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CMC Social Media Presentation March 2012
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CMC Social Media Presentation March 2012


Presentation for business class at Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Sprigs, Colorado.

Presentation for business class at Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Sprigs, Colorado.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • Pretty neat. Love the creativity, Looking for presentation for class on 'how to use Social media for Job Search.'
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  • 1. SOCIAL MEDIA / CMC / MARCH 12, 2012 Colomark.com
  • 3. INTERNET USAGEBeautiful slides and stats (borrowed) from: http://www.slideshare.net/HubSpot/its-time-to-transform-your-marketing Colomark.com
  • 4. INTERNET USAGEBeautiful slides and stats (borrowed) from: http://www.slideshare.net/HubSpot/its-time-to-transform-your-marketing Colomark.com
  • 5. INTERNET USAGEBeautiful slides and stats (borrowed) from: http://www.slideshare.net/HubSpot/its-time-to-transform-your-marketing Colomark.com
  • 6. SOCIALNOMICS Colomark.com
  • 7. Beautiful slides and stats (borrowed) from: http://www.slideshare.net/HubSpot/its-time-to-transform-your-marketing Colomark.com
  • 8. OUTBOUND & INBOUND MARKETINGImage Resource: HubSpot.com Colomark.com
  • 9. Beautiful slides and stats (borrowed) from: http://www.slideshare.net/HubSpot/its-time-to-transform-your-marketing Colomark.com
  • 11. SOCIAL MEDIAMARKETING You•  TOP OF MIND!•  Networking•  Participating in conversations•  Developing meaningful customer relationships•  Becoming a resource for consumers•  Become an expert in your field.•  Winning greater quantities of brand advocates Colomark.com
  • 12. SOCIALNOMICS Colomark.com
  • 13. SOCIALNOMICS Colomark.com
  • 14. SOCIALNOMICS Socialnomics 3 [via Erik Qualman 2:05 Fatboy Slim] From: Socialnomics09 | Jun 29, 2011 | 15,277 viewsThis is Social Media Revolution 3 based on Erik Qualmans #1 Best Seller Socialnomics. The music is by Fatboy Slim in this version http://youtu.be/nPYrbSUqr2k / http://www.socialnomics.net/ Colomark.com
  • 15. K.I.S.SSOCIAL MEDIA.•  Stay Top of Mind•  Develop a Personality Behind Your Brand•  Develop relationships with your customers•  Plan out your social posting week & month – Create a Google calendar of posting times and dates•  Brainstorm posts and keep a ‘bank’ of ideas •  Make a shared Google Doc so anyone on your team can add ideas at any time •  Break posts out into subject matter, and break these out into days or weeks•  Use Hootsuite or TweetDeck to schedule posts Colomark.com
  • 16. Colomark.com
  • 18. WHY BLOG? •  Blogs bring 55% more visits to an associated website •  You don’t have to author a blog to get involved •  Comment, like, share, post on others •  Small audiences of the right people - micro-persuasion •  Creates thought leadership •  SEARCH ENGINES <3 BLOGS!@shelbyo Colomark.com
  • 19. HOW TOSTART A BLOG:•  Pick a blogging service: BlogSpot, WordPress, Tumblr…•  Host your blog on your main site: website.com/blog•  Consider your ideal site visitors•  Brainstorm keywords related to your business and/or research keywords: •  www.wordtracker.com •  www.seomoz.org •  https://adwords.google.com Colomark.com
  • 20. WHATTO BLOG ABOUT:•  FAQs: What Are The Most Common Questions Your Customers Ask?•  The Best Top 5, 10, 15, 20, 7, 11 or 111 Lists•  Trending Topics: Be Opinionated •  www.google.com/trends •  www.twitter.com/trendingtopics •  http://www.whatthetrend.com/•  Other Ideas: •  One photo with a caption or Several photos with captions •  A review of a book, a film, a product •  A How-To guide or a How-NOT-To guide •  A short video, or audio clip •  An interview •  A rant or a rave •  A thoughtful response to somebody else’s blog post Colomark.com
