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Cloud Computing Opportunities for SMEs  Towards AEC 2015

Cloud Computing Opportunities for SMEs Towards AEC 2015



Presentation by Software Park's Director at E-Saan Software Park : 19 July 2012

Presentation by Software Park's Director at E-Saan Software Park : 19 July 2012



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    Cloud Computing Opportunities for SMEs  Towards AEC 2015 Cloud Computing Opportunities for SMEs Towards AEC 2015 Presentation Transcript

    • Cloud Computing Opportunities for SMEs Towards AEC 2015Assoc.Prof. Dr. Thanachart NumnondaDirectorSoftware Park Thailand19 July 2012 1
    • Agenda• AEC 2015• Cloud Computing Trends• What is Cloud Computing• Cloud Providers• Cloud Users• How Cloud Computing Changing IT Business? 2
    • AEC 2015 3
    • ASEAN 4
    • ASEAN 5
    • ASEAN• Population: 613 million• Trade: US$ 1,536 billion (2009)• Trade between ASEAN: US$ 376 billion• Employment: 276 million 6
    • 7Source: Free Flow of Services AEC, Ronnarong Phoolpipat
    • Main Objective of AEC 8Source: Free Flow of Services AEC, Ronnarong Phoolpipat
    • Impact of AEC • Gross GDP to 2.65 Trillion from 1.8 • Free flow of Human Resources • Landing pad for re-export • Re-thinking of Investment Incentive • Large investment opportunity • Industry Shift 9Source: K.Nattasak, Oracle
    • IT Industry Competitiveness 2011 10Source: EIU2011
    • IT Industry Competitiveness 2011 11Source: EIU2011
    • Network Readiness Index 12
    • Internet Access 13Source: ITU 2010
    • SingaporePositioning as a ICT hub for this region Not much after AEC 2015 IT spending in 2010 is SGP$37bn for Hardware, SGP$11bn for software, SGP$8.9bn for IT Services ICT manpower 141,300 (2010) 14
    • Singapore Infocomm Development Agency VisionInfocomm-savvy workforce and globallycompetitive infocomm manpower to driveeconomic competitivenessBoost the number of infocomm jobs by 55,000 yoabout 190,000 by 2015 15
    • VietnamPositioning as a outsourcing hubIT spending in 2011 is US$8.7bn; software $1.2bn.27.9 Million Internet usersStrong support from the governmentThe national strategy “Transforming Vietnam intoand advanced ICT country” in 2020By 2020, IT will take 8-10% of GDPInternet user 70% of total population. 16
    • ICT Human Resource VietnamLabors of IT Industry 250,290 (2010)HW Industry 127,548SW Industry 71,814DC Industry 50,928Target one million IT engineers in 2020New enrollment of IT students in universityreached 50,000 in 2011.290 universities/colleges with ICT education. 17
    • IndonesiaOne of the fastest growing economy Need more ICT professionals Attracted by many other countries; in and outside ASEAN 29.6 Million Internet users 18
    • PhilippinesThe IT/Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, is already a very important factor in economy with over half a million full-time employees, between 4% and 5% contribution to GDP its status as the number one BPO location in the world. BPO (finance & accounting, HR, payroll); 19
    • Philippines TargetOver USD 20 Billion IT/BPO revenue by 2016, upfrom USD 8.9 Billion in 2010;Exceed 900,000 FTE in IT/BPO industry by 2016,from 525,000 in 2010;Over 50% of IT/BPO business is non-voice relatedby 2016, from 20% in 2010;Increased number of IT graduates to 60,000 by2016, up from 38,809 in 2009 20
    • Cloud Computing Trends 21
    • 22Source: wikipedia
    • 6 Million SmartPhones in Thailand 23
    • More than 480,000 Tablets sold in Thailand 24
    • 2014 Mobile will become the most common way of accessing the Internet 25Source :Trending the future: Mobile Trends 2011
    • 26
    • Welcome toThe Post-PC Era 27
    • 28
    • iCloud 29
    • “At year-end 2016,more than 50 percent of Global 1000 companies will have stored customer-sensitive data in the public cloud.”. Gartner Prediction 2012 30
    • What is Cloud Computing? 31
    • Cloud Computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computersand other devices on demand, like the electricity grid. Definition (Wikipedia) 32
    • Cloud Computing No Capital Expenditure Pay as you go Pay only for what you need Application Programming Interface (API) Scalability and Elastic Capacity Reliability Device and location independence 33Source : Architecting for the cloud : Amazon Web Services
