6th semester Computer Science and Information Science Engg (2013 December) Question Papers


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6th semester Computer Science and Information Science Engg (2013 December) Question Papers

  1. 1. 10AL61 USN Sixth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013 lJan.20l4 Management and Entrepreneurship ,::', Tinre,, 3 hrs. Note: Answer FIVEfull questions, selecting at least TWO questions from esch psrt. o o o Max. Marks:100 :,:, . .) L PART a. b. c. ;n --tt troo .= .-.1 cg$ no0 YO otr -O -P o> o2 ;I o(.) 60 boi Define planning. Explain the importance of planning. Explain the steps in planning process. Explain the steps in decision making. ::, (06 Marks) Explain the principles of organization. Explain selection procedure of personnel. (10 Marks) a. b. c. oX bo- (08 Marks) a. b. () Define rnanagement. Explain the functions of management. Explain management as profession. State and explaia the principles of management. a. b. c. o -4o oi= Explain the steps in controlling. Explain the purpose of communication. (06 Marks) (08 Marks) What are the requisites of extellent coordination? (06 Marks) 5s. :9 b. orv o'j c. u= a, tE -A (02 Marks) (10 Marks) (08 Marks) (06 Marks) ,,,,,,, (10 Marks) PART _ B De fi ne entrepreneurship. Explain the characterist ics o f entrepreneur. Differentiale manager and entrepreneur. U*raa,,rrrlous types of entrepreneur. (04 Marks) (08 Marks) 6a. Define SSI. Explain objectives and scope of SSI. b. Explain the role of SSI in economic development. c. , 'Explain the steps for starting an SSI. Ni !O x.Y Y,, ^: aoC tr or.) aJ= so tr> =o oVL U< *N o o 'Z L o o. (08 Marks) A.-^. ::..::: *ae NlsP lf 4. Explain zuADB and KCTU along with their objectives. a. r-.Pr4ur 14-.1I-rD AllLl I2 I U ArUrrB WlLll Llltr[ ' 6. Write short notes on: i) SIDO, iD SIDBI, iii) DIC, iv) TECSOK. :.! 8 3. b. c. UUJEULT project Explain the contents of project reporl. Give the meaning of a (10 Marks) (05 Marks) IE ,(05 Marks) (0sMq*s) (12 Marks) (02 Marks) (08 Marks) Explain PERT and CPM along with differences between them and their limitations. (10 Marks)
  2. 2. 06cs62 USN Sixth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013 lJan.20l4 Unix System Programming ,tt,t Max. Marks:100 " "Time: 3 hrs. " """"""' :i d) I' I a.' o o b. L a ,, Note: Answer FIVEfull questions, selecting at lesst TWO questions from each part. PART _ A (04 Marks) Eyplain the major difference between ANSI C and K and R C? ili t.pnd explain all the POSX.1 defined constants for limits checking at compile time and ,(08 Marks) Rufltirne. Write a,,C/C++ program to print the POSIX-defined configuration options supported on any :,, c. given 0) () 2 a. b. c. Eq co69 -.o (08 Marks) (08 Marks) With a neat diagram explain the Unix kernel support for files. What are inodes in Unix? What are its significances? Explain'with examples. (06 Marks) Describe Hard links and symbolic links in Unix. Differentiato between them with examples. ll uo coo .= c.l 3 a. Y(J o< FO b. 4 a. o> o2 gs b. oc) c. (n-o 50i .9(! -o 6r With a neat diagram, describe b. c. how a C-program is started and . il l1r,, With a neat sketch, explain the memory layoul of a C-program. Write aCIC++ program to illustrate the use ofseljmp( ) and longjmp( ) functions? .:.. 2 Marks) Marks) ? (07 Marks) (07 Marks) PART _ B process? functions. (07 Marks) dissimilarities betweer the parent and child (07 Marks) Explain in detail the family of exec What is process accounting? Write aClC++ program to generate iiccounting data. What are' signals? Write a CIC++ program to catch, ignore and accep[ the default actions of (06 Marks) the si$nal? , ,,:: b. V/,,,hat is a signal mask of a process? Write a CIC++ program to check whether the SIGINT , signal is present in a signal mask and adds if it is not there? (06 Marks) " c, Describe the Daemon characteristics and coding rules for the Daemon process? AlSo write a (08 Marks) C/C++ program to initialize the daemon process. .