  • 21. BLOGGINGESSENTIALS:•  Creative, Keyword Rich Headlines•  500 words or less•  Sub-headings – Break Up Text•  Photos •  http://search.creativecommons.org/ •  http://www.flickr.com/ •  http://commons.wikimedia.org/•  Calls to Actions•  Tags•  Checklist: http://www.slideshare.net/HubSpot/blog-checklist/download Colomark.com
  • 22. PROMOTINGYOUR BLOG•  Subscription Options: •  Publish on Blog Email (www.feedburner.com), Directories: RSS, Twitter, Facebook •  Blogarama•  Social Media Sharing: Twitter, •  Globe of Blogs Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, •  Bloggapedia Pinterest •  BlogFlux•  Include Your Blog in Traditional •  SuperBlog Directory Communications •  Bloggernity•  Write Guest Blog Posts •  Blog Listing•  Get Active in Online Communities •  Bloggio•  Mention Media and Influencers Colomark.com
  • 23. BLOGGING RESOURCESTools for Finding Blogs Tools for Measuring BlogsGoogle Blog Search AlexaTechnorati Compete ComscoreTools for Reading Blogs TechnoratiBloglines Blog GraderFeedDemonGoogle ReaderNetNewsWire Top Blogs About Blogging BlogtrepreneurTools for Writing Blogs CopybloggerBlogger Daily Blog TipsHubSpotMovable Type Lorelle on WordpressTypePad ProbloggerWordPress
  • 25. HOW TO USE TWITTER•  Create a profile: Include photo, logo or illustration; bio; and link•  Listen for awhile, learn the lingo•  Follow people in your industry; customers; prospects; media outlets•  Set-up category lists in Twitter•  Use HootSuite or Tweetdeck to follow lists, company names, & keywords Colomark.com
  • 26. TWEETINGSTYLES•  Be yourself•  Be your company brand e.g.. Nobis_Hotel•  "The Nobis Hotel is a grand old lady who lives in a vast apartment in Stockholm. Shes a dame of means. She has a cocktail party starting every day at 11:00 am and is slightly tipsy by 5:00 pm and that is when she is communicating to you via social networks as a friend.•  Follow interesting people•  You don’t have to follow everyone who follows you•  Block inappropriate followers•  Re-tweet often, but tweet more frequently•  DM if tweet is TMI or irrelevant for masses•  Be social; participate in conversations & use # tags•  Find TweetUps e.g.. #mrktchat•  Reply to Tweets•  It’s not all business Colomark.com
  • 27. FACEBOOK500 MILLION+ ACTIVE USERS Colomark.com
  • 28. FACEBOOKPROFILES & PAGES•  People have Profiles•  Brands/Businesses have Pages•  Use your personal profile to create and Admin a Page •  www.facebook.com/pages/create.php•  Choose a Category (cannot be changed)•  Complete Basic Information•  Start Posting Status Updates•  Add Other Administrators•  Invite Friends, Colleagues, Clients to Fan Colomark.com
  • 29. MANAGINGFACEBOOK PAGES•  Work your way through the menu on the right side, including setting up your page URL •  You need 25 fans to claim your Vanity URL •  You can’t change it – so get it right the first time! Colomark.com
  • 30. MANAGINGFACEBOOK PAGES•  To access your page easily, go to the top right corner and select ‘Use Facebook as Page’•  You can edit settings by clicking ‘Edit Page’ near top right Colomark.com
  • 31. *NEW* FACEBOOK TIMELINE Colomark.com
  • 32. *NEW* FACEBOOK TIMELINE Colomark.com
  • 35. *NEW* FACEBOOK TIMELINE Colomark.com
  • 36. *NEW* FACEBOOK TIMELINE•  Pin Posts To Top (for 7 Days) & Star to Make Posts Wider Colomark.com
  • 37. FACEBOOK EDGE RANK•  Affinity – How often you interact with others (be it visiting a friend’s profile or commenting on a page’s picture).•  Edge Weight – The type of content it is. A few types are: Photos, Videos, Status, Place Check-ins, becoming friends with someone, liking a page, changing your profile picture, etc. Keep in mind, there are general rules, but everyone’s Edge Weight is different and Facebook has carte blanche to tweak things at will.•  Recency – The older something is, the less likely you are to see it. Colomark.com
