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7th Semester (June-2016) Computer Science and Information Science Engineering Question Papers


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7th Semester (June-2016) Computer Science and Information Science Engineering Question Papers

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7th Semester (June-2016) Computer Science and Information Science Engineering Question Papers

  1. 1. ttr + $.* Cs relevance of each actor. ii) One use case is the purchase of items. List another use case at a comparable levei of abstraction. Summarize the purpose of each use case with a sentence. iii) Prepare use case diagrarn for a physicai bookstore checkout system. Write the guidelines for sequence model. Write scenarios for the following situations: Moving a bag of corn, a goose and a fox across a river in a boat. Only one thing may be carried in the boat at a time. If the goose is left alone with the corn, the corn will be eaten. If the goose is left alone with the fox, the goose will be eaten. Prepare two scenarios, one in which something gets eaten and one in which everl.thing is safely transported across the river. (06 Marks) 4 a. Explain the stages in the software.development process. Which life cycle would you prefer in the deveiopment? Why? (10 Marks) b. Draw and explain the initial domain class model for ATM system with valid classes. (06 Marks) (04 Marks) USN Max. Marks:100 10cs71 (08 Marks) (08 Marks) (04 Marks) (06 Marks) (10 Marks) (04 Marks) (04 Marks) Explain the (06 Marks) (04 Marks) Seventh Semester B.E. Degree Examin ne/July 2016 6) o o ! (d E (n o ,o rs dU ,o, bIr I d@ 6s tso oi.EA) oB 8* a: bu do ;rr d+ "dG o-X n,i o!e o..i u-- aE HO >. q- tr aIJ .n c E= uo tr> =o3- ->' U< --:c..i o z f a E Time: 3 hrs. la. b. c. 2a. b. c. c. d. Re.*&-13 ffnoawnr-^HanE ula Fig.Q2(b) Object Oriented Modeling and Design Note: Answer FIYE full questions, selecting at leust Til/O questions from each part. PART _ A With an example, define a model. What purpose does it serve? Explain. With a neat diagram, explain a class model of windowing systern. Explain qualihed association with suitable example. Explain the concept of work around with example. Explain aggregation and composition with example. What are nested states? Explain nested states with an example. Consider a physical bookstore, such as in a shopping mall: i) List three actors that are involved in the design of a checkout system. Fig.Q2(b) is a partially completed state diagram for the control of a telephone answering machine. The machine detects an incoming call after five rings and answers the call with a prerecorded announcement. When the announcement is cornplete, the machine records the caller's message. When the callerhangs up, the machine hangs up and shuts off. If someone answers the telephone before five rings, the machine should do nothing. Distinguish between calls in which the telephone is answered on the first ring and one call that rings five times. Draw and explain state model or diagram. Place the following in the diagram: call detect, answer call, play announcement, record message, caller hangs up, announcement complete. c. Explain the system conception. 7 of 2
  2. 2. PART - B 5 a. What are the steps involved in constructing an application class model? b. Name the three kinds of control for the extemal events in a software system. control in brief 6a. b. 7a. 8 a. What are idioms? Write the steps to implement the counted pointor idiom. b. Write notes on: .,. ,i.. , " i) Benefits of view handler pattern ii) Liabilities ofview handler pattem 10cs71 (10 Marks) Describe each (10 Marks) Explain the different tasks involved in design optimizbtion. (tdh{arksl What are the outputs from reverse engineering? In brief discuss reverse engineerinfr{pi. ", f'u<lO Marks) What is pattern? Describe the categories of pattern. (10 Marks) Explain the structure of client-dispatcher-server design pattern using C(C. (10 Marks) (10 Marks) (10 Marks) . t-;l'o '- ,..{'t.'{".,,& 6/ " ".'l 2 of2