= , t."t', "'".. , a. What are pipes? Write a CIC++ program to send data from parent to child over a pipe? (10 Mark$) :: What are FIFOs? With a neat diagram, explain the client server communicating FIFOs. : , U< b. -N (10 Marks) () o o -,'*se (06 Marks) a. 6 a= tolr= a P /3i :E (06 Marks) o_, Z /tr fot 5a,WriteaClC++progrilto...uffirocess?Alsoexplainthesimilaritiesand a. 6, >,h co0 o= o, ;i tr> o- Explain the following general file APIs: (iii):stat( ) (i) fcnt( ) tii) lseek( ) , Explain the device file APIs and FIFO file APls with examples ' -? c.r or= !o systefh. 8 Explain the socket system calls for both in the comection-oriented and connectionless protocols with neat diagrams for both the cases. (10 Marks) Write short notes on the following : (i) Terminal login (ii) Job control (iii) wait( ) and waitpid( ) APIs (iv) Resource limit functions/APls (10 Marks) *r,<16{<* ,,,
  3. 3. 06rs63 USN Sixth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013 lJan.20l4 File Structures Max. Marks:100 Time: 3 hrs. Note: Answer FIVEfull questions, selecting at leust TWO questions from each part. o o o PART _ A p. I a. () (! 2a. (10 Marks) Explain the diffeient ways to manipulate buffers using classes. Discuss the differenoe between Unix tools for sequenti4l processing and direct access. b. =n -t d) troo .=N (10 Marks) 3a. ibO yo Explain the limitation of biflary search and internal Sorting. Justiff the statement: "Indexes arb too large to hold in memory." What do you mean by index? c. o< 4a. b. d= (10 Marks) (05 Marks) Explain obj ect-oriented model for implimenting c o -sequential processes. Explain K-way merging algorithm with example. b. FO *,a (10 Marks) (10 Marks) ]. Explain buffer management. b. o L oX b0- Explain reading and writing operation in file processing. List all of them; Explain any two. (10 Marks) (10 Marks) (05 Marks) oc) .. boi a(! 5a. PART-B List the difference between binary search trees and AVI. trees. B-tree using an example b. = :''l o-X (): Explain creation ,, of c. -? c.r 'Ea oi: CSDTAMPIBWNGURKEHOLJYQZFXV. Order of the B,tiee is 4. Explain virtual B-trees and LRU replacement. 6a. oE al= (05 Marks) for the sequence (10 Marks) (05 Marks) Explain the block splitting and merging due to insertion and delotion in the sequence set (10 Marks) ' ti" yftt"tlaTpl.", .. n -* tree. Explain the loading a simple prefix B* ,,,i (10 Marks) b. !o > (k boo troO la. 'b. ir= qo => VL o (r< :^ 0.) o -7 o :: (10 Marks) Define hashing explain a simple hashing algorithm. What is collision? Explain the process of collision resolution by progressive oveiflow. (10 Marks) I Write short notes on a. b. c. d. Extendible hashing B+ trees Buddy Bucket. : Seeking (20 Marks)
  4. 4. 10cs64 USN Sixth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013lJan.Z$l4 Gomputer Networks - II Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 Note: Answer FIVEfull questions, selecting at leust TWO questions from each part. d o o L a , ,: la. b. c. PART-A Differe,ntiate between connection oriented and connectionless services. Define routing and its goals. Consider the network, in the following Fig.Q.1(c): (04 Marks) (04 Marks) o o ! oX -&a =h o*r E6 .= a'.1 Yd) oEi FO i) ii) 2a. a= oq) do b. botr 'ia or= a. b. ^X c. oj o= AE, !C) =E ,= ao -- corJ iD= o- : :o - c'.1 (10 Marks) Explain the leaky bucket algorithm for policing the tralfic at flow control. Explain fair queing at the packet level. Show the transmission sequences for field flow and packet by packet system by considering the two logical buffers (buffer 1, buffer 2). Assume each has a single L-bit paCket to transmit at t : 0 and no sub-sequent packets arrive, assume (10 Marks) C : L bits/second: .1 packet/second. ' ', ' (06 Marks) Write the advaniages and disadvantages of UDP. What do you mean by tunneling? What are the needs to changes fiom IPV4 to IPV6? Write (10 Marks) the IPV6 basic header and describe its fields. What