  • 39. FACEBOOK POSTING STRATEGY •  Keep it Short & Sweet: Posts with 80 characters or less receive 66% higher engagement. Very concise posts – those between one and 40 characters – generate highest engagement. •  And while the content should be short, the URL probably shouldn’t be — posts with a full-length URL had three times the engagement of their shortened bit.ly, ow.ly and tinyurl counterparts.Link to the Study by Buddy Media. Colomark.com
  • 40. FACEBOOK POSTING STRATEGY •  Ask questions to spark dialogue – “question” Posts generate Comment rates double that of “non-question” Posts. •  Outright saying “post,” “comment” or “tell us” motivates fans to engage. If you’re seeking answers, put a simple “where” or “when” or “would” question at the end of the post — you’ll get 15% more engagement than if the question is buried in the middle. •  Shy away from “why” questions, as they seem invasive and ask much more of a user than a “what” question, •  Fill in the blank Posts receive 9 times more Comments than other Posts.Link to the Study by Buddy Media. Colomark.com
  • 41. FACEBOOK POSTING STRATEGY •  Offer fans “$ off” and coupons. Posts containing these offer- related keywords receive the highest engagement. •  “$ Off” offers receive twice the engagement of “% Off” offers. •  Photos receive the most Likes on Facebook. Photos get 50% more impressions than any other post type. •  Links are 87% more likely to be shared than any other post type on Facebook.Link to the Study by Buddy Media. Colomark.com
  • 42. FACEBOOK@ MENTIONS•  Fan other business pages that complement your business•  Then write a post and type @ before their name.•  A drop-down list will appear.•  Select the business & it will turn into a link to their wall – and your post will appear on their wall. Colomark.com
  • 43. FACEBOOK ADVERTIZING Colomark.com
  • 44. FACEBOOK ADVERTIZINGTypes of Ads:•  Ad to drive people to your website or Facebook page•  Turn a recent post into an Ad•  Sponsored Stories: •  Page Like Story – show an ad to friends of fans •  Post Like Story – show your Post to friends of fans when your fan “Likes” that post
  • 45. FACEBOOK ADVERTIZINGWhat You Can Target:•  Location (Country, State, City, Zip), Age, Sex, Education•  Workplace: e.g.. Steamboat Ski Resort•  Interests: •  Broad Category: e.g.. “Skiing” “Yoga” – based on interests in their profile. #Yoga refers to yoga and all similar interests. When there is no #, then you are specifically selecting Yoga. •  When you add two interests, the target audience will include anyone in the first interest OR anyone in the second. •  Precise Interests: This is where you can target pages that fans have already liked, such as fans of the Steamboat Resort, or Steamboat Springs Holiday Inn Colomark.com
  • 46. FACEBOOKRESOURCES•  The Official Facebook Blog•  All Facebook: The Unofficial Facebook Resource•  Facebook Social Plugins•  Networked Blogs•  Liveworlds Facebook Forum 2.0•  Wildfire Application (for Facebook contests/promotions)•  Mashable Colomark.com
  • 49. OPTIMIZE YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE The Obvious Steps: 1.  Upload a photo! 2.  Complete Your Profile! 3.  Showcase Projects & Successes in Work History & Summary Sections 4.  Find meaningful contacts 5.  Ask for Recommendations (and Recommend others)@seolsearchkaty Colomark.com
  • 50. OPTIMIZE YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE The Not-So-Obvious Steps: 1.  Update your personal URL •  e.g.. LinkedIn.com/in/katymartin 2.  When adding websites, choose ‘Other’ and use this area to spell out your current company with a few key – searchable – words. •  Eg. Colomark Media Web & Social Media Marketing 3.  Update your settings to show all your information 4.  Update Your Status Often 5.  Start asking and answering questions on LinkedIn Answers@seolsearchkaty Colomark.com
  • 51. PINTEREST Colomark.com
  • 52. PINTEREST@seolsearchkaty Colomark.com
  • 53. PINTEREST@seolsearchkaty Colomark.com
