8th semester Computer Science and Information Science Engg (2013 December) Question Papers


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8th semester Computer Science and Information Science Engg (2013 December) Question Papers

  1. 1. 06cs81 USN Eighth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013 lJan.20l4 Advanced Gomputer Architectures Max. Marks:100 Time: 3 hrs. (,) o o L a o (.) E9 t. (de 3 ool troo .=N (g$ i cl) HC) oi FO a2 aX oc) 50tr .Y -d 5r t a. b. c. d. 2a. :s 6 .:r >' (ts oov i .-c ol) 6= qo =o o- U< :^ o o z (04 Marks) (04 Marks) b. c. (08 Marks) 3a. b. c. 4 a. b. c. 5 a. b. c. 6 a. oj 6= (08 Marks) (04 Marks) (05 Marks) Explain basics of a RISC instruction set. Show with diagram, how datahazard stalls are minimized by f.orwarding method. (07 Marks) o- 6. 6i, Note: Answer FIVE full questions, selecting at least TWO questions from each part. PART _ A Define Instruction Set Architecture (ISA). Explain seven dimensions of an ISA, Find the number of dies per 500 mm wafer for a die that is 2.0 cm on a side. , Explain main measures of dependability. Derive CPU time in term of instruction cycle and cycles per instruction. b. c. 7 a. b. c. 8a. a b. c. :"l::1H:;ffI[,ffi #;:i.ffi T,l.;,",::;.'#"' (08 Marks) (05 Marks) With finite state processor, explain2-bit prediction scheme. Explain hardware-based speculation with steps involved in instruction execution. (07 Marks) major uo*r of multiple issue processor? Summarize the basic (08 Marks) approaches to multiple issue and their distinguishing characteristics. (06 Marks) Explain branch target buffer with neat diagrams. What are the issues involved in implementation of speculation? Explain register renaming What are the three aPProach' ' PART (06 Marks) *q (06 Marks) Explain taxonomy of parallel,architecture according to Flynn. To achieve a speedup of 80 with 100 processors, what fraction of the original computation (06 Marks) can be sequential? (08 Marks) Explain the basic of directory based cache coherence protocol. Assume a computer where the clocks per instruction is 1.0 when.all memory accesses hit in the cache. Only data accesses are loads and stores, and these talal 50o/o of the instructions. If the miss penalty is 25 clock cycles and the miss rate is2o/o, how much faster would the computer be if all instruction were cache hits? Explain following cache optimizations: i) Higher associativity to reduce miss rate '' ,,1,, .(0g Marks) ii) Read misses over writes to reduce miss penalty. Explain techniques for fast address translation. (06 Marks) Explain "compiler optimizations to reduce miss rate" in advanced cache optimizatiorr. *_ , (08 Marks) Explain DRAM memory technology with its basic organization. Write a note on protection via virtual machines. Explain loop level dependencies by considering following "o0., for i + i) { 1; i <:100; (i: i: Alil:A[d+B[i]; B[i] : cfil + Dlil; ] f; !- t 5i ?q ii lirt 't,' i {.,' ftoo mu.tsy -,w;A11--'' (09 Marks) Explain software pipelining with symbolic loop unrolling. List and explain five execution unit slots in the 14.-64 architecture with example instructions. (05 Marks) lk*rr**
  2. 2. 06I581 USN Eighth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013 lJan.20l4 Software Testing Max. Marks:100 Time: 3 hrs. Note: Answer FIVEfull questions, selecting atleast Tl4/O questions from euch part. PART _ A d (J a. $. (95 Marks) List all the human errors in testing. Fxplain with a figure, errors, faults and failures in the process of programming and testing. (.) L a. o C) ! ox b. c. ;n -oo I troo .