is routing information protocol (RIPX What is the maximum width of a RIP networks? (04 Marks) network, o l/< entries. (08 Marks) With a neat diagram, explain the TCP state transition diagram. Explain in detail, the operation of OSPF (open shortest path first) by considering on example Xa ->. Fig.Q.l(c) Use the diJkstra"s algorithm to find the set of shortest path from node 4 to other nodes. (t2 Marks) Find the set of associated routing table 5 a. b. () o '7 c. (12 Nlarks) PART _ B Explain DNS message format with a neat diagram. cg$€T**,CApply RSA and do the following: L8BR.,&f{Y i) Encrypt d:3, b : 11, x: 3 and m: 9. ii) Find the correspondirg y. iir) Decrypt the ciphertext. ^--', What is SNMP? List the PDUs of SNMPV2? Explarn SNMP PDU format. I of2 (06 Marks) (06 Marks) (08 Marks)
  5. 5. 10cs64 6 a. b. List the benefits of creating VPN's. Explain VPN types. Explain need for overlay networks and P2P connection. (10 Marks) (10 Marks) t usm&.._ ; .'*"..'. a. What is an MPLS network? Ekplain with diagram how the packets are forwardedMa$' _7 (08 MPIS .,,,,,,,,,.,,::i b. Write a note on VOIP signaling. (04nlarka) (08 Marks) g. Discuss the differentiated services QOS approach. { " * -""r*'(oa Marks) d:=f"'List and explain the applications and features of adhoc networks. 8 ,] b. ExptBln the structure of a typical sensor node. #,J: (07 Marks) (05 Marks) rt notes c. Wri*N'..r,,.-, on Zigbee technology ,*'.5o :.:.=.::. ,,,..,,:,,... i.;1.*';' = ,,=,,,,.,,,,, * {< * {< ,&," "t. t ,4tp j , :.* jl * {,' & fl*"q'-! " **il ,.! "j" r:. .,r ;''=ij' ** . qJ dP ::r' 'i::'' - r "li .i'' -,i1. 19 ," d -e*uli^ * * '8, -*';+q, :: ,: .. -.j/ m- i' ':'"'' d& t a? ,,{w lfl fa Jt :i::i.: 'xir *d*- {h:':r a "$o r& -qP 4t^."b €wf ftB{-*""""' :::: "lu,,l,rnnl)r, & u !' ,i, ' tt,,.f h ,Ia} =:::, it: 2 of2 ,::: 't:"'':::'
  6. 6. 10rs65 USN Sixth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013/Jan.Z0l4 Software Testing Time: 3 hrs. (.) o .. I '' a. b. Max. Marks:100 Note: Answer FIYEfull questions, selecting at least TWO questions from each part. PART _ A (o5Marks) What is software testing? Why it it * ir"portart in SDLC? Explain the triangle problem statement along with flow chart for traditional implementation. (.) L a o o c. 2 a. b. ox c. 6v ool troa 3 a. b. O:Y otr -O o c. yj 4 a. oO b. c. d: 50c c6(6 Explain the IEEE error and fault taxonomy and IEEE standard anomaly process. Justiff the usage of boundary value analysis with function of two variables and highlight the (05 Marks) limitations of boundary value analysis. problem as Explain wbak normal and strong robust equivalence class testing with next date (05 Marks) an example Discuss the usage of decision table method to device test qases with example of commission problem and triangle problem. (10 Marks) Define DD-path. Draw DD-graph for triangle Explain the simple ATM application with the help of (i) Level 1 data flow diagram. (ii) Upper level finite state machine. (10 Marks) Distinguish between top-down integration and bottom-up integration. (04 Marks) Explain call graph-based integration with the hetrp ol Neighborhood in!.ergration. (06 Marks) PART _ B Define the below terms: (i) Threads (ii) MM-path 1iiil Data (iv) Actions (v) Ports (10 Marks) Explain single-processor static interaction and single-processor dypamic interaction. (10 Marks) oj o= !o >,q boa50 o= o- l'i Xo 5e lr< * b. (04 Marks) using cyclomatic complexity metric. (04 Marks) Define predicate node, du-paths and dc-paths. Give du-paths for stocks, locks, total locks, sales and commission for commission sale problem. (12 Marks) (ii) 5 a. problem. Justifr strongly connected graph is the number of linearly independent circuits in the graph -6 -4o OE =!Y o5. (07 Marks) (08 Marks) c'l 6 a. b. c. 7 q. c. d. Explain verification trade-off dimensions. Briefly discuss the dependability properties in process framework Wtry organizational factors are needed in process framework. Define below terms with respect to fault based-testing: Original program ii) Program location. iii) Alternate expression iv) Alternate program. (08 Marks) (08 Marks) ,," 1 (04 Marks) D , - CF (08 Ftarks) (04 Marks) List the Fault-based adequacy criterias. Explain hardware fault-based testing. i,.# (03 Marks) (05 Marks) () o Z a. o b. c. d. e. Write a short note on: Quality and process. Test planning. Risk planning. Organizing documents. Test design specification document. (20 Marks) *rr*{<{<
