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About unilever presentation tcm96 227455


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all about unilever.....

all about unilever.....

Published in: Business

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  • 2. About Unilever
  • 3. Unilever is one of the world’s leadingsuppliers of fast-moving consumergoods. We aim to provide people theworld over with products that aregood for them and good for others.Creating a better future every day
  • 4. Our vision● We work to create a betterfuture every day.● We help people feel good, lookgood and get more out of lifewith brands and services that aregood for them and good forothers.● We will inspire people to takesmall everyday actions that canadd up to a big difference for theworld.● We will develop new ways ofdoing business that will allow us todouble the size of our companywhile reducing our environmentalimpact.
  • 5. Fast facts - 2009163,000employeesat the end ofthe year20 nationalitiesamong our top tiermanagersMore than 170countries in whichour products aresold264 manufacturingsites worldwide€891 million investedin R&D worldwide€89 millioninvested incommunityprogrammesworldwide
  • 6. People are the heartof our business.Our people● We aim to create an environmentin which all employees can fulfiltheir potential.● Unilever is one of the world’s mostculturally diverse companies. OurBoard is made up of sixnationalities and the nine membersof the Unilever Executive comefrom six different countries.
  • 7. Performance
  • 8. Scale and geographic reachThe Americas€13 billion turnover4.2% underlying salesgrowth32.3% of group turnoverAAC€15 billion turnover7.7% underlying salesgrowth37.4% of group turnoverWestern Europe€12 billion turnover-1.9% underlying salesgrowth30.3% of group turnover2009 turnover €39.8 billion
  • 9. ● Good broad-based underlying salesgrowth of 3.5%● Underlying volume growth of2.3% – accelerating through theyear● Increased investment behind ourbrands● Return to strategic acquisitionsincluding TIGI and Baltimor● Named International Supplier ofthe Year by Tesco for the fourthyear runningOperational achievements in 2009Sales growth 3.5%Volume growth 2.3%
  • 10. Savoury, dressings and spreads● Turnover of €13,256 million● Underlying sales growth of -0.1%Category highlights in 2009Personal care● Turnover of €11,846 million● Underlying sales growth of 5.3%Ice cream and beverages● Turnover of €7,753 million● Underlying sales growth of 4.0%Homecare & other● Turnover of €6,968 million● Underlying sales growth of 7.1%
  • 11. Unilever financial performance* Continuing operations* Restructuring, disposals and one-off items** Continuing operations
  • 12. Strategic Focus
  • 13. Our deep roots in local cultures and markets around the world give us our strongrelationship with consumers and are the foundation for our future growth. Wewill bring our wealth of knowledge and international expertise to the serviceof local consumers – a truly multi-local multinational.Our long-term success requires a total commitment to exceptional standards ofperformance and productivity, to working together effectively, and to awillingness to embrace new ideas and learn continuously.To succeed also requires, we believe, the highest standards of corporate behaviourtowards everyone we work with, the communities we touch, and theenvironment on which we have an impact.This is our road to sustainable, profitable growth, creating long-term value forour shareholders, our people, and our business partners.Our corporate purpose
  • 14. Our ambition is to win shareand grow volume in everycategory and country.Unilever’s growth prioritiesWinning with brands andinnovation● Deliver superior products, design,branding and marketing● Bigger, better, faster innovations● Appeal to more consumers acrossneeds and price pointsWinning in the marketplace● Lead market development● Win with winning customers● Be an execution powerhouseWinning through continuousimprovement● Lean, responsive and consumer-ledvalue chain● Drive return on brand support● Agile, cost-competitive organisationWinning with people● Organisation and diverse talentpipeline ready to match our growthambitions● Performance culture which respectsour values● Leverage our operating frameworkfor competitive advantage
  • 15. Our deep roots and earlyengagement in D&E marketsgive us invaluable consumerinsight:● Understanding of the localconsumer● Brands and products across awide range of income levels● Critical mass on the ground● Corporate reputation with localstakeholders and talent poolLeveraging our scale bringsus advantages over localcompetition:● Global portfolio of brands andcategories● Dedicated R&D investment● Shared values and standardsof behaviourLocal roots with global scaleLOCAL ROOTS GLOBAL SCALE
  • 16. Of the 6.8 billion people in the world today, 5.9billion live in developing and emerging markets– countries such as Brazil, India and Indonesiawhere Unilever has deep roots and a widepresence. We already reach many moreconsumers than our competitors in thesemarkets.The D&E opportunity% 2004Sales% 2009SalesNorthAmerica23%WesternEurope38%D&E36%Otherdeveloped3%NorthAmerica16%WesternEurope30%D&E50%Otherdeveloped4%
  • 17. Categories,Brands and Regions
  • 18. Unilever’s portfolio ofcategoriesLeading categorypositionsIce Cream &BeveragesPersonal CareHomecareSavoury,Dressings& SpreadsStrong category positions
  • 19. Top 25 brands =almost 75% of Unilever’ssales*.* As at end 2009Big global brands
  • 20. CategoriesDeliver global platformsResponsible for:● Brand development● Innovation● Research and developmentAccountable for:● Medium/long-term marketshare● Brand health● Innovation metrics● Category value creationRegionsExecute on the groundResponsible for:● Managing the business● Deploying brands andinnovations● Customer managementAccountable for:● Short-term market shares● Growth● Profit● Cash flowsClear, distinct,complementary roles.Regions and categories