  3. 3. USN 10rs72 2016 lnformation Systems Tirne: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 ::::Note: Answer FIVE full qwestions, selecting at least TWO questions.frow each part. PART _ A I a. What is information system? With neat diagram, explain the roie of e-business in business. (10 Marks) (10 Marks) .J o o c. o o {o y- dv 3.. oo . = a..l 3O a2 a: 5o oot =,-o ,6 >,i 6.E c-F o.voj .= !Jc 6E cF !o O.= ooo tr bIl 'nc 6= EtY! v-< * a] o z o O. E 2 a. Explain briefly how information technology can be used to irnplement the five basic competitive strategies. (05 Marks) b. With neat figure, explain how a customer fbcused business builds custorner value and loyalfy using inlenret. {G5 Marks) c. What is virtual company? List the basic business strategies of virtual companies. Write a diagram how virtual companies uses intemet, inhanets and extranets to form virtual work groups and support alliance with business partners. (trO Marks) 3 a. Explain the enterprise applicatron architechrre illustrating the major cross functional enterprise application and their interrelationships. (10 Marks) b. What is targeted marketing? Explain major components for e-commerce. (05 Marks) c. With examples, explain financial management systems. (05 Marks) 4 a. With figure. Explain major application clusters in CRM. (05 Marks) b. With a figure. explain how CRM support 3 -phases of relationships between a business and b. Explain component of an information systems in detail. its customers. c. What is SCM? Explain benefits and chalienges of SCM. system with many pal..rnent altematives. c. Explain e-commerce success factors. 6 a. What are the attributes of information quality? Explarn. b. Explain components of a web enabled marketing DSS. c. Explain major applications areas of AI. PART -B5 a. What is e-cofilmerce? Briefly expiain the categories of e-commerce. (05 Marks) b. Explain electronic payment process. Write a neat diagram of secure electronic paylent (05 Marks) (10 Marks) (08 Marks) (07 Marks) (05 Marks) (05 N!arks) (10 Marks) (08 Marks) (05 Marks) (07 Marks) {06 Marks) (07 Marks) (07 &4arks) 7a. b. c. Explain computer crime. Explain intemet worked security defenses. and other forms of cyber crimes. a. Explain major components of inforrnation technology management. b. Explain major dimensions of global e business technology management. c. Write the issues in managing intemational data communications. Write a security management steps to protect your computer system resources from hacking {<****
  4. 4. USN 10cs72 (04 Marks) (05l{arks} (08 Marks) ({}6 Marks) (10 Marks) {04 Marksi (06 Manks) (J ! d () d d) {:a -y, - = t/) oo li ioo ,=N cd$ Y() do oB aq) oaJ (B(i ,-!] ><d 6.!, o.A tro. /: .9. 6iE, 6i tso > (ts tro!.-= o-B E> o- L.,< * (..t o Z o o. Seventh Semester B.E. Degree Examination, June/July 2016 Embedded Gomputing Systems Tirne: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:l00 Note: Answer FIVE full questions, selectimg st lesst TWO ctruestions frotn each part. a. what is Embedded system? ",r. or,ffi (02 Marks) b. Explain briefly the characteristics of Embedded computing application. (10 Marks) c. Write the top-down view of the embedded system design process dnd write a requirement chart of model train controller. (08 Marks) 2 a. Write ARM assernbly code to impiement the following C assignment. z:a(b+c)-d*e b. What is an interrupt priorities mechanism used to handle multiple device internipts? (0E Marks) c. What is cache? Hor.v it relates to mernory system mechanism? Explain different types of cache miss. (08 Marks) a. Explain a bus with a DMA controller mechanism? (08 Marks) b. Differentiate between Random accesses memories and Read only memories. (04 Marks) c. List out the I/O devices commonly used in ernbedded cornputing systems. Explain briefly any three I/O devices. (08 Marks) 4 a. For a give basic graph. w:a*b x:a-c y:x*d x:a*c f:y*. b. Explain any two program optimization Techniques. c. Write a short note on alarrm clocks. PART - B 5 a. Explain the basic fi.rnction of Real time kernel. b. Give different between monolithic kernel and micro kernel. c. Define process. With a diagram, explain state transition of a prooess. block, rewrite it in single assignment form and then draw the dataflow 6 a. What is trnterprocess Communication (IPC)? Give an orren iew of different types of IPL mechanisms adopted by various operating systems. {10 Marks) b. What is deadlock ? What are the different conditions favoring deadlock? (CI5 Marks) c. Explain the diff-erent functional requirement that needs to be evaluated in the selection of,an RTOS. I af2 (05 Marksi