  7. 7. 10cs63 USN Sixth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec. 20l3lJan.2014 Gomplier Design Time:3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 Note: Answer FIVE full questions, selecting utleast Tl,yO questions from each part. , o o o L o PART _ A I a. b. Explain the various phases of complier. Show the translations for an assignment statement. (12 Marks) Position: initial * rate + 60, clearly indicate the output of each phase. , Write thq.regular definition for an unsigned number. Also write the transition diagram. (06 Marks) (.) (.) c. ox What is printed by the following C code? # define a (x + l) irrtx:2; trca .:N (B+ ()E: o) -c o= ', void b( ) {int x :l; printf("oZd ln", a)'} void c( ){printfl'"%d ln", a); } void main( ) {b( ) ; c( );}. d9 p,' 69! ::,, 2 a. (02 Marks) Describe an algorithm used for eliminating the Ieft recursion. Eliminate left recursion from b. Show that the following grammar,is ambiguous : E -+ E + E I E * E I (E) | id. Write an equivalent unambiguous grammar for the same. c. ;u What are the key problem$'with top down parse? Write a recursive descent parser for the grarnmar : - --:;= )'r:F (08 Marks) S-+cAd A-+abla. o() -6 i 6 io QO- .!l 3 a. tra @= lio a tr= E.< LO i) ii) z.Y v. ECO o= o. :i tr> Xo o- U< :' - : A-+cle B-+dfe oj uoo Given the gramrner D. ,,,:' tJ. Compute FIRST and FOLLOW sets Construct the predictive parsing table (10 Marks) ,, iii) Show the moves made by predictive parser on the input ; acdb. (05 Marks) Explain with a neat diagram, the model of a table driven predictive parser. * v-t-t and grammar : What is handle pruning? Give a bottom - up parse for the input : vsv (05 Marks) S-+SS+lSS*la. a. Given the grammar o S-+CC Z : C-+cCld o D o b. c. Obtain the sets of canonical collection of sets of valid LR(0) items ii) Design SLR parsing table. Write an algorithm used to compute LR (1) sets of items. Write a note on the parser Generator - Yacc. 1 of2 (10 Marks) (06 Marks) (04 Marks)
  8. 8. r0cs63 PART _ B a. b. Explain the concept of syntax - directed definition. The SDD to translate binary integer number into decimal is shown below (05 Mark$, ::"",. ',.. ":: . Productions BN-+L Semantic rules L-+LrB L+B BN.val: L. val L. va :2 xLl.val + B. val L.va : B .val B-+0 B-+1 B. va B. va :0 :1 c. Construct the iarse tree and annotated parse tree for the input string : 1 1001 . (05 Marks) Give a SDT for desktop calculator and show its parser stack implementation. (10 Marks) a. Translate the arithmetiC.expression : a + - (b + c) into b. Give a semantic action i;",,S if (B) Sr etse Develop SDD to produce directed a cyclic grrpt for an expression. Show the steps for constructing the directedacyclic graph forthe expression : a-t a* (b-c) + (b-c) * d. c' dri;rr*r, sz. - [3:ffifii (08 Marks) lti., a. b. triples and indirect triples. Describe the general structure of an aCtivation record. Explain the purpose of each field in the activation record. (08 Marks) A C - code to compute Fiborthcci numbers recursively is shown below : int f(int n) {intt.s: <: 2) retum I s:f(n-l); t: fln -2) ; return (s,+ t); if(n ; '),t, , I f i) Draw the activation tree for the call : (5) W'hat is the largest number of activation records that ever appear together on the stack? ,,,,:, (06Marks) c, ' Explain the performance metrics to be considered while designing a garbage .oll..jg]._ _. ' (06 Marks). it) a. b. Discuss the issues in the design of a code generator. (10 Marks) Write the tree address code and construct the basic blocks for the following program segment. sum: 0 ; for(i: c. <: 0; i 10 ; i ++; +a[i] ; sum: sum Give the code generation process for operations. ,F*{<ik* (05 Marks) (05 Marks)
