Integrated digital marketing strategies


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Know digital is important but don't know where to start or what tools to use? This presentation gives you a rundown of the top tools, how to use them most effectively and how to combine them in an effective campaign. You'll also get a peak at what's next with mobile, location-based marketing and social bridging.

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  • Give clarity on “mobile” and its associated platforms. This will clear up the language that they are seeing everywhere.The tier helps users understand the level of engagement with users.
  • 1st step in Mobile Landscape:Works on MAC/PCS/Tablets/SmartphonesTechnology: HTML/CSSDesign:I/A and UX are the same on all the devicesDesktop experience for mobile usersContent: Renders “As Is” for most web and mobile browsersWeb AnalyticsExample: StuyTown, AFBAComments: Reducing desktop experience may require pinch & zoom, and horizontal scrolling Loading speed can affect UXCertain media players, programs, and plug-ins such as Flash/Silverlight and embedded JavaScript may not function due to lack of platform supportIncluded in All R2i CMS Projects
  • The second step to mobilizing the brand. Cross platform. Most cost-effective but may sacrifice immediate brand association (having the app on the phone and having it notify you on trends, reports and etc).Platforms: Tablets ( iPad, Playbook, XOOM, Galaxy, and etc)Smart Phones (iPhone, HTC, WP7, and etcTechnology: HTML/CSSDesign:New I/A Mobile UX, Portrait & Landscape Content:“Quick, Easy, & Relevant”. Optimized for simple but functional content. Fast load time. Consistent with desktop UI design.Provide access to full-site (mobile friendly) as best practice)Mimic native mobile app without using development platformWeb AnalyticsExample: RoseNYC, RechargeYourYardComments: “”Content is reducedMay not look & function the same on all mobile browsersRedirecting is required
  • Give clarity on “mobile” and its associated platforms. This will clear up the language that they are seeing everywhere.The tier helps users understand the level of engagement with users.
  • Discuss the differences. This is the highest level of application development. Custom Mobile App is what every thinks about when it comes to an app. Designed for Consumers and Enterprise functions (i.e. operational usage).Platforms:Tablets (iPad, Playbook, XOOM, Galaxy, and etcSmart Phones (iPhone, HTC, WP7, and etc)Technology: Native API, HTML, CSS and CMSDesign: Mobile I/A , Mobile UX, Portrait & LandscapeUnique Mobile App (Consumer/Enterprise)Content:Unique BrandingCustom Native DevelopmentUser Engagement, Geo-Location, Interactive Content and GamesSocial & Media Integration, Utility/Daily Life UseMobile AnalyticsExample: Forbes, Meguiars, InTouch Ministries, AppTioComments:Recommended marketing/promotion strategyDeploymentOnline/Offline Mobility AccessConsumer or Enterprise AppSupport and Upgrade
  • Working with a lot of large clientsCan you manage this conv in a scalable way. How would you do itIntrod to newer methodol by bigger companies How to score the social web so only looking at things that matter and can scaleDecision making ecosystem: advice giving and advice seeking networksNeed to get control How new scoring methodologies coming up will be about optimization because you can’t be everywhereSneak peek of things coming down the pikeIntro new concept
  • Integrated digital marketing strategies

    1. 1. Digital MarketingEffective Techniques for CPAs
    2. 2. What do you want to get out of this session?Accounting marketer?CPA?What’s your experience been?What would you like to come away from the session with? ©R2integrated 2011
    3. 3. Today you’ll learn:Why digital marketing is crucial for business developmentThe key tactics every marketing plan for accountants should includeWhat’s next for accounting marketing Mobile LBM Social BridgingAll infused with case studies ©R2integrated 2011
    5. 5. DIGITAL MARKETING AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Web is a crucial part of the buying process for a new generation of B to B buyer • Seeks out trusted peer recommendations offline and online to learn how other companies have handled similar business challenges. • Researches recommended companies online • Controls the conversation by arranging to be contacted at their preferred time and format.B to B Buyer Transformation Survey conducted by DemandGen Report among 100 B to B buyersspread across a number of vertical industries including: businessservices, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, software/tech and media/internet. ©R2integrated 2011
    6. 6. DIGITAL MARKETING AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENTThe internet is a decisionengine for buyers ofprofessional services ©R2integrated 2011