  5. 5. -t 7 a. Explain the structure and characteristics of an I2C bus. b. Explain Ethernet packet forrnat. c. Explain the follovring terms : Internet security, Intemet service stack 8 a. Explain the following interated development Environment Simulators Ernulators Debugger b. Explain the different tools used for hardware debugging. 10cs72 (10 Marks) (05 Marks) (93'Marks) (12 Marks) (08 Marks) :'dl-*'3 l'."1; **x++ 2 of2
  6. 6. USN Tirne: 3 hrs. 1a. b. c. 2a. b. c. 3a. h c, une/July 2016 Max. Marks: 100 1QCS73 (05 Marks) (06 Marks) (08 N{arks) (04 Marks) {08 Marks) the median of an (08 Marks) (07 Marks) (06 Marks) (07 Marks) Seventh Semester B.E. Degree E Programming th d o o ! o. (c a 4J I ox Q.- -l .=N d <i- xoo YO Jc) 8s o;i o0) o0 Idd 'o>! s= -ra o Oi go- trc. o -_I {) -y 6* !o o:>'! trdl o= =63:ie o (-r < ; z tr E Note: Answer any FIVE fwll questions, se{ectimg atlesst TWO questions from eacla part" P,{RT _ A Explain standard XHTML document structure. What is Web server? Describe its general characteristics. Explain with an example the following tags : i) <a> ii)<img> iii) <meta> iv) <pre>. Describe differences between primitives and objects in Javascript. With an exarnple, explain the fotrlowing : i) document.write ii) aiert iii) confirm iv) prompt. Write a XHTML document containing a Javascript function to compute array of numbers with at least two different data sets. Explain the navigator object with an example. Explain the following positioning elements with example. Explain syntactic differences between HTML and XFtrTML. (0b Marks) Explain various selector forms with an examptre. (06 Marks) Develop a complete XHTML document with proper headings, a table with four rows and three columns, a forrn with two trabels, two textbox three checkbox, three radio buttons, a submit and a reset button. (Assume suitable content for the weh page). (08 Marks) 4a. b. i) Absolute positionitg i0 Relativepositioning. c. Explain element visibility with an example. PAR.T _ B 5 a. With respect to XML schemas, explain complex types. b. Explain XSLT processing with an example. c. Describe XML namespaces and their definition syntax. 6 a. Explain for each statement in Perl with an example. b. Explain Rembering matching with an example. : Explain any five functions. d' Describe built-in list fi.rnctions in Perl. (07 Marks) (07 NIarks) (06 Marks) (04 Marks) (05 Marks) (05 Marks) (05 Marks) (G5 Marks) (05 Marks) la. b. 8a. b. c. Describe logical internal structure of an array in PHF. Explain any five commonly used string functions in PFIP. Create a XHTML document with PF{P to display the nunaber, square root, square, cube and quadruple using sqrt and pow functions. (The output should contain 10 number). (10 Marks) Explain with an example any four built-in methods for arrays and lists in ruby. (08 Marks) Explain directory structure of rails application. (06 Marks) Describe simple input and output in ruby with an example. (06 Marks) ***rr*
  7. 7. ffiD e g r e e p*u *;,rffi$tK */July 10cs74USN Seventh Semester B.E" Advanced Time: 3 hrs. 2816 Max. Marks:100 Note: Answer any FIVE fall qaestions, selecting atleust TWO qwestions fronn each part. PART _,d a. Define trnstruction Set Architectrire (ISA). Explain seven dimensions of an ISA. (10 Marks) b. Assume a disk subsystem with the following components and MTTF : * i0 disks each rated rt 1,000,000 hr MTTF * I SCSI controller, 500,000 - hour MT'TF E 1 Power supply, 200,000 - hour MTTF * I Fan, 200, 000 - hour MTTF. E 1 SCSI cable, 1,000,000 - hour MTTF. Using the simplifying assumptions that the lifetimes are exponentially distributed and that failures are independent, compute the MTTF of the system as a whole. (05 Marks) c. List and explain four impodant technologies, which change at a dramatic pace and are critical to modern implementation. (05 Manks) a. With a neat diagram, expiain the classic five stage pipeline for a RtrSC processor" (10 Marks) b. List three major hurdles ofpipelinrng. Explain the concept of minimizng data hazardssta-lls by forwarding using the exarnple below : DADD R1, R2, R3 DSUB R4, R1, R5 AND R6, Rl, R7 R8, R.l, R9 RI 0, Rl, Rl 1. (18 Marks) Gomputer Architecture d C) oqO E () oL ?