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Social & Professional Networking
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Social & Professional Networking


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Published in: Career

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  • 1. Social & Professional Networking
    Fridays with BCS | April 16, 2010
    Todd Sweet
    Asst. Dir. Of Advanced Media
    Communications Office
  • 2. Overview
    Defense – Protecting your online reputation
    Offense – Building & leveraging your network
    Success Stories
  • 3. Part I: Protecting Your Blind Side
  • 4. Q: Why Bother?
    A: Your Reputation Now Precedes You
    “Your online presence…is slowly becoming part of the formal recruitment process. It’s also where first impressions occur before in-person handshakes are made, so you have to make sure you are managing your brand online, before someone else does it for you.” - Dan Schawbel[1]
  • 5. Privacy Concerns
    “Now, recruiters can easily and anonymously collect information that they would not be permitted to ask in an interview, and the survey found that recruiters are doing just that.” [2]
  • 6. Perception
    7% believe information about them online affected their job search [2]
    70%of recruiters have rejected candidates based on information they found online [2]
  • 7. 75%companies have formal policies in place that require hiring personnel to research applicants online [2]
    89%of recruiters and HR professionals surveyed find it appropriate to consider professional online data [2]
    84%of them think it is proper to consider personal data posted online [2]
  • 8. Where Recruiters Look[2]
  • 9. Google Search
    “todd sweet”
    todd sweet
  • 10. Monitor Reputation With Google Alerts
    Google Alerts:
  • 11. Facebook Privacy Settings
    Related: 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know, All Facebook
  • 12. Twitter Privacy Settings
  • 13.
  • 14.
  • 15. OMG! I need help!
    Brand-Yourself (
  • 16. 85% say that positive online reputation influences their hiring [2]
  • 17. Part II: Offensive Strategies
  • 18. Pick Your Networks
    Other Industry Groups?
  • 19. Facebook: Pick a Persona
  • 20. Twitter: Best Practices
    Add professional profile picture
    Use your full name
    Use bio section to make professional pitch
    Link to online resume, like LinkedIn profile
    Post about your areas of interest to demonstrate knowledge
    Find and follow influential people & organizations in your industry
    Follow job search accounts
  • 21. Twitter – Professional Profile
    Example: Robert W. Zeman (@robertwzeman)
  • 22. Twitter – Personal Persona
    Example: RobZ (@RobZ)
  • 23. LinkedIn: Best Practices [3]
    Add professional profile picture
    Complete your profile
    Solicit recommendations
    Provide recommendations to others
    Customize your profile URL using full name
    Connect to Twitter account, if appropriate
    Answer questions
    Join niche groups
    Post comments w/in groups
    Link to professional websites using custom descriptions
  • 24. LinkedIn
    Example: Robert Zeman ( )
  • 25. LinkedIn
    Example: Robert Zeman ( )
  • 26. Part III: Success Stories
    Ernest Baker – Internship at Complex Medium
    RajkumarSithavan – F/T Position as Business Analyst
    Other stories – How Job Seekers Are Using Social Media for Real Results[4]
  • 27. Notes:
    [1] Schwabel, Dan. 5 Ways to Avoid Sabotaging Your Personal Brand Online. Mashable. Web. 11 Feb. 2010.
    [2] Cross-Tab. Online Reputation in a Connected World. PDF. Jan. 2010.
    [3] Howes, Lewis. Top 10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using LinkedIn. ProBlogger. Web. 18 Feb. 2010.
    [4] Van Grove, Jennifer. How Job Seekers Are Using Social Media for Real Results. Mashable. Web. 8 Mar. 2010.
    Online Presentation & Related Articles: