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Presentation dialoguebeat english


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Presentation dialoguebeat english

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Presentation dialoguebeat english

  1. 1. Lead Generation - Overview By Nettingsolutions
  2. 2. Summary of TenderCreation of Marketing Concepts Data Management • Campaign Planning and Process Optimization Coordination Campaign Execution 1st Level User Help General CRM Operator Campaign Reporting Competences Operation Abilities for other Controlling your company AG CMR Services
  3. 3. Benefits• Facilitating a tactical/dedicated team to allow client managers focus on strategic priorities.• Reducing costs by leveraging and localizing campaigns for your company Brazil.• Generating qualified leads for resellers with all campaigns (print, e-mail, online).• Optimizing planned activities, control and follow-up execution plans, budget ,customer creation, retention, and growth.• Facilitating management process, by providing a centralized and flexible decision making solution.• Creating and organizing a complete customer centric approach to promote lead generation and loyalty.• Developing a hear the customer approach , to enhance and localize your company Global Loyalty Programs.
  4. 4. SolutionsNettingsolutions brings to your company;1. Marketing project manager: in charge of centralizing and facilitating allcommunications and coordinating all activities of approved programs.2. Marketing plan by objective3. Prospect Dialogue Program Timeline4. Customer Dialogue program timeline5. Timeline of selected and unique activities by program6. Programs Lead generation results by target market7. Program Sales vs. Leads analysis per quarter.
  5. 5. Your Company’s ApproachVision We delight customers worldwideMissionAll marketing programs for your company market need to be aligned to the Corporate global strategy of your company
  6. 6. Steps to Define Marketing ProgramYour company’s objectives: Approval of strategy DeploymentYour company’s objective Tactics: Define Activity and alignment: Contact Channel:Review of annual programs PDP Measurement Local Objectives CDP Campaign Roadmap : Segmentation and Target Definition: Definition of campaigns PDP: Prospect Dialogue Programdetermined by objectives CDP: Customer Dialogue Program
  7. 7. Strategy• 2011 Brand awareness• 2011 Lead Generation Actions per Product Objectives • Acquisition programs • Product Launch• 2011 Loyalty objectives • Upgrades/Repurchases
  8. 8. 2012 Roadmap of ProgramsJan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Marketing Campaign Pre-sales Product Launch! Sales Post- Sales
  9. 9. Lead Generation Recommended Activities for Product Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Marketing CampaignPre-sales Pre-sales Viral Activities Generation of Leads Sales Viral Activities Sales Viral Activities Sales CRM
  10. 10. Lead Generation Tools• E-newsletter • Social Media: Fan Pages, twitter• Your company experience Events • Call Center• Your company product Experience • Mobile App• your company media • Microsite• Special events • Demos• Mother/Father/Valentines day • Webinar & other virtual events• Email
  11. 11. Segmentation & Target DefinitionNettingsolutions identifies 2 different stages where your company needs to contact the prospect/client. 1. PDP Pre-sales stage: Prospect thinking about your company 2. CDP: Post Sales Stage: We have two different clients a) Segment I: New and current owner that needs to be nourished b)Segment II: Current owner that can repurchase or upgrade
  12. 12. Segmentation & Target Definition Cont. Process & systems Acquisition / Loyalty Prospect Management Management Process & systems Repurchase Ownership Information Decision Purchase Defection Customer Life Cycle Loyalty program: •Welcome packageAcquisition / Prospect management: •experience, Loyalty card,…) • Continue ongoing premium communication •Continue ongoing premium communication • Central data capturing, updating, data cleansing •DB cleansing (email & phone) (regionally handle hard bounces, for ex.) •After sales campaigns/Premium service • Lead management process •Special events / benefits or ‘perks’ for customers (your • Ask new clients about purchase process (measure company Club, Loyalty card,…) PDP campaigns effort) •My your company
  13. 13. Prospect Dialogue Program Demand Prospect Generation: Generation: Web Prospect CRM Update Report/Metrics Website, Social or Mobile form QualificationNetworks, Events to capture data
  14. 14. Loyalty Actions for ProductJan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Your Company Brand Experience Social Education Pre-sales activities with loyal fans & prospects Product Launch! Post- Sales Rewards E-mails: newsletter/b-day/holidays
  15. 15. Customer Dialogue ProgramNettingsolutions understands that your company market’s current clients have acertain limited cycle with your product Over this period, Nettingsolutions willcreate a sense of loyalty between the client and your company. 12 months: Within 6 months: 2 years: Purchase: Birthdays, holidays e- 1.5 years: survey, Web or Mobile form social education Engagement with new Welcome campaign mails and social to capture data products networks
  16. 16. Example of Reports
  17. 17. Process Optimization• A flow chart is created for each campaign task.• Key performance indicators are set for each process to measure, control and improve internal tasks to achieve optimization.• Standardization and optimization of processes allow lower costs.• NS developed and currently uses processes: - Data management - Reporting - Telemarketing, inbound/outbound - E-mail marketing – awareness, event invitation, promotions, newsletters - Print advertising- awareness, event invitation, promotions
  18. 18. Campaign Planning & Coordination Your Planning &company Coordination Execution Measurement • Objectives • Creation of Marketing Resource Client concepts • Campaign Planning Timing Review & Campaign A Doc Costs ApprovalYearly Campaign Planning Campaign B • Objectives • Creation of Marketing concepts Resource Client • Campaign Planning Timing Review & Doc Costs Approval
  19. 19. Campaign Execution Your Planning & company Coordination ExecutionDesign/Localization Review & Approval Quality assurance Execute
  20. 20. Campaign Reporting Your Planning &company Coordination Execution MeasurementData analysis and reporting Key performance indicatorsCRM system reporting tools: produce and analyzestandard and ad-hoc reports using tools from CRM Campaign Postsuch as Oracle/Siebel, Aprimo and my SAP. MortemRaw databases: online visualization tools to transformraw data into easy to understand dashboards. Executive Reporting