10 Team Motivation Killers and How to Fix Them


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A happy team is also a productive team and Weekdone (https://weekdone.com) always gives its best to help leaders build better, more engaged and efficiently collaborating teams.

That is why, this time, we took a closer look into team leaders' behaviors and discovered some surprising mistakes that drive away top talent. (Read more https://blog.weekdone.com/how-to-boost-team-performance-10-steps/).

In order to boost team performance and motivation, we hope you can avoid these team motivation killers. Summing up the infographic, the 10 mistakes that can kill team performance and motivation are:

1. Not paying your team-members what they're worth
2. Not providing an environment that nurtures productivity
3. Not providing the chance to learn
4. Not letting team-members have a say in anything
5. Not paying attention on your teams happiness
6. Not cultivating an open culture
7. Not setting clearly defined objectives
8. Not providing enough freedom
9. Not preparing properly for team meetings
10. Not appreciating teams time

Reflect on your behavior, fix these mistakes and get ready to boost your team performance and motivation.

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  • Hey Ruud,

    Thank you for such a long and in-depth comment. You can find the resources on the last slide. Among others, we used the Gallup survey, Dale Carnegie study and Microsoft Office Survey.

    But overall:
    1.) what we meant by this point is that employees should feel that their contribution is valued. That means that you should pay what they are worth or otherwise even the top-achievers can go to the competitor where their expertise is valued higher. This also includes giving enough praise, recognition and feedback.

    2.) Agree with the second point, that's why we challenge to re-think the open office space. There are great tools and methods for team collaboration.

    3.) Here's a great video by Shannon Deegan from Google explaining the 20% off rule: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwwdtQHqd9g.

    4.) So-so. The perception is a tricky field, but the leader should do his best to provide enough feedback and appreciation, to show their input is valued.

    5.) There are numerous tools, methods, techniques and no one solution fits all. But for example Weekdone has integrated happiness measures inside its team management software.

    6.) Again, leading by example and recognizing the type of behaviors you wish to foster. It doesn't have to be a monetary reward, sometimes just a public or private positive feedback will do.

    10.) Proper tools and methods are part of the answer. You can eliminate time wasting with your own efforts, but that would consume a lot of time, which in turn will waste your time, since there are tools that can automate some of the things you otherwise would do manually.

    Hope I got everything. Thanks again for such a great comprehensive feedback.
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  • 1) Research shows that higher pay does not lead to higher engagement. Getting less however does have an averse affect.

    2) Open office spaces can help to increase communication and collaboration, but seem to reduce productivity because of disturbances and interruptions.

    3) This Google thing seems a myth. Maybe Google used to do this, but the last time (last year) I spoke to someone from Google this was not the case.

    4) This is actually a diagnoses. When people have a need to be heard and do not get listened to in their perception, it does not necessarily mean their input is not appreciated. Appreciation is a need not a feeling. Frustrated, angry, tense, distressed are feelings.

    5) Make sense. How do you measure it?
    6) Agree. People need to feel safe to make mistakes. It is a precondition to an open culture. What are your thoughts about reward?
    7) Yep! Strongly agree.
    8) ok
    9) ok
    10) Tools can help, but are hardly ever the answer. Seeing and eliminating waste is very powerful and does not require tools. (lean)

    May I ask where you got the percentages used in these slides? What research supports these percentages?
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10 Team Motivation Killers and How to Fix Them

  1. Happy team is a productive team. Avoid motivation killers and implement fixes to amend the situations. 10 TEAM MOTIVATION KILLERS HOW TO FIX THEM
  2. Not paying your team-members what they’re worth. 26% of Engaged Employees would leave their current job for just a 5% pay increase 1. INADEQUATE REWARDS Fix: Clearly define an open rewards system x% x+5%
  3. Not providing an environment that nurtures productivity Open office setups report 62% more sick days 2. AWFUL OFFICE SPACE Fix: Re-think the open office layout
  4. Not providing the chance to learn Did you know? Google allows employees spend 20% of time on their own personal projects 3. NO SELF-DEVELOPMENT Fix: Send your team to a fun training M T W T F S S PERSONAL TIME
  5. Not letting team-members have a say in anything On average, 39% of workers don’t feel their input is appreciated 4. INEFFICIENT COLLABORATION Fix: Ask a question every now and then.
  6. Not paying attention on your teams happiness 24% of actively disengaged employees spread negativity to coworkers. 5. NEGATIVE PEOPLE Fix: Measure employee happiness
  7. INCREASE YOUR TEAM'S PRODUCTIVITY WITH WEEKDONE Get real-time status updates Set and monitor goals Give feedback and more weekdone.com
  8. Not cultivating an open culture Did you know? Warren Buffett was rejected by Harvard University. 6. FEAR OF FAILURE Fix: Don’t punish people for their honest mistakes FAILURE
  9. Not setting clearly defined objectives and a focus. 63% of study respondents said that not knowing which work was the priority wasted their time 7. LACK OF CLEAR GOALS Fix: Implement OKR’s (Objectives and Key Results). Learn more: https://weekdone.com/resources/objectives-key-results Ʊ
  10. Fix: Use the PPP (progress, plans, problems) process to get insights Learn more: https://weekdone.com/resources/plans-progress-problems 38% would rather do unpleasant activities than sit next to their micromanaging boss. Not giving enough freedom to the team 8. MICROMANAGING BOSSES
  11. Fix: Use http://teammeetingchecklist.com to properly prepare 9. USELESS MEETINGS Not providing an agenda and not sticking the time-schedule Average professional wastes 3,8 hours per week on unproductive meetings
  12. Fix: Use smart tools like Weekdone to collaborate with the team Learn more: https://weekdone.com 12 39 Team is willing to work long hours, if they feel their time is not wasted. 96% of respondents felt they receive unnecessary e-mails that waste their time 10. WASTING YOUR TEAM’S TIME
  13. INCREASE YOUR TEAM'S PRODUCTIVITY WITH WEEKDONE Get real-time status updates Set and monitor goals Give feedback and more weekdone.com
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