How Lawyers Can Harness the Power of Social Media


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Based on the book, Social Media for Lawyers: the Next Frontier, this presentation shares some practical, goal-centric ways that lawyers can use social media to find jobs, network and seek out new opportunities.

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How Lawyers Can Harness the Power of Social Media

  1. 1. How Lawyers Can Harness the Power of Social Media Carolyn Elefant, Cornell Law 1988 Cornell Law School Webinar October 5, 2010
  2. 2. WHAT IS Social Media?
  3. 3. Social media encompasses those technologies that facilitate interactive information sharing, user generated content and collaboration and are frequently hosted on third party platforms.
  4. 4. Or, it’s a fancy word for the conversations taking place 24/7 online
  5. 5. WHY Social Media?
  6. 6. Because your clients are using it. 35 million update Facebook profiles once a day As of Aug 2010, time on Facebook exceeded Google YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google 13% of lawyers found clients directly through social media
  7. 7. Because in-house counsel & CEOs are using it Factors considered by in-house counsel in hiring lawyers: Blogs published by lawyers: 27 percent Rankings and directories: 25 percent Twitter feeds from lawyers: 22 percent Endorsements and connections on LinkedIn: 18 percent Source: Green marketing net
  8. 8. Because your competitors are using it 63% of large firm lawyers personally maintain a presence in an online community/social network. [ABA Tech Report 2010] 12% of lawyers using social media for professional reasons 48% of AmLaw 200 firms blog [Lexblog State of Blogging 2010]
  9. 9. Because it is fundamentally changing the way the world communicates “ I simply cannot see how major changes in the way we communicate, collaborate, network and trade are somehow irrelevant for lawyers and their clients.  Nor, given the sheer scale of [social networking] systems and the levels of their usage can I conceive that this is a passing fad.” --Richard Susskind, The End of Lawyers? 
  10. 10. How to use Social Media?
  11. 12. Communication: Blogs, Twitter CV: Avvo, Justia, LinkedIn Community: Facebook, MHConnect Content: JDSupra, YouTube Crossovers: MeetUp, FacebookFanPage Step 1: Understand C ategories of Platforms
  12. 13. Communication Join the conversation!
  13. 14. CV profile sites + testimonials + client feedback
  14. 15. Community Sites open v. closed All lawyer v. everyone
  15. 16. Content Sharing Sites User generated
  16. 17. Step 2: What are your goals?  Examples: -Finding a job -Finding clients -Establishing reputation -Competitive intelligence
  17. 18. Less Time More Time Profess-ional Mixed Use Water Cooler Guides, Q & A STEP 3: Select Tools - Professional v. Personal
  18. 19. Less Time More Time Business Mixed Use Consumer Guides, Q & A STEP 3: Select Tools -Target Clients
  19. 20. Engage: Sample Strategy 1 Finding a Job
  20. 21. Create a profile (and make it captivating!)
  21. 22. Characteristics of a Captivating Profile Powerful active verbs Paint a full picture with words MUST include a photo! Link to papers, articles, blog posts Feed content from other sources with syndication and convergence tools
  22. 23. Start with a LinkedIn Search
  23. 27. Join LinkedIn Groups or create one!
  24. 29. Check out the blogs on your area of interest
  25. 31. Do some real time search to find up to the minute trends & stay informed
  26. 32. Which contact is more persuasive?  The scattershot approach?
  27. 33. Or this? Dear Ms. Jones, I am a Cornell Law School graduate, class of 2002 . I've been tracking issues in fashion law for several years and hope to find a legal position in this area. I'm interested in learning from Cornell alumni such as yourself about how you started and came to prominence in this industry.  I recently wrote an article on fashion and copyright issues which you can link to at JD Supra.   I'm sure that you are familiar with these issues but my article includes links to recent caselaw and articles , so I am hopeful that it may serve as a useful resource. Please let me know if I may I contact you with a few questions via email, or set up a meeting to chat about this further at your convenience.
  28. 34. Sample Strategy 2: Becoming a recognized authority in your field in 60 Days*  <ul><li>* Caveat: This slide assumes you already have expertise in this area, but haven't yet exploited it. If no expertise, go out and establish it and return later. </li></ul>
  29. 35. Step 1: Create content (a blog or an ebook Step 2: Upload content docstoc + JD Supra Step 3: Announce blog or ebook to other bloggers Step 4: Set up RSS reader to follow field Step 5: Follow trends & converse on Twitter Step 6: identify relevant reporters via Twitter & send ebook Step 7: Conduct webinar on issues, record and upload to Slideshare or YouTube Step 8: Repeat, repeat, repeat and create, create content!
  30. 36. Case Study: How Social Media For Lawyers Came Into Being Through Social Media
  31. 37. Nicole Black Carolyn Elefant
  32. 40. Final Step:   Measure Success What’s your metric? Found leads or job? More clients? More website traffic? More media interviews? More speaking invitations? Feeling less isolated?
  33. 41. Where to find me on social media: [email_address]