  9. 9. O6C5/15663 USN Sixth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013 lJan.20l4 Data Gompression .: Tirne: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:"tr00 N o o (.) "',"' ::;:: ; ;i"' {::: ; :;:';::* , ! ' 0) C) L D ii) iii) iv) 6v I ioa .=N b. Y() oE -O =ts ,--..;,,,,,,,,,,,,,, -A ":::;'#f Define the following terms with respect to data compressiorr: Compression i,atio oX -oo t"": PART c. Bit rate Distortion Fidelity and quality. Determine whether the following codes are uniquely decodable: i) {0.01. il } iil {0.0r.11. l}. A source emits letters from an alpliabet A : {ut, P(ar): P(a:): 0.2,P(a2): *.a a= ii) iii) oc) do ,,, 0.4 aqd P-(a+): (08 Marks) (04 Marks) d2, a,3, aq, as} with probabilities P(a5):0.1. Find the Huffman code,forthis source. Find the average lenglh of the code in (ii) and its redundancy. (08 Marks) 00a (!(g >e /6 2 a. lndex l 2 J 4 ltndexltlzl:l+l Entry ffi a x r- t 3a 'Ea 48. trs o(! oFl" a= 3o atE C'!o 5.e >'! bo'EO! o= so tr> o* U< -.; 6i o o z A sequence a encoded using the LZW algorithm and the initial dictionary !-@gn=iqtal ..r-9.{} rv./ *} iy'-**rq:,r".,8 I^< l.L -' ti;i'-ilr'- 1-" g, , -'l C,L''* - e'd C,u'- -e'd D ; rfhe output of the LZW encodes is the following sequence: , } ,f ,, 3,1,4,6,3,4,2,I,2,5,70. Decodethesequence. u}1={-{l' ii) Encode the decoded sequence using the same initial dictionary -il$e%-o Marks) b. Describe Run-length coding technique used is facsimile encoding. (I0 Marks) 3 a. b. c. Describe two popular measurers of distortion. Explain the encoder and decoder mapping for a 8-level, 3-bit quantizer. Explain backward adaptive quantuation with an example. 4 a. b. Write LBG algorithm. With a block diagram, describe basic differential encoding P I of2 (06 Marks) (06 Marks) (08 Marks) (10 Marks) system. (10 Marks)
  10. 10. 06CS/I5663 PART _ B ,:,":,,, a. Find the inverse Z-transform of the function F(z) = ,,, ,,. b. t - 2za +1 223 -522 (10 Marke) +42-1 ",1,i,r,llll Explain Discrete Walsh - Hadamard transform. (10 Mtirks) ,,,, ,i ,., :.. sequence a. |Given an infect .::.,,,:: [t n=0 Y ={ "n lo n+o i) i0 Find,,,fhe impulse response sequence :::irlpulse response sequence Find t {h,} if filter coefficients,,are : a0: 1.25, a1:0.5. {h"} if filter coefficiertts 6re ao : 1 and br : 0.9. (05 Marks) b. c. 7 a. (10 Marks) Explain MPEG lay*,] coding for audio coding. How basic subcodin$ Slgorithm reduces error rate comparod to DPCM? Explain. (05 Marks) Describe EZW algoritfu r'Demonstrate the various steps decomposition shown belowi ii,u t:' 26 ....6:" ]'13 10 ,:,.7::' ""',4" r, ttt 6 4 -4 4 -J 1 L-L ttl ttt,,.,,,,-,,,. 1 , 0 ,,.., (SrlHT) algorithm. (12 Marks) (08 Marks) Explain how video signals,are re-presented. What is rate control? Eiplain how change in rate is affected. Write a note on ITU-T recommendationH.263 standard. ""' "",,,, (06 Marks) (06 Marks) (08 Marks) .,,,,,, b. 8 a. b. c. Explain set partitioning is hierar.fri.uf : l'""'"" "tt"t'"""t' of EZW using seven-level ' i<'t*{<* ": ""t:: ,,."lli'';; 2 of2 ,
  11. 11. 06cs65 USN Sixth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013 lJan.20l4 Gomputer Graphics and Visualization Time: 3 hrs. o o o o- Max. Marks:100 Notez Answer FIVEfull questions, selecting at least TWO questionsfrom each part. " PART _ A .. ,,,,,,,, I a. b. Briefly explain the applications of computer graphics. Explair,,the process of image formation with pinhole camera as gn,example. Derive the expressiortfor angle of view. (12 Marks) . 2 a. b. Write an openGl. recursive program for 3D sierpinsky gasket with relevant comments. Explain the seven major groups of functions of a good API. 3 a. b. c. Enlist the features of good interactive program. How pop-up menus are created using GLUT? Illustrate with an example. What is double buffering? Explain the advantages of double buffering. 