How to motivation for your team


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How to motivation for your team

  2. 2. Stressed, tired, full of work, deadlines, lots of project to do, this are just few things that are experienced each and every employee’s everyday from their work. In the age of working, people are changing also little by little, some of them are being affected from these problems every day. As a team leader there are lots of things to motivate your team and give them personal development. How can I motivate my team mates? How can I enter in their stressful life and develop them? These are just few question from team leaders, basically most of the team leaders wants their team to be motivate and let them learn every day. The benefits of a motivated team are a good factor for your work as well as to them also. A motivated can stand and they are not easy to demolish. A motivated team can manage deadlines and can overcome their stressful situation no matter what. There are lots of team leaders who wanted to mold their team to become a great pack of warriors that can surpass each and every challenge that blocking their way up. The reason why they are doing this is just common success is their goal every time, but before you can reach that state; you can bring a little effort to motivate your team. Career Development 2
  3. 3. There are two kinds of motivation, negative and positive motivation. The negative motivation is that your employees have their fear from you just because they don’t want to be embarrassed when the leader blames them from failing. The positive motivation is far different from negative, at this state your team is motivated by inspiration and encouragement not by fear. If you want to have a motivated team you must start now. Do you want to mold your team no matter what definition you want? 3 Career Development
  4. 4. Here are the guides on how you will motivate your team BE FLEXIBLE We all know that we have our different individual personality, same with your team, your team compose of different personalities and attitude that is why you need to deal with them. Understanding them and what they do means you are communicating with them and you are also concern with them. The flexible from what they are and what they do. You must have the same approach from all of them and treat them equally. You must balance each and every situation with them you must know how to deal from each and every circumstance that is happening to them. Make sure you talk to them always talk to each and every one of them, talk with their individual problems from their work and give them individual solutions. 4 Career Development
  5. 5. DON’T GET THEM WRONG TO MUCH This is a common problem from most of the team leaders; they blame the employee too much to the deep. We all know that problems and failure in work is just a other twin of working days this doesn’t mean that if one of the employee failed to meet deadlines or failed to do the work a leader must blame them too much, you must avoid this situation and there are lots of things to deal with problems just be calm and talk to your employee let him feel that even though he fails you are still calm and it is just ok. If you want to build relationship with your team start with this help them to avoid failing and inspire them always and all the time. You must know how to deal also with these problems if someone fail you are there to help them and encourage them to do better next time. 5 Career Development
  6. 6. HAVE CLEAR GOALS In leading a team you must have different goals not just for your but also for your team mates, one of the effective way to make them encourage is to let them know what are your goals to yourself, to your work, and to your team, have a little discussion about the goals, let them know each and every detail of the goals you wanted them to have. When they know that the goal for them is good, they will be encourage to do more and work smart. 6 Career Development
  7. 7. BONDING WITH BEERS It is important that sometimes you have bonding times with them, this socialization makes them feel that you are an amazing leader and they are comfortable working with you. Bonding with them is the best way to make a good relationship among them. If you are planning to have a time with them, make sure that all is settled and they will enjoy this moment once in their life. Bonding with your team mates makes them more encourage to deal with you and to work with you as their leader. Going out in a night life with beers and stuffs makes them the work more fruitful; in a stressful day at the office bonding time like this is just a good way to be with them within a single night. You can also few things about the work to them and your objectives as a team. Your team will be more encourage if you hangout with them. 7 Career Development
  8. 8. PUBLIC PRAISE In office a team leader is always saying the word “job well done!” this is just a simple words yet a powerful method to encourage and motivated them from their hard work. It is also develop the self-esteem of an employee if you appreciate his hard work. TRAIN THEM ALL THE TIME Train them all the time doesn’t mean that you give them seminars and trainings every day, what this method mean is you must guide your employee from what they are doing right know share ideas and give him tips and encourage them, you will be the most happiest person when once you train an employee and then this person excels from his work because of what you told him before. As a team leader you must guide each and every one of them what you know about the work must be shared from all of them. Career Development 8
  9. 9. BE WITH THEM AT FRIDAYS Friday night is the best way to have fun and enjoyment to leave stress and change it from happiness. Friday night is the best day to be with them and have fun with them there are lots of things to do in this single day, drinking, eating and other cool stuff will do just make sure that you will have an enjoyment to be with them and show your personality with them. If you are a jolly and funny person you can show them just be with yourself when you go hangout with them so that they will know you more and all of you will enjoy. 9 Career Development
  10. 10. Motivation is a powerful tool you can use to your team for achieving success, you must know how to build and mold them to be tough fighters who will never give up and develop their personal development motivating your teams will require an effort and patience remember “Patience is a Virtue” if you choose to mold and build them you must deal with this. As a leader, you are the one who will bring them by motivating them in the work, their Career Development and how to deal with a certain problems with lots of ways from it you must be able to know and understand them so that at the end of the day you are all comfortable from each other. 10 Career Development