(J =r.-uoll trca rt d?r oi -oE! {: --t 5o (!o 00tr -o>:,6 5(J 5ii i.- X o.v()j Bo z9 <9 >'! tr ol) tr> o :L U< _N () o z op. E OR XOR 3 a. Show how the below loop would look on MIPS 5 - stage pipeline, under the following situations. Also find the number of cycles per iteration for each case. Latency of LOAD is 2, ADD.D is 3, store is 1, DADDUI is 2 and tsranches is 1 . (tr2 Marks) Loop: L.D F0,0(R.1) ADD.D F4, FO, F'2 sD F4,0(R1) DADDUI RI, Rl, # -8 BNE Rl, R2, Loop D Without scheduling, without unrolling ii) With scheduiing, without unrolling. iii) With loop unrolling, without scheduling iv) With loop unrolling, with scheduling. b" What is the drawback of 1 - bit dynamic branch prediction method? Ciearly state how it is overcome in2 - bit prediction. Give the state transition diagram of 2 - bit predictor. (&8 Manks) 4 a. Explain the basic VLIW approach for exploiting ILP, with multiple issues using the following example. We have a V.LIW that could issue two memory references, two FP operations and one integer or branch every clock cycle. Use the unrolled version of the code given in question 3a. How many clock cycles per result does it require ? (10 Marks) b. What is Branch Target Buffer? r/ith a neat diagram, expiain the steps when using BTB. (10 Marks) L at2
  8. 8. 10cs74 PART'_ B a. With the help of neat diagram, explain the basic structure of centralized shared memory and distributed ffiernory multiprocessor. (10 Marks) b. Explain directory based cache coherence tor a distributed memory multiprocessor systern along with the state transition diagram" (10 Marks) a. List the basic cache optimization techniques. Explain any f,our. (10 Marks) b. Assume we have a cornputer where the CFi is 1.0 when all rnemory accesses hit in the cache. The only data accesses are loads and stores and these tota|5Ao/o of the instructions. if the miss penalty is 25 clock cycles and the miss rate is Zoh, how much faster would the computer be if all instructions were cache hits? (1S Marks) a. Which are the major categories of advanced optimizations of ,cache performance? Explain rrultibanked caches to increase cactrre baridv;idth. (1s Marks) b. Explain in detail, tlae architecture support for protecting processes from each other via virtual memory. (10 Marks) a. Expiain the architecture of 14,64 intel processor and also the prediction and speculaiion (10 Marks)support provided. b. Explain in detail, the hardware support speculation. for preserving exception behavoiur during (trS Marks) 2 af2
  9. 9. USN lOCS/IS753 2016 Max. Marks:100 (02 Marks) (02 Marks) (04 &4arks) {tr2 Marks) (04 Marks) (SB Marl<s) program to call stored procedure using (88 lVlarks) Seventh Semester B.E. Degree Exa i JuruelJwly JAVA and J2EE Note; Answer FIVE fall questions, selecting at lesst TWO qwestions from eucle part" o o- (i () d () ?a dU =r):. ir =oc u(J -o Es 'J, : o() == ootr(Bcd >!,G Nt r) :Q c5.trb. o.voj ?.2 'E!o 6.= cb0 uo F> ()- t.r< *6t () o z o a, PART -AI a. Explain the process of cornpiling and running the JAVA application, with the help of "Helic' world" prograrn. iSB Mar[<s) b. Expiain the syntax of for-each loop. Write a JAVA program to search a key element by using for-each loop. (08 Marks) c. Correct the errors from the following code and explain: byte b: 50; b:b * 2; d. Write the output of the tbllowing code: byt" b; int i: 251; double d: 323.142; b: (byte) i; system. out. printl.n(b) ; b: (byte) d; system. out.println(b) ; Time: 3 hrs. 1o b. c. 3a. b. C. What is an applet? Explain different stages in Xifb cycle of applet. (07 Marks) Create a class figure in JAVA, with following rnembers dim 1, dirn 2 and abstract inethad arca. Create a subclasses T'riangle, Rectangle with irnplementatior,r of,area. (07 Marks) Explain dynarnic method dispatch in Java with example prcgram. (s6 Marks) What do you mean by thread? Explain the different ways