= ..1 hbo Yo (Jt: b. a2 o= a. b. boi 26 -o (06 Marks) Explain with example, the execution history of 'C' program. Explain the following methods of testing : (06 Marks) i) Walkthroughs ii) Inspections iii) Use of static code analys,is tools. Write a'C'program to search the element in a list Or,.r*r*E binary search method and represent : i) All the basic bloClis present in the program (08 Marks) ii) Flow graph for the above program. .. figure, the differenl steps involved in the generation of tests using the -O oO category partition method. Anapplicationtakestwo inputs x and ywheie 3 <x < 7 and5 <y<9 i) Partition the input domains using unidimensional and multidimensional partitioning (10 Marks) ii) Give the geometric representation of equivalence classes. Write a procedure for generation a decision table from a cause effect graph. Explain with examples, the predicates and Boolean expressions. graph aX Statement o'' oFj 6: eE :9 >,H bo< orJ (J= so tr> o rJ< -,,i c.i Z a (10 Marks) (10 Marks) .::::. OE o (10 Marks) PART _ B Explain the followjng structural testing with the help of "C' ad -?o 'Ea 0) ,:,,,, Explain the different dynamic quality attributes. (10 Marks) (05 Marks) program;yffipgnlrol flo z.r{Y,tst;,q, lg{ _*,-Jiq testing I Branchtesting b. c, d. ,',;{ testing * Path Pro€edure call testing. ce*s";I }L rrwf.ei*' l-: i ah-r4 , ct 6 a. Write a 'C' program to find the GCD of two positive integers and draw tfiE*ffi*---at'rvAGAniZ (10 Marks) : i) Control flow graph of GCD ii) Data dependence graph of GCD. (05 Marks) b. Write the algorithm for reaching definition. ,. c. Explain the data flow testing criteria, with suitable 7 a. b. c. a. b. c. d. example. Explain the test specifications and cases, with suitable example. Explain with a figure, the test harness with a comparison based test oracle. Explain the capture and replay process. Write short notes on (05 Marks) (10 Marks) (06 Marks) (04 Marks) : Integration testing strategies System testing Regression testing Test case prioritization and selective execution. (20 Marks)
  3. 3. 06cs82 USN Eighth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, I)ec. 2O13/Jan.2014 System Modeling and Simulation Tirne: 3 hrs. : 6) o o g : ax. Marks:100 .-*: iif!:;!:r:#ifi:i:{iji,"l;!i ".. PART (.) o ! bo- la. b. -A (10 Marks) Briefly expiaiU the advantages and disadvantages of simulation. what is simulatl-o$? Explain with flow-chart, the steps involved in simulation r,"ol;o Marks) 6e oo ll Eoa 2 a. A grocery store has one, checkout counter. Custorner arrive at this checkout counter at random from 1 to 8 minutes apaft and each interval time has the same probability of occurrences. The service time vary from 1 to 6 rninutes with probabilities as given below : .=N g# OE: -o =P Service time o2 a 4 5 6 0.30 0.25 0.10 0.05 Simulate the arrival of 10 customer and calculate.: i) Average waiting time for a customer ii) Probability that a customer has to wait iii) Probability of a servef being idle iv) Average service tirne v) Average time between arrivals. oO cotr cBd 'o >e '(, J 2 0:10 '0.20 Probabilitv a: 1 c6 -?o -*tthL '3*"*"* oi= :e RD's for RDis,for service time o!e (-) .f <o otE c.!o o.i >* botrbO o= *o F> o J< .J4 an o z o 9t3 : 727 015 948 309 84 l0 74 53 l7 922' 79 .,.153 91 235 302 67 89 38 Assume that first customer arrives at time 0, Depict the simulation in tabr.llar form. (14 Marks) b.., Eiplain event scheduling algorithm by generating system snapshots at clock : t and (06 Marks) clock : t1. 3a. c. (08 Marks) What is list processing? Explain the basic operations of list processing. What is poison process? List out the assumptions which are needed to fulfill the counting (06 Marks) process, {N(t), t > 0}, is said to be Poisson process with mean rate }.. (06 Marks) With example explain the properties of Poisson process. 4 a. b. Explain the characteristics of a queuing system. List different queuing notations. (12 Marks) (08 Marks) Explain the various steady state parameters of M/G/l queue. b.