    • Architecture for Cloud Computing Design for Failure Decoupling Elasticity Security Break Constraints Think Parallel Different Storage Option 34Source : Architecting for the cloud : Amazon Web Services
    • Three layers of Cloud servicesSource : JAVA IN THE CLOUD 35PAAS PLATFORM IN COMPARISON, Eberhard Wolff
    • Source : http://acloudyplace.com/ 36
    • Cloud Service Providers 37Source : http://www.jansipke.nl/top-cloud-computing-providers
    • Deployment Model 38Source : Wikipedia
    • The Cloud 39
    • You need a massive infrastructure 40
    • Cloud Providers 41
    • Is this just Hosting 2.0? No, they have different architectures and business model Cloud Players Hosting Players Hundreds of them around the worldOnly few can afford billions dollar investment on data centers 42Source : I’m Cloud Confused
    • Top Public Cloud Provider 2011 Amazon Verizon/Terremark IBM Salesforce.com CSC Rackspace Google BlueLock Microsoft Joyent 43
    • Google Compute Engine 44
    • Cloud Computing : SaaSGmailGoogle AppsDropboxSalesforce.comZohoMicrosoft Office 365 45
    • Cloud Users 46
    • Cloud Computing Opportunity for SMEUse ICT for their business with lowinvestment (no CAPEX; pay as you go)Buy ICT as Services (subscription model)such as SaaSCan focus on their businessBusiness ContinuityNew Business Opportunity 47
    • Issues of Cloud Services for SMEs Lack of awareness // Misunderstanding about Cloud Computing Security issue Low Broadband/Internet Access Data Protection Limited Cloud Service Providers; both SaaS (Application) and IaaS (Data Center) 48
    • Cloud Readiness Index 2011 49Source : Asia Cloud Computing Association: September 2011
    • BSA GlobalCloud Computing Scorecard 50Source : BSA GlobalCloud Computing Scorecard: Feb 2012
    • BSA GlobalCloud Computing Scorecard 51Source : BSA GlobalCloud Computing Scorecard: Feb 2012
    • How Cloud ComputingChanging IT Business? 52
    • “Cloud computing will transform the IT industry as it will alter the financial model upon which investors look at technology providers, and it will change vertical industries, making the impact of the Internet on the music industry look like a minor bleep,”. Peter Sondergaard, senior vice president at Gartner 53
    • Top 5 Cloud Computing TrendsIT departments will be forever changedCloud security will no longer be an issueCustom cloud computing servicesCustom software development will shift towardsthe cloudInnovation 54
    • How Will Cloud Computing Impact Industry?IT Infrastructure will change dramaticallySome IT jobs may vanish altogether. New skills will be indemand.The way applications are developed, tested, deployedand continuously re-factored will undergo a changeThe selling and licensing of applications will change too.The architecture of applications will continue to evolve.Data volumes will skyrocket.Source: Dorais Learn Log 55
    • New Software Eco-System Cloud Devices e.g. Tablets, SmartPhones, Desktop International Cloud Apps (SaaS) Local Cloud Apps (SaaS) e.g. DropBox, Salesforce, CRM on DemandPublic Cloud Services (PaaS) Social Network APIs Other e.g. Google APIs, Local APIs e.g. Twitter, Facebook Platforms International public cloud Local public cloude.g.Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure Cloud Thailand Alliance Enterprise cloud Salesforce, Amazon 56
    • Software Platforms Industry Specific Industry Specific Industry Specific Applications Applications ApplicationsAdd on Add on Add on Add on Add on Add on Add onModule Module Module Module Module Module Module Local Platforms Inter Platforms Other Platforms e.g. Google, Facebook, ำe.g. CRM, ERP, ECM, Billing, BI e.g.Traffy Saleforce Local public cloud Inter public cloud Private (PaaS/IaaS) (PaaS/IaaS) Cloud Thailand Alliance Google, Microsoft, Amazon Enterprise cloud 57
    • 58
    • Dropboxs Modela Web-based file hosting serviceuses cloud computing to enable users to storeand share files and folderswas founded in 2007 by MIT graduatesDropbox server and desktop client software areprimarily written in Python.Dropbox uses Amazons S3 storage systemannual revenues were 100 million dollars in 2010.Dropboxs valuation is more than 1 billion dollars. 59
    • 60
    • 61
    • 62
    • Time to Change!!for The New Opportunities 63
    • Thank youthanachart@swpark.or.thtwitter.com/thanachartwww.facebook.com/thanachartwww.swpark.or.thwww.facebook.com/softwareparkthailand 64