    7. 7. DIGITAL MARKETING AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENTHow do you stand out in this process?• Get found in long tail and geographically-specific searches• Use a variety of platforms to demonstrate your expertise and subject matter authority and engage with prospects and clients ©R2integrated 2011
    8. 8. KEY TACTICS ©R2integrated 2011
    9. 9. KEY TACTICSModel for an integrated digital marketing strategy foraccounting firms ©R2integrated 2011
    10. 10. Online marketing helps firms grow faster• Firms generating 40% or more of their leads online grow 4X faster than those with no online leads• High growth firms obtain 63% of leads online while average firms obtain 12%• Greater engagement with online tools is associated with faster growth“Online Marketing for Professional Services Firms,” Hinge Research Institute, 2011
    11. 11. Online marketing increases firms’ profitability• The greater a firm’s online lead generation, the greater its total profitability• Firms generating 60% or more of their leads online are 2X more profitable than those generating less than 20% of their leads onlineBUTAccounting was among the least likely to adopt online marketing and grewrelatively slowly“Online Marketing for Professional Services Firms,” Hinge Research Institute, 2011
    12. 12. Most effective tools• Blogging• White papers, ebooks and articles• SEO• Company newsletters• LinkedIn• Twitter• PPC• Online video“Online Marketing for Professional Services Firms,” Hinge Research Institute, 2011
    13. 13. KEY TACTICSSEO: Optimize for the long tail • Make sure your CMS is optimized correctly • Conduct keyword research to identify the terms you can own • Optimize across all properties • Look for inlink opportunities • Maintain ©R2integrated 2011
    14. 14. KEY TACTICSTake advantage of owned publishing platforms• Website, blogs, social networks, etc.• Use an editorial calendar to keep you organized• Leverage content across platforms ©R2integrated 2011
    15. 15. KEY TACTICSWebsitePosition your accountants as thought leaders in their area of expertiseBecome a resource and build trust byproviding valuable contentOriginal content• Speaking engagements: PPT or video• Blogs• Time-sensitive content: alerts• Tools: tax planning guides, etc.• Articles• White papersYour analysis of important syndicatedcontent• News items• Articles ©R2integrated 2011
    16. 16. KEY TACTICSAllow people to connect with youGive people a sense of the personalities they’ll be working with • Make the bio an aggregation of all the relevant content about that person • Show the range of an accountant‟s expertise: case studies, related services, blog, video, etc. • Provide a sense of personality so it‟s easier to connect • Use an engaging office shots for bio photo ©R2integrated 2011
    17. 17. KEY TACTICS Email Build a relationship through regular content • Provide value • Engaging subject line but keep it to 30 characters • Design for the scanning reader but plan for image blocking • Have a clear focus and theme for each email • Clear calls to action • Incorporate video • Include social sharing links but make the content share-worthy • Test for best send times, design, CTA, etc. and measure effectivenessMarketingSerpa 2010 Email Marketing Benchmark Report ©R2integrated 2011
    18. 18. KEY TACTICSBlogBe the resource for your specialty • Could be general, industry or service-focused • Be concise and insightful—don‟t write a dissertation • Write for the scanning reader— bulleted lists, videos, charts, graphs, photos • Think of content in multiple ways: text, video, PPT, interview • Post regularly • Use API feeds to deliver this content to your website • Use an editorial calendar to keep you organized ©R2integrated 2011
    19. 19. KEY TACTICSTwitterExpand your reach and raise awareness • Make it personal not anonymous • Promote your content • Share others‟ content • Connect with journalists, clients, prospects, referral sources • Engage leads • Can also use API feeds to deliver this content to your website—but not if it‟s already promoting content currently on the site ©R2integrated 2011
    20. 20. KEY TACTICSTwitterWhat NOT to do • Anonymous corporate logo • Haven‟t posted since February 1 • All about them • Haven‟t updated since their merger ©R2integrated 2011
    21. 21. KEY TACTICSSlideshareCreate a library of your presentations • Helps you expand your online footprint and support SEO efforts • Make sure you tag your PPTs • Reinforces your credibility • Use API feeds to deliver this content to your website ©R2integrated 2011
    22. 22. KEY TACTICSYouTubeGive people of sense of the experience of working with you  Don‟t need to be expensive or professionally produced—short, rough and ready style using a flip cam gives a sense of immediacy  Keep them short—under 2 minutes  Talk about issues you‟re passionate about  Tag your videos  Use API feeds to deliver this content to your website ©R2integrated 2011