4 a. What are vertex arrays? Show how vertex arrays can be used to represent a cube in openGl. b. A square in a two dimensional system is specified by its vertices (6, 6) (10,6) (10, 10) and (6. l0). lmplement the following by its first fmding a composite n matrix for (.) o Eq bo* de -lol) ioo .=N <d+ Hho Y() (.)i -O a= oc) =! cotr !(n 'ia or= o-a tr0. , (I0 Marks) (04 Marks) (10 Marks) 5 a. obtain the matiix representation forffiilof Show ttrat tt" ; '"' r,rt:-".tr f*ng, Marks) Ti'**on PART _ B b. (06 Marks) ....::i the sequence of transformation. i) Rotate the square by 45" about its vertex (6. 6) i, Scale the original square by a factor of 2 about its centre. oj (12 Marks) (08 Marks) ' u point about 3D space. (10 Marks) following three dimensional sequences are commute: i) A rotation and a uniform aE ii) scaling. Two rotations about the same axis. (10 Marks) !o 5.v aa0 6J= EO tr> =o o VL J< :(.) o Z 6a, '",., o' ta. b. 8a. f o o. b. Briefly explain the perspective and parallel views in openGl,. Give example. What is mesh? With example explain how meshes are generated. Describe the phong lightening model. What are its advantages? Briefly explain the different tlpes of light sources supported by openGl. (10 Marks) (10 Marks) (10 Marks) (10 Marks) Use Leang Barsky line clipping algorithm to clip a line from starting point (30, 15) and ending point (65, 35) against the window having its lower left corner at (40,10) and upper right corner at (75,25). (10 Marks) Use Bresenham's line algorithm to digitalize a line from point (0, 0) to point (6, 4) 1lo Marksy
  12. 12. 06rs65 USN Sixth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec. Z0l3/Jan.2Ol4 lnformation Systems Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 Note: Answer FIVEfull questions, selecting atleast TWO questiins from each pa;. d o PART _ A f .l.ft -ft () o. E C) 1a. What is a system? explain five important components or functions of a system with an example? them. (10 Marks) (10 Marks) b. Classify the different types of information systems and briefly explain a. Explain the different competitive forces? Also explain cornpetitive strategies to encounter the compet itive forces. Define agility and agile company. Explain four basic strategies to implem.rJ':JilTil o ! ox CgU b. ol) coo .= c-l -il) go) (Jtr -c c) ?a 3a. Company. (10 Marks) c Illustrate with a neat diagram, the different stages of a transaction processing cycle and explain them. (08 Marks) Briefly explain the components of targeted marketing. (08 Marks) State the ohjectives of computer integrated manufacturing. (04 Marks) 4a. List the potential benefits of supply chain management. What are the causes of problems in b. 6: o(.) o0i b. ,6 -o6 -ao 'Ca OE o. 6. o(v oFi PART 5a. b. 6,i, Lo o'>- (i boi olJ 6a. b. c. o= tr> VL =o I t< *i 6i ; z o o, supply chain management? Explain the benefits of ERP and also the major causes of failure in ERP plqi With - ' B a neat diagram, explain the essential E-commerce processes. c. f {' u1..r;,stt l{ l''^[ o*tt="-:}1i 1r')& Lt '';* State and explain some of the key factors for achieving success in e - Describe the different components of an expert system, with a neat Explain fuzzy logic based system with an appropriate example. What is meant by "goal seeking analysis". Explain. diagram. a. What is ergonomics? Explain. b. Briefly explain variety of security measures that are a management. c. List and explain the principles of technology Ethics. 8 a. b. (10 Marks) (10 Marks) ' ], hrks) d"*/1, arks) (08 Marks) (06 Marks) i06 Marks) (04 Marks) part of integrated security (08 Marks) (08 Marks) Describe the major components of business/ IT planning. (06 Marks) Briefly explain strategies to be used to solve some of the systems development problems that arise in global IT. (06 Marks) Explain political and Geo - economic challenges. (08 Marks)