Impact of Social Media (BDPA Dallas)


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How are you defined in the social media? How are you defining yourself in the social media? What’s your Google Quotient?’ These are the questions asked and answered by BlueCross BlueShield talent acquistion managerTynagia Polk at the Sep 2012 program meeting hosted by BDPA Dallas chapter. This is the PowerPoint presentation that Ms. Polk used for her presentation.

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  • ‘… Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, LinkedIn, etc… How are you defined in the social media? How are you defining yourself in the social media? What’s your Google Quotient?’
  • From these facts we can confidently state that first impressions are often defined or later enhanced by our online identities.
  • From these facts we can confidently state that first impressions are often defined or later enhanced by our online identities.
  • Intro to the slide……….Who are we defining ourselves for during the first impressions? Closing for the slide…..Is this fair? Maybe, maybe not, but you have no way of knowing or presenting them from casually performing an Internet search on you! So as a professional and an individual it is your responsibility to keep one step ahead of them and control how you are perceived online.
  • Intro to the slide……….One of the latest on-line tools that Recruiters are utilizing to source what we call a “passive candidate” is LinkedIn. So let’s see how much you know about LinkedIn. True or false? -Launched in 2003 -Available in 18 different languages Closing for the slide…..
  • Intro to the slide…What are some things that the internet audience can find out about you online? Slide close….the day is fast approaching when the choice between two candidates will come down to how easily their reputation can be evaluated, the losing party being the harder person to evaluate
  • Slide intro….define and control the definition of these things….. Slide close…YES you can control your Google Quotient! You can actively and strategically place information on the internet that molds your professional profile into an image that works for you and not against you.
  • Slide close….It is important that you control each segment of the profile data by creating the profile that you want represented on the internet. If you don’t take an active role in doing this, you are making the decision to passively allow it to be created for you!
  • Impact of Social Media (BDPA Dallas)

    2. 2. AgendaInternet ImpressionInternet AudienceInternet DataControl Your DataProfile DefinitionsSteps To Take Action
    3. 3. Internet ImpressionTraditional times -First impressions are lasting impressionsCurrent world view -This remains true, but first impressions are often first made in a non, in-person setting, i.e. via computer -If the first impression is made “in person”, then it is highly possible that after you meet someone, they “extend the first impression” beyond the actual in-person meeting by looking you up on the internet afterwards
    4. 4. Internet Audience 1) Recruiters -In today’s market, Recruiters want the best possible candidate for a position because there is no shortage in applicants 2) Potential Employers -It is not unusual to think that a potential, new employer will look you up online to see what they will find 3) Current Managers & Future Managers -In your present company, or a hiring manager for position you have applied for may perform an Internet search on you
    5. 5. -Launched 4 years ago-The world’s largest professional network-Includes worldwide membership-Available in 15 different languages-Publicly held company
    6. 6. Internet DataTells a story….-Your capacity and willingness to take risks-Your personal initiative-Your ability to share information, to put forthideas, or use the information technology toolsavailable in the marketPromotes your online professional reputation…-Assists with career searches, making a name foryourself-Serves as free advertisement for offering services-Highlights your expertise & boosts your careeropportunities-Builds and promotes your image
    7. 7. Control Your DataUtilize technology -Who you are online -How you are perceived online -What is your Google Quotient YOU = [Personal + Professional] **Online Identity**Google Quotient -Search results returned by Google that include the total number of hits on the first three pages that are about you , rather than someone else, and the number of hits related to the “brand identity” that you want to create for yourself.
    8. 8. Profile DefinitionsWhat is a profile? -It is a summation of information, personal and/or professional, related to an individual -An explicit digital representation of a personWhat makes up a personal profile? -Name, Address, Date of Birth, Phone Number -Email Address, SS #, Gender, Race, Maiden Name -Hobbies, Friends, Significant Other, EducationWhat makes up a professional profile? -Work History, Skills, Community Involvement, -Education, Professional Organizations, Professional Endorsements, Email Address Format, Professional and Personal Accomplishments
    9. 9. Take ActionSteps to start 1) Place information about you professionally and personally on the web 2) Visit message boards 3) Visit blog sites 4) Create your own blogs 5) Develop a personal web site 6) Use Facebook and other social sites
    10. 10. Additional StepsJoin Professional Sites • LinkeIn • Ecademy • YorZ • Xing • Networking for Professionals • FacebookUse Online Tools • Google Alerts • TwitterFall & Monitter • Trackur
    11. 11. Reminders• Your online identity is quickly becoming your first interaction and introduction to perspective employers and your professional community!• You want to have as much control as possible over how people meet you, how you are perceived online & ultimately in person, and what positive/negative information they can obtain about you• Don’t let someone else or something else control this for you!
    12. 12. Questions