  • 21. Unilever Foodsolutions is one of the world’s leading foodservice businesses.● Works closely with customers, including caterers, restaurateurs and majorhotel and fast-food chains, to create food solutions that help grow theirbusiness.● Operates in 68 countries worldwide, employing 4,700 people, including 230chefs.● Holds leading positions in bouillons/bases, seasonings, sauces,soups, dressings, tea and desserts.● Unrivalled combination of:− Consumer insight− Customer understanding− Chefmanship® – culinary passion and expertise− Well-known brands.Foodsolutions
  • 22. The Supply Chain
  • 23. €15.3 billion spent on raw materialsand packaging from over10,000 suppliers in 2009.Raw materials and ingredientsOur share of world volume:Preliminary data pending audit.
  • 24. 264 manufacturing sites.Continuous improvement ineco-efficiency in factories(1995–2009):● 41% reduction in CO2 fromenergy● 65% reduction in water use● 73% reduction in total wasteManufacturingPreliminary data pending audit.
  • 25. Around one-fifth of Unilever’ssales are through ten majorretail chains.Our products are sold in over10 million small shops indeveloping and emerging markets.50% of sales from developing andemerging markets.Distribution and retailing
  • 26. Unilever manages a number ofpartnerships globally.Customer partnerships
  • 27. 2 billion consumers use a Unileverproduct on any day.Top 13 brands with combined salesof €23 billion in 2009.€5.3 billion invested in advertisingand promotion.€891 million invested in R&D.Consumers
  • 28. Innovation
  • 29. Unilever is a world leader inresearch and development(R&D).Innovation driving growth 1● €891 million invested in R&D in2009● At least 250 new patentapplications filed each year● A portfolio of more than 20,000patents and patent applications
  • 30. Competitive advantagethrough an integrated R&Dprogramme.Innovation driving growth 2● More than 6,000 R&Dprofessionals● 6 strategic R&D laboratoriesdelivering groundbreakingtechnologies● 31 major development centresdeveloping and implementingproduct innovations● 92 locations around the globewith R&D teams implementinginnovations in countries andfactories
  • 31. Focused efforts that swiftlybring bigger innovations tomarket.Innovation driving growth 3Knorr Stock Potrevolutionises bouillonwith a format thatprovides a moreauthentic bouillon.Small & Mightyis the industry’s firstsuper-concentratedliquid detergent, usingone-third of thepackaging, one-third ofthe water and one-thirdof the transport ofdilute liquids.Dove Body WashUses proprietaryNutriumMoisturetechnology, earning itsscientifically-provenclaim to provide‘effective naturalnourishment’.
  • 32. Social and Environment
  • 33. Helping society throughour products andprogrammes.• 133 million people reached by Lifebuoyhandwashing programmes since 2002• 15 million people in 3 millionhouseholds in India provided with safedrinking water through Pureit• 44% of our products in line withinternationally accepted guidelines forsaturated and trans fats, sugar and salt• Nearly 17 million school mealsdelivered to 80,000 children in 2009through our partnership with the WorldFood Programme• 45,000 women entrepreneurs reach 3million consumers in 100,000 Indianvillages selling Unilever products doorto doorSocial
  • 34. * Measured by tonne per production. Preliminary data pending audit.• We are committed to sourcing all palmoil from certified sustainable sources by2015• 15% of the tea we use globally issourced from Rainforest AllianceCertifiedTMfarms• Over the period 1995–2009 we haveachieved reductions of:• 41% in CO2 emissions*• 73% in total waste*• 65% in water usage*Eleven years as sector leader ofthe Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes.Our goal is to double the size of the business whilstat the same time reducing our environmentalfootprint. This encompasses the whole value chain –from the sourcing of raw materials through toconsumer use and disposal of our products.Environmental
  • 35. Working in partnership is crucial indeveloping and delivering some ofour major sustainabilitycommitments.UN World FoodProgramme: to feedhungry children andimprove their nutritionWorld Heart Federation:to promote heart healthGlobal Alliance forImproved Nutrition: toco-create newapproaches in foodfortification to addressmalnutritionFDI World DentalFederation: to improveoral healthGlobal Public-PrivatePartnership forHandwashing with soap:to promote goodhygiene practiceUN Global Compact: toalign business operationsand strategies in theareas of human rights,labour, environment andanti-corruptionOur principal global partnerships arewith:Working with others
  • 36. Structure
  • 37. Unilever was formed in 1930 from twocompanies: Margarine Unie and Lever Brothers.Legal structure and governanceMargarine Unie(Netherlands)Lever Brothers(UK)● It was a full business merger, operatingas a single business entity.● Two separate legal parent companieshave been maintained:o Unilever NV (Netherlands) andUnilever PLC (UK).● This works through an equalisationagreement and other contracts betweenthe two companies.
  • 38. A global management teamSandyOggChief HROfficerGenevièveBergerChief R&DOfficerMichael PolkPresidentGlobal Foods,Home &Personal CareHarishManwaniPresidentAsia, Africaand Central& EasternEuropeDougBailliePresidentWesternEuropeDave LewisPresidentAmericasPaul PolmanChief ExecutiveOfficerPier LuigiSigismondiChief SupplyChain OfficerJean-MarcHuëtChiefFinancialOfficerKeith WeedChief MarketingandCommunicationsOfficer
  • 39. Board of DirectorsChairmanMichaelTreschowPaul PolmanChiefExecutiveOfficerJean-MarcHuëtChief FinancialOfficerExecutiveDirectorsNon-ExecutiveDirectorsThe Rt HonThe Lord Brittan ofSpennithorne QC, DLWim Dik LouiseFrescoAnn Fudge CharlesGoldenByron GroteNarayanaMurthyHixoniaNyasuluKees Storm Jeroen vander VeerPaul Walsh