    23. 23. KEY TACTICSLinkedInThe hub of your professional activity OPTIMIZE YOUR PROFILE • Use keywords for SEO in the title and overview • Make sure it‟s complete—include a photo • Regularly update your profile • Add any apps or features that allow you to show off your thought leadership and link to your properties • Give recommendations to get them ©R2integrated 2011
    24. 24. KEY TACTICSLinkedInThe hub of your professional activity SHARE YOUR VALUE • Post an update • Participate in groups • Answer questions • Personalize invites to connect • Follow companies • Congratulate connections ©R2integrated 2011
    25. 25. KEY TACTICSFacebookPromote your value and recruit• Share info about your community involvement• Share thought leadership• Share valuable info from 3rd party sources• Use for recruiting ©R2integrated 2011
    26. 26. KEY TACTICSUse events to bridge offline and online effortsBuild relationships in person • Maintain existing relationships with clients and referral sources • An opportunity to engage with prospects • Use QR codes to easily drive the audience to online content • Use hastags to share the event with an online audience • Leverage the content in blog posts, social posts, etc. ©R2integrated 2011
    27. 27. CASE STUDYCreate campaigns around specific business issuesFreed Maxick’s Tax Credit Locator—a mix of traditional and new media • Print: direct mail, ads, including QR codes • Radio • SEO • Blog comments • Promote on social networks: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, including ads • All drove people to the website ©R2integrated 2011
    28. 28. CASE STUDYCreate campaigns around specific business issuesFreed Maxick’s Tax Credit Locator—a mix of traditional and new media Results for 10 week campaign • Average 5- 8 new prospects per day using th e tool and 490 new prospects • 35% (or 171) of prospects eligible for tax credits • $75k worth of engagements to dat e • Website traffic spiked 20% • We have answered over 500 ques tions relating to tax credits via all channels ©R2integrated 2011
    29. 29. WHAT‟S NEXT ©R2integrated 2011
    30. 30. WHAT’S NEXTMobileWho checks how many web visitors come from mobile devices?Who has a mobile version of their website?Who has a mobile app? ©R2integrated 2011
    31. 31. WHAT’S NEXTTypes of Mobile Optimized Websites Subdirectory vs Subdomain Subdirectory: Subdomain: Use a subdirectory to maintain SEO . ©R2integrated 2011
    32. 32. WHAT’S NEXTMobile Friendly WebsiteSite renders „as is‟ Stuytown ©R2integrated 2011
    33. 33. WHAT’S NEXTMobile Optimized Website(Optional $): I/A and Mobile Content RoseNYC ©R2integrated 2011
    34. 34. WHAT’S NEXTPredicting App Success ©R2integrated 2011
    35. 35. WHAT’S NEXTPredicting App Success ©R2integrated 2011
    36. 36. WHAT’S NEXTCost considerationsAnd this does not even include marketing the app! Mashable, February 2011 ©R2integrated 2011
    37. 37. CASE STUDYCustom Mobile App MyLawyer Accident App Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen, Richmond, VA ©R2integrated 2011
    38. 38. WHAT’S NEXTLocation-based Marketing• SEO: claim online properties• Gamification• Targeted marketing by location ©R2integrated 2011
    39. 39. CASE STUDYLevelUp Your StartupGoal: To support the local community of entrepreneursLevel 1: Startup legal package SCVNGR is a clientLevel 2: A startup accounting packageLevel 3: Opportunity to pitch their company to top-notch VCsOnly 10 deals available—sold out within an hour ©R2integrated 2011
    40. 40. CASE STUDYDelivering ads to mobile audiencesGoal: To grow its customer portfolio for small businessinsurance programs British specialist insurerAudience: Mobile small business ownersSolution: Location-based ads that Integrated with existingoutdoor advertising—Ads served up before and after loggedon to public wi-fiResults: Click-through rates five times higher than thecompany‟s average rate for traditional online display ads. ©R2integrated 2011
    41. 41. CASE STUDYLBM TakeawaysThink creatively about:• Your goals: awareness and community service vs business development• Who you are trying to reach• Their online behavior• Where and how you could connect with them• Potential partners ©R2integrated 2011
    42. 42. WHAT’S NEXTOwned properties are on the periphery of decision making ©R2integrated 2011
    43. 43. WHAT’S NEXTSocial bridging is the key to success Integrate ©R2integrated 2011
    44. 44. To sum up• The new B2B buyer is starting their buying process online and turning to social networks and industry blogs to help them make an informed decision• Build your publishing platforms first and then develop integrated campaigns to to drive qualified traffic and encourage conversions on your properties• Plan for mobile• How could you take advantage of LBM?• Expand your horizons beyond your properties to engage prospects and influencers where the conversations are happening ©R2integrated 2011
    45. 45. Questions? Contact Me: Leigh George, PhD, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist 410.327.0007 x 1211 Credits:Businessman at computer: @leighgeorgeConference: ©R2integrated 2011