25KTV Viewers3BillionLive SpectatorsMillionsInternet CustomersBillionsOlympic Athletes5.5KOfficials and ScorekeepersThousandsMobileNetworking VideoThe official converged network equipment supplierfor the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games
  30. 30. IAUG and Avaya – The Power of We™Avaya will continue to help our partners to meet their challengesWe value our relationship and partnershipThe Avaya team wants to hear from you!Solutions available today can deliver exceptional value