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Explanation of sp in crazy way


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Explanation of sp in crazy way

  1. 1. In CRAZY wayExplanation of SharePointThuan Nguyen
  2. 2.  SharePoint is now one of the biggest businesses at Microsoft Enterprise 2.0 applied to SharePoint 2010 More than 125 million SharePoint licenses sold to over 65,000 customers.
  3. 3. what is SharePoint?
  4. 4. Collaboration platform
  5. 5. SharePoint is a
  6. 6. Don’t need to write code. Don’t befearful baby!
  7. 7. Sample Every time a user working out of the office wants to retrieve information from a document, he must connect to the File server via VPN. HR On-boarding gets problem because of email pending. There is no way to manage leave request. Sales team can’t track and manage their prospects. Getting information is a big problem because this takes much time. There are no central location to manage many different applications. There is no SELF-SERVICE stuff.
  8. 8. You must GOTCHA!