Sharing is Accountability
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Sharing is Accountability



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Sharing is Accountability Sharing is Accountability Presentation Transcript

  • Sharing = Accountability And quite frankly, the real secret to successDEaN SHAREskiETMOOCJanuary, 2013
  • This is me
  • This is me
  • This is me
  • This is me
  • This is me
  • This is me
  • This is me
  • This is me
  • This is me
  • This is me
  • This is me
  • This is me
  • “...there is no word for "accountability" in Finnish.”
  • “Accountability iswhats left when you take out responsibility.”
  • “I wish we could stop using the word "accountable" and instead talk about "responsible". It would make all the difference.”
  • Things you never see
  • “Distrust is anexpensive vice” Dave Weinberger “Too Big To Know”
  • From: Royan Lee
  • How is your organizationresponding the the issues of improving education?
  • Beyond the Training Model
  • Beyond the PLC“A professional learning community(PLC) is an extended learningopportunity to foster collaborativelearning among colleagues within aparticular work environment or field. It isoften used in schools as a way toorganize teachers into working groups.”
  • Forced
  • Prescriptive
  • Group work isn t for everyone
  • “Bringing smart peopletogether is an ancientand effective techniquefor developing ideas. TheNet also lets smartpeople connect andcommunicate. But theNet brings peopletogether in new andoccasionally weirdconfigurations—aweirdness that is nowbeing reflected in howexpertise works....”
  • Data Driven
  • Lack of Time
  • LearnShare
  • Sharing: The Moral Imperative
  • What, if any are your obligations to sharebeyond your students?
  • What could/should you share?
  • With Whom?
  • What are the dangers?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Can I findyour best work online?
  • Can I find any ofyour best work online?
  • The Myth of Easy
  • Is Over Sharing a Thing?
  • “Goodness, share whatever you like. I’ll take care offiltering on this end.p.s. I’m not one of your YouTube subscribers (Isubscribe to something like one channel) but I woulddefinitely watch you hitting golf balls across a frozenlake.” Stephen Downes
  • The Fear of Publishing
  • Critique & Civil Discourse
  • “Some of the comments onYouTube make you weep for thefuture of humanity just for thespelling alone, never mind theobscenity and the naked hatred.”Read more:,9171,1570810,00.html#ixzz2IMWyUyNK
  • The Long Tail of Learning
  • Find Your Voice
  • Links
  • Open Classrooms
  • Encourager
  • http://cogdogblog.comHow To
  • Creations
  • Self Reflection
  • Have a Discussion
  • blogging was the cheapest, most risk-Butfree investment I could have made ofmy personal time into my job. You start by writingdown things that are interesting to you, practices you don’t want to forget. And thenyou start trying new things just so you can blog about them later, picking them apart, Periods of stagnancyand dialoging over them with your blogging start to correspond toperiods of stagnancy in your teaching. Youstart to muse on your job when you’re stuck in traffic, in line for groceries, that sort That transformation has beenof thing.nothing but good for me and it all began on a free Blogspotblog. Dan Meyer @ddmeyer
  • Recommendations:• More Autonomy• More Connections• More Sharing
  • Autonomy Connections Sharing
  • Connecting totheir greatestresource...
  • Connecting totheir greatestresource... EACH OTHER
  • If we create cultures of trust and sharing,accountability is built in,not contrived or imposed, it just is.