  4. 4. 06cs82 PART _ B Use linear congruential method to generate a sequence of 5 random members, with xsl : 27; (04 Marks) c: 43, a: l'7, m: 100. : 0.05 for the following set of random members. Determine if the b. Use the K - S table with cr hypothesis that the number are uniformly distributed in the interval (0, 1). Randorn'mer'nbers (08 Marks) arc : 0.54, .73,0.98,.0.11, 0.68. c. , Test whether the2"d,9th, 16th, etc /so on numbers in the following sequ€nce are auto correlated by taking cx :0.05. 5a. 0.38 0.48 0.42 0,95 0.73. 0.60 6a. 0.48 0.86 0.83 0.27 0,47 0.84 0.36 0.54 0.89 0.90 0.96 0.t4 0.86 0.37 0.21 0.81 0.41 0.55 0.30 0.1 3 0.70 0.34 0.37 0.89 0.96 0.49 0.06 0.61 0.60 0.04 0.91 0.7.9, ","'0.71 0.31 0.09 0.06 0.1 0.01 0.75 0.38 0.36i 0.2s 0.19 1 0.26 0.05 0.85 0.83 0.99 0.77 0.72 0.44 0.23 0.23 0.73 Explain acceptance - rejection :techniquO :,,for Poisson distribution. Generate 5 Poisson variates with mean a : 0.25. Random numbers are : 0.073, 0.693, 0.945, 0.739,0.014, 0.342. b. (10 Marks) Test whether the following data folows Poisson distribution using the chi-square test goodness of fit. With mean cx :0.05 of l Arrivals/ period Frequencv ',0 t2 I 2 J 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 l0 t9 17 10 8, 7 5 5 J J ", ,', 7 a. b. 8 a. b. t ,,, a 11 I (loMarks) (10 .' The following data are available on the processing time at a m/e (in minutes). Develop an input model for the processing time : 0.64, 0.59, 1.1, 3.3, 0.54, 0.04,,0A5, 0.25, 4.4,2.7,2.4, 1.1, 3..5,'0.61, 0.20, 1.0, 0.27, 1.7, 0.04, 0.3 4. (08 Marks) Explain types of simulations with respect to output anlaysis. Briefly explarin the confidence inteival estimation method. (12 Marks) Explain the components of verification and validation process. Explain with neat diagram, model building, verification and validation process. (12 Marks) With neat diagram, explain the iterative process of calibrating a model. (08 Marks) {< {. {< {< 2 of2 {<
  5. 5. O6CSiIS834 USN Eighth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.20L3 lJan-2014 Network Management Systems -',,,,'t*"' 3 hrs' Note: Answer FIVEfull questions, selecting at leust TWO questions from each part. -,,'ii' "' () .ttl;,',,,'' 1 o o ::" a';" BI,.J .F,xplain the telephone network model with neat diagram. ' b. c. L a (05 Marks) LisJ,fte challenges faced by network managers for managing the network.; , What"is'network management? With neat diagram, explain network nranagement functional (10 Marks) groupfirgs. (.) d 2 a. I 39 bo- b. 53e -.o oo c. ll trco .:N (!+ Yo) otr FO 3a. List and briefly explain the salient features of different network rr,ranagement models. (07 Marks) With a block diagraut, explain ASN.1 data type structure and tags. Give example for each. :, ' (10 Marks) (03 Marks) ,,.. ';'r Explain TLV encodin$ slructure with values of class bits. ,,', " ", b. c. o> 8s From a remote managed LAN with 1 router an{,2 hubs, illustrate the system information and (04 Marks) address informalion acquired by a NMS. With diagram explain two-tier, three-ligr *nd'proxy server SNMP organizatron model. (06 Marks) 'ir' lir ' With neat diagram explain SNMP,network management architecture. Show the messages exchanged b/w manager process and agent a= process. (10 Marks) o{J 4a. o! o0tr (!(n -o b. a6 6r r3d (05 Marks) What is remote molitoring? With a figure explain use of RMON probe. List and explainrRMoNl MIB groups and their functions With tablres used by.u.n,roffi.u, c. What a.A o'! oi o= AE 6a. !(J 5.Y >': co0 o= '' o. ;i u<, :^ o o '7 a "table. ''""1"" r.