  • 54. PINTEREST@seolsearchkaty Colomark.com
  • 55. PINTEREST Ideas About How to Market Your Business: 1.  Pin photos of your products (be interesting!) 2.  Cover photos of eBooks, articles, presentations, news articles 3.  Curate collections e.g.. Bookstore could curate boards of special interest book topics; restaurants could curate recipes that inspire their chefs; outdoor clothing companies could curate photos of inspiring places to visit. 4.  Host competitions 5.  It’s an opportunity to Give Back to your community – and promote their activities.@seolsearchkaty Colomark.com
  • 56. PINTEREST Chobani Yogurt •  Recipes about how to use product •  “Nothing But Good” – No yogurt here. Just fun, happy photos.@seolsearchkaty Colomark.com
  • 57. PINTEREST Oreck Vacuums •  Cleaning tips, design/architecture inspiration (Stunning floors) •  Furry Friends!@seolsearchkaty Colomark.com
  • 58. PINTEREST Peapod Grocery Delivery •  Food in season, recipes, food prep tips and tricks •  Favorite Foodie Movies@seolsearchkaty Colomark.com
  • 59. INSTAGRAM Colomark.com
  • 60. INSTAGRAM •  Instagram has accumulated 15 million users •  Who have uploaded more than 400 million photos in less than two years. •  Post interesting images: Focus less on your branded images and products and instead post lifestyle photos •  Post consistently but not too often, and not all at once •  Get the community involved: Brands that respond with @replies to their commenters and actively use hash tags generate more activity on their profiles. •  Have a theme: Kate Spade NY uses the #popofcolor hash tag quite often to highlight their photos that have a splash of red in them. NH Hotels consistently post great sunrises and morning shots tagged with #wakeuppics.@seolsearchkaty Colomark.com
  • 61. INSTAGRAM •  Starbucks on Instagram: •  200,000+ followers to date •  highlights in-store experiences at locations from around the world •  shows how new coffee flavors are chosen and tested at Starbucks headquarters •  provides information about its Create Jobs for the USA program.@seolsearchkaty Colomark.com
  • 62. INSTAGRAM •  Red Bull on Instagram: •  Red Bulls high energy brand sponsors extreme athletes and events, •  Shares awe-inspiring pictures of these events.@seolsearchkaty Colomark.com
  • 63. INSTAGRAM •  Marc Jacobs on Instagram: •  Asked followers to share their family moments by using the hash tag #marcfam •  then showcased its followers photos and created a collage on its website for all to see.@seolsearchkaty Colomark.com
  • 65. HOW DO YOU KNOW IT’S WORKING? 1.  Search engine ranking 2.  Social bookmarking activity 3.  Social networking connections 4.  Video/podcast views/listens 5.  Inbound links to your website/blog 6.  RSS subscriptions 7.  Comments on your blog 8.  Mentions of your brand 9.  Number of times people search for your brand 10.  Visitors (first-time and repeat) & Leads & Customers! Or Job Offers, Promotions & a Raise!@seolsearchkaty Colomark.com
  • 66. LEARN MORE… •  www.Mashable.com •  http://www.hubspot.com/marketing-hubs/ •  http://www.hubspot.com/blog •  http://www.seomoz.org/blog •  http://newsletter.blizzardinternet.com •  https://blog.facebook.com •  http://www.google.com/intl/en/press/blog-directory.html •  http://www.linkedin.com/answers •  https://www.facebook.com/questions/ •  www.Delicious.com/seolSearchMarketing@seolsearchkaty Colomark.com
  • 69. GET CREATIVE http://www.fastcodesign.com/1669119/new-service-gives-any-job-seeker-a-slick-custom-resume Colomark.com
  • 70. GET CREATIVE Colomark.com
  • 71. GET CREATIVE Colomark.com
  • 72. GET CREATIVE http://flavors.me/ Colomark.com
  • 73. GET CREATIVE Colomark.com
  • 74. GET CREATIVE Prepare to feel really inadequate about your chosen resume font. Colomark.com
  • 75. GET CREATIVE Check-out http://www.daqri.com/ to build your own Augmented Reality business card Colomark.com