of creating threads. (08 Manks) Write a JAVA program to create two thleads, one displays "computer scieflc€" and another displays "inforrnation science" five times. (SB &trarks) Write a JAVA program to find a factorial of N numbers recursively. (s4 N6arks) 4. What is swing? Explain impartant features of swing. b. Explain the following with an exampie lor each: , .trTextField ii) JT'able iii) JComboBox c. Explain cornponents and containers in the swing. PART - B a. Explain I2EE architecture. b. Briefly explain the callable sratement object. Write a callabie statement. c. Give JAVA syntax for the following : i) Selectir:g the rows ftom employee table. ii) Countin! number of employees working in "research" department. 1 afZ (S4 Marks)
  10. 10. FI I lOCSiI5753 a. What are Servlet? Briefly explain the application of servlet in web programming. (04 Marks) b. Write short notes on: i) Session tracking ii) Cookies (08 Marks) c. Write a JAVA Servlet to read name from client page and say Hello to the name as response. (08 M*ks) a. What is JSP? Explain the different types of .ISP tags. b. What is RMtr? Describe the code snippet RMI at client side. c. Write the differences between -ISP and Servlets. Write short notes on: a. Session JAVA beans b. Entity JAVA beans c. JAR file d. Deployment descriptor for E.lB 1.1 (0,f Marks) (1,0 Marks) tu.-'' (04 Marks) (20 Marks) . -1, o,'r,.1.r' 2 ofZ
  11. 11. USN Tirne: 3 hrs. 2a. b. c. 3a. b. (.. 4a. b. 10cs/xs751 Max. Marks: tr00 source code, a given .I.{ET compiler and (10 Marks) (10 Marks) Seventh Sernester B.E. Degree Examina- ne/July 2016 C# Programming and .NET Note: Answer FIVEfwll questions, selecting at least TWO qwestions from ewch part" a. () o o o. !) ox (n= <d9 =r) qoo d$ 6)tr€O ()= a;x oc) b0c(dd -o>P P6 -(,6 =9 trc. () --r fr.Y o: alE 6a !o 6.v>. q- qO E>oP(r- LJ<f .^i ; z PART _ A Explain ihe basic workflow that takes between mscorel.dll. Explain the following terms: i) cLS ii) cil- iii) ASSEMBLY iv) MANIFEST What is csc.exe? List the different output options available in C# cornpiler. (07 Marks) Write a note on .NET namespaces in C#. (05 Marks) Expiain how to build visual studio .NET test application that reference external assernbly. (08 Marks) Write a C# program to flnd the roots of a quadratic equation ax' + bx * c : 0, read coefficients a, b, c frorn user. (10 Marks) Explain any five members of System.Object. (05 Marks) What is the role of System.Text.String Builder and how is it different from System.String? (05 Marks) What is encapsulation? Explain the two ways of enforcing encapsulation with exampie each" (1t) Marks) Write a C# program that shows the C#'s polyrnorphic support for the following Fig.Qa@). Fie.Qa(b) By using the necessary data mernbers to compute area of eacla shape. (10 Marks) PART _ B 5 a. Write a C# program that will read a name from the keyboard and display it on the screen. The program should tkow an exception when the iength of,name is more than 15 characters. Design your own exception. (18 Marks) b. What is object lifetime / Explain the sequence of events involved in finahzation process. (10 Marks) fum'. ecclanff,t U ir't o"rta.l) $^rytftian$+ 'r,.* o,Jt}.-[) 1 of2
  12. 12. lOCS/I5761 6 a. Declare a class box that kas 2 data rnembers length (inches) and width (inches. The class iinplements 2 interfaces lEngXishDimention and lMetricDirnension that returns length, width in metric dimensions (m: inch*2.54). Each of these interfaces have 2 rnethods length( ) and width( ). Write a C# program to create the class and to instantiate an object of that type and use all tkre functions. b. Explain the follorving interfaces: i) Icomparable ii) iconvertible iii) Icloneabtre iv) Interf,ace hierarchies (10 Marks) (10 Marks) (10 Marks) Ea. b. What are denegates? Explain the concept of rnulticast deiegate with example. (10 Marks) Write a C# program to do the following on cornplex numbers Cl and C2 using operator overloading Cl + C2,CL - C2 and Cl l: C2" What is a .NET assea'nbly? How to build shared assembly? Explain in detail with a program. (10 Marks) What is rnultifile assernbly? Explain how to build and consuming a rnultifile assernbly. (10 Marks) :F8t*{r< 2 of2