-.'r1" i '','.';'. ,,::" ,fu different possible locations to place an ATM RMON probe? Explain with (06 Marks) diagram." a1e Ex,plbin virtual path-virtual circuit concept on an ATM network with an"exalnple routing ' .. .(07 Marks) . With a diagram explain briefly ATM management interface reference architecture.(07 Marks) ,;b,'-i (06 Marks; ""t' Explain M1 and M2 interface in detail. 7 a. b. c. 8a. f o PART _ B b. 5a. -?o 6rY Xo o- (08 Marks) Explain the first-thr.. SNVfP,,,,Mib n grorpr. What is SNMP communiry?,Explain SNMP community profile and access policy. (12 Marks) b. c. Briefly explain HFC network technology with diagram. Explain ADSL system reference model for management with diagram. Illustrate ADSL MODE 1 configuration profile schema with diagram. 1oz Marfsl (08 Marks) (05 Marks) What is event correlation? Explain case-based reasoning in detail with necessary diagrams. Write a note on different authentication systems in client-server environment. Write short notes on : (i) Privacy enhanced mail (PEM) (ii) Pretty good priva (PGn "y * {< {' {< . 6F*& {F{ (08 Marks) (07 Marks) Marks)
  6. 6. O6CS/IS841 USN Eighth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec. 20l3lJan.2Ol4 AD-HOG Networks ,,,",.Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:1,00 Note: Answer FIVEfull questions, selecting atleast TWO questions from each part, ...:::..:. (.) o o i,..,,,, o la. C) ox 2a. Jh -o -^tl Ec6 .=N 69! oEl FO b. 3a. b. 4E o() 6O -A t"' ,, Exptain the major issues in Adhoc networks to be considered during theirdesign phase. sues considerer b. () ,,. PART 4a. b. Bring out the'differences between cellular networks and Adhoc y,i s networks. t '''" '1'r ll'',, Discuss on QoS pafameters" QoS aware routing and QoS frame work in Adhoc networks for quality of service provisioning. (08 Marks) Explain in detail, the hidden and exposed terminal problems with suitable diagram, and ' :" solution to over come the same. (12 Marks) Explain with packet exchange diagram of UaCRW protocol. used in wireless Adhoc networks and its advantages with respect to MACA. (10 Marks) Discuss any one of the contention based lirotocols with reservation mechanisms. (10 Marks) Explain the use of directional nnas in MAe protocols for Adhoc net Describe the temporally ordered iouting algoiithm {TORA) for Adffi ,, , its pros and cons. (08 Marks) along with lp Marks) ::,r 50c (08 Marks) ,...' a6 -?o 'ia Oj5 PART _ B 5a. q6. tra. o." oj OE 3o 6Li !o A.= b. 6a. " :....:::. How does hybrrid iouting protocol differ from other protoCok. Eri and disadvantages ofzone based hybrid routing protocol. ,, -What is the',significance of power aware routing protocols? Explain the [5,pes of power rl' ,r' ..,, aware routing metrics used in such protocols. (08 Marks) DiSeiss the issues in designing a transport layer protocol for Adhoc networks. - TCP with suitable diagram and example. : b. , Dbscribe the split >'a (10 Marks) (10 Marks) tro0 o= o. ti tr> ^-o o- a. 7, : -,,,,,() netW,orks. (08 Marks) VL U< Briefly explain the various requirements of a secure routing protocol for Adhoc b. c. Which are the three infrastructure that lacks in Adhoc networks that poses major challenge in key management? Explain. (06 Marks) Discuss on any one secure routing protocol for Adhoc wireless networks. (06 Marks) o Z 8 a. ! o b. c. Discuss on some of the design choices for providing QoS support in Adhoc networks. (08 Marks) Explain the cluster - TDMA protocol used for providing MAC layer QoS solution in Adhoc networks. (06 Marks) Describe briefly the Ticket based QoS routing protocol used in Adhoc wireless network. (06 Marks)