SharePoint Development with Visual Studio 2012


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This presentation covers new features on Visual Studio 2012 for SharePoint Development, and SharePoint 2013 Apps Development.

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  • We’re making a number of exciting changes to the way you build SharePoint and Office apps. The new app model is designed to work in the cloud and takes advantage of widely adopted web technologies like JavaScript and HTML5, and .NET. By taking advantage of web services we can provide developers with a secure, scalable and flexible way to build apps.
  • In SharePoint 2010, applications and customizations are basically deployed via solution files (.wsp). These can be deployed at the farm level or at the user level, which are sandboxed.Farm solutions requires full trust of administration credential and they are then available for activation in every site collection. Sandboxed solutions can be managed by a site collection admin, and they operate within specific guidelines for resource utilization.Full-trust solutions:Performance and stability concernsIncompatible with SharePoint OnlineSandboxed solutions:
  • SharePoint Development with Visual Studio 2012

    1. 1. SharePoint Development with Visual Studio 2012
    2. 2. binhtnguyen
    3. 3. Thuan is Consultant for Availys, where he drives the expertlevel of Microsoft technology knowledge throughout hiscompany. Thuan has participated in planning, designing andimplementing advanced business solutions utilizing a varietyof Microsoft technologies for mid-tier and large organizations.Having involved in SharePoint Saturday Vietnam board, Thuanis responsible for calling speakers, sponsors, and broadcastinginformation to SharePoint Vietnam community.He is regularly on Twitter (@nnthuan) and blogs
    4. 4. DEMONew Designers
    5. 5. DEMOSilverlight Web Part
    6. 6.  Update new SPIs SPIs indicated for Farm Solution
    7. 7. DEMOSPIs
    8. 8. DEMOOthers
    9. 9. SharePoint Apps
    10. 10. Farm Sandbox SP Apps• Full trust solutions • Declarative elements • New Apps model• Customizations to • Partially trusted code • Deployed from file system of servers service still included corporate catalog or• Classic model from for limited server office market place 2007 side support • Manage permission and licenses specifically • Preferred option
    11. 11. Apps Sandboxed WPS Full-Trust WSPWhere does server-side code run? Anywhere but farm Farm (User Code Farm (w3wp.exe) Service)Scalable Highly Limited Based on farmWho can install and remove Users Site collection Farm admin adminSupported in SharePoint 2013 Yes Yes YesSharePoint Online compatibility Yes Yes NoAzure-hosting compatibility Yes No NoRequires local farm for developers No Yes YesRemote deployment and debugging from Visual Yes No NoStudio
    12. 12. Developer-Hosted App SharePoint “Bring your own server hosting infrastructure” Your Hosted SiteCloud-based Apps Web Developers will need to isolate tenantsGet remote events fromSharePointUse CSOM/REST + Azure Auto-Provisioned App AzureOAuth to work with SP Windows Azure + SQL Azure SharePoint (from provisioned invisibly as apps are Web WebDeploy, installed DacPac) SharePoint-hosted App Parent Provision an isolated sub web on a parent Web web • Reuse web elements App Web (lists, files, out-of-box web parts) • No server code allowed; use client (from WSP) JavaScript for logic, UX
    13. 13. Build apps
    14. 14. JS/HTML5
    15. 15. DeployPublish
    16. 16. Let‘s get started!Build a basic SharePoint 2013 app withVisual Studio 2012 DEMO Create a SharePoint-hosted App
    17. 17. DEMOCreate SharePoint-hostedApp
    18. 18.
    19. 19. Thank you!
    20. 20. Q&A