A glance at share point 2013 social features


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A glance at share point 2013 social features

  1. 1.  Microsoft SharePoint Most Valuable Professional (2011, 2012) www.thuansoldier.net | thuan@outlook.com | @nnthuan Author, Writer, Trainer & Public Speaker Founder & Editor in Chief of SharePointVN Publisher Focus on Microsoft Security & Federation Identity, Infrastructure, Methodologies, Architecture…
  2. 2.  Why Social? Some new *awesome* features that attract me.  Community Site  Reputation Point  My Site  Active Directory Import (for ITPro) Initial Fast-Steps of building a new social features (ITPro) Q&A
  3. 3. The need to work together effectively as one team is one of the biggest ongoing challenges – and opportunities – Ford faces,” said Stephen Smith, Ford Motor Company. “SharePoint 2010: Social Networking is a key part of knowledge on demand. “Elmer Martinez, Ford’s IT Test and Verifications Systems Engineers. SharePoint Social Features gave Ford’s 160,000 worldwide employees an open, accessible, companywide social networking platform for connecting with colleagues, sharing information, teaching, and collaborating.
  4. 4.  EA learned about a public Facebook site devoted to their company and visited by many EA employees. When EA created their internal corporate social network called EA People, thousands joined in months. “Various teams across EA worldwide have built redundant tools and technology, resulting in wasted effort. One of the main benefits of using SharePoint to create EA Knowledge is the sharing of knowledge and coordinated efforts globally, which helps reduce this redundancy.” – Davi Coleman, Senior CG Supervisor Electronic Arts. 50 % of all EA employees have completed profiles on the company’s internal social site and 85 % use it to search for colleagues and find skill sets.
  5. 5.  Connect people to collaborate in an unified environment. “On a practical level, you can say that it helps retain knowledge share best practices, push pertinent information out, and reduce one-off questions said Bert Sandie, EA’s Director of Technical Excellence. Share, Share and Share to improve knowledge. EA People uses words like “humanizes”, “bonds”, “better communication” and “HIGH LEVELS OF TRUST
  6. 6.  People working together drive business results - http://bit.ly/RhrIFf Leading Enterprises turn to SharePoint to build productive social networks - http://bit.ly/RhrL3S Social networking sites help companies boost productivity - http://usat.ly/RQJT44 Corporate Social Networks are a waste of money - http://rww.to/RyGVis SharePoint Focus of Social networking Plans - http://bit.ly/VT6i3Q
  7. 7.  Where people can share ideas, ask questions, create new discussions… Uses Wiki Pages infrastructure Users can use rating for content and reputation for people Moderators can choose the *best* reply  Can vote 1 to 5 stars, or Likes.  Reputation is only available in community site and it’s per community
  8. 8. Navigation TitlePosts and replies Description
  9. 9.  Owners can enable ratings on Community  Ratings can be a star system or like system:  Mouse hovering on the rating provides quick information at a glance:  Who rated  The value of the rate  Visual representation for your likes
  10. 10. • The Members section shows you the list of all users who involve in your community.• Shows you the top contributors who have many posts, reputation scores in your community.
  11. 11.  People reputation is impacted by activities like creating posts, adding replies, etc. Reputation is per community – reputation in one does not affect it in another community Reputation model cannot be extended Community owners control points for each activity
  12. 12.  Only board members have the authority to create full list of questions of the contest >>> Fill in 0 at the Create a new post setting You don’t want to add score when people answer your question >>> Fill in 0 at the Replying to a post setting Two answer types: selectable answer and writable answer  If selectable answer, you don’t have any OOTB feature to avoid people from liking or rating.  If writable answer, a good reply will get liked and it has additive scores. After that, according to the list of top contributors, your organization can award to top three people who have highest scores. It is all interestingly you should think about.
  13. 13.  Badge is …..? There are two type of badges in communities:  Achieved badges  Gained by people by collecting points performing specific activities  Gifted badges  Assigned by community owners
  14. 14. If a user has over 500points, he will have abadge called “Master”.And if someone who has10,000 points, I would liketo add that one to group ofThink Fastest.
  15. 15.  Allow any members to report any post (reply or discussion) as an abuse of the Community  Reports with comments are stored in an hidden list Members are notified real time for their reporting activity Moderators can then decide to delete the post, edit the post or remove the Report
  16. 16. Think FastCommunity
  17. 17.  In 15 who has rights can follow different things  People  Sites  Documents  Tags Following has a common user interface experience
  18. 18.  In 15 who has rights can follow different things  People  Sites  Documents  Tags Following has a common user interface experience
  19. 19.  In 15 who has rights can follow different things  People  Sites  Documents  Tags Following has a common user interface experience
  20. 20.  In 15 who has rights can follow different things  People  Sites  Documents  Tags Following has a common user interface experience.. Except for tags
  21. 21.  Gives information about all of the things that user is following  number of people,  Documents*,  Sites*  Tags Can easily identify all of the things that powers a user’s newsfeed Allows the user to access all of those things within a single click from the newsfeed
  22. 22. There are a lot ofAWESOME socialfeatures.
  23. 23.  Directly connect to Active Directory repository  Don’t have to worry about User Profile Synchronization Service  Don’t have to worry about Forefront Identity Manager Microsoft has said the improvement reduces full import time from up to 2 weeks down to 60 hours for extremely large directories, for example 200,000 users and 600,000 groups.
  24. 24. 1. Create a new web application2. Create a new My Site Host site collection under the web application3. Create a new User Profile Service Application4. Select Active Directory Import5. Create and run a new synchronization connection6. Configure MySite7. Create a new community site8. Invite people to new the new community site
  25. 25.  10 Great Social Features For Microsoft SharePoint 2013 - http://bit.ly/QTFxJI Is SharePoint 2013 good enough to be your enterprise social network? - http://bit.ly/Ppv0Yb 9 New Features in SharePoint 2013 Preview - http://bit.ly/QkJ5Cg Plan for social computing and collaboration in SharePoint Server 2013 - http://bit.ly/RyVPW7 Social Features of SharePoint 2013 - http://bit.ly/W5HSCZ (Great presentations) Test Lab Guide: Demonstrate Social Features in SharePoint Server 2013 Preview - http://bit.ly/TAqmap A series of SharePoint 2013 social features - http://bit.ly/RQVS1z
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