Make a better social collaboration platform with share point 2013


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  • In today’s corporate environment, information is fragmented among many people. Companies build document repositories to share information. E-mail and instant messaging speeds the transfer of information. But in a typical corporate environment today, solving a problem still means finding the person who knows the answer. Simply identifying the right person can be a challenge. Searching requires contacting people who know people who know the person you need to talk to.
  • SharePoint Social Features gave Ford’s 160,000 worldwide employees an open, accessible, companywide social networking platform for connecting with colleagues, sharing information, teaching, and collaborating.The need to work together effectively as one team is one of the biggest ongoing challenges – and opportunities – Ford faces,” said Stephen Smith, Ford Motor Company.“SharePoint 2010: Social Networking is a key part of knowledge on demand. “Elmer Martinez, Ford’s IT Test and Verifications Systems Engineers.
  • EA learned about a public Facebook site devoted to their company and visited by many EA employees. When EA created their internal corporate social network called EA People, thousands joined in months.“Various teams across EA worldwide have built redundant tools and technology, resulting in wasted effort. One of the main benefits of using SharePoint to create EA Knowledge is the sharing of knowledge and coordinated efforts globally, which helps reduce this redundancy.” – Davi Coleman, Senior CG Supervisor Electronic Arts.
  • Make a better social collaboration platform with share point 2013

    1. 1. Make a better socialcollaboration platform withSharePoint 2013Thuan NguyenSharePoint
    2. 2. About Me Microsoft SharePoint MVP (2011, 2012) SharePoint Consultant at Availys LLC Author, Writer, Trainer & Public Speaker Founder & Editor in Chief of SharePointVNPublisher SharePoint Saturday Vietnam boardmember Founder of Vietnam SharePoint User Group
    3. 3. Availys Global SharePoint Solutions Provider 6 years experience delivering EnterpriseSharePoint Solutions. Fortune 500 client base Close association with many of the GlobalSharePoint thought leaders Strong ties with the Geographic power bases ofSharePoint USA, UK, EU, ASPAC True open partnering philosophy – supportingMicrosoft partners throughout the World. Success in adoption and maturity in deliveringSharePoint based change programs
    4. 4. Our ApproachBreaking Geo Boundaries.Our Employees are based inoffices in theUSA, UK, Vietnam, Czechrepublic, Portugal, India, Russia.Our directly employed teamshave World Class skills that canservice local regions.Smaller teams tuned to localGeographyJoel is working with Availys todeliver a new pipeline ofSharePoint Applications to takeSharePoint 2013 to the next level.
    5. 5. Agenda Why Social Collaboration for your organization? New Social features in SharePoint 2013 Demo Tour Q & A
    6. 6. Solving aproblem meansfinding theperson whoknows theanswer.
    7. 7. Only this guy cananswer yourquestion but…
    8. 8. …he has retired.
    9. 9. Different officelocations
    10. 10. …as if we’re inthe sameplaceSoutheast AsiaUSA
    11. 11. WHY in a nutshell? Knowledge Asset Management Solid collaboration through social Improve user adoption through GAMIFICATION Build sustainable corporate culture
    12. 12. Ford’sStory“SharePoint Social Features gave Ford’s 160,000 worldwideemployees an open, accessible, companywide social networkingplatform for connecting with colleagues, sharing information,teaching, and collaborating..
    13. 13. EA’s Story50 % of all EA employees havecompleted profiles on the company’sinternal social site and 85 % use it tosearch for colleagues and find skillsets.
    14. 14. SharePoint2013
    15. 15. Social ProductivityPillarsFundamentalsidentity, privacy, managing connectionsseamless, delightful, complete experiencesConversationsmakeconnectionsPeople arealwaysavailableContextenrichesinteractionsYou alwaysknow what’shappening
    16. 16. Let me getyou aroundSharePoint
    17. 17.  Community Home Page Reputation Point Categories Rating Badges Member Following Micro-blogging
    18. 18. Some *pains*: You can’t share micro-blog post likeFacebook, Twitter. There is no bulk notification likeFacebook although you get notifiedthrough email. Limited number of people tagging Can’t track fully activity of someone ifyou aren’t following him About me (Email, landing page…)Must-read >
    19. 19. Yammer +SharePoint A combination of Yammer &SharePoint On-Premises is ahuge *pain*. There are some duplicates:activity, newsfeeds, community,following… Make end-user more confuse incompany’s strategy
    20. 20. Must-read!!! Yammer and SharePoint: Enterprise socialroadmap update ( SharePoint focus of social networking plans( Why we picked SP 2013 social over Yammersocial for right now ( 10 Great Social Features For MicrosoftSharePoint 2013 ( Is SharePoint 2013 good enough to be yourenterprise social network?( SharePoint 2013 Social vs. Yammer, What dowe choose right now? (… and many more.
    21. 21. Thanks forjoining