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  • GHAC Social Media 101 Training

    1. 1. Social Media Training September 20, 2012
    2. 2. The Four “C’s” of Social MediaNo matter what platforms you choose, thesefour things will keep your strategy moving inthe right directionCONTENTCONSISTENCYCUSTOMIZATIONCOMMUNITY
    3. 3. Content – What We’ve Been Posting• News About GHAC• Blog Posts and Press Releases• Upcoming Events• Promotions/Specials• Photos• Links to Radio Segments• Air/Heat Memes• Information About Your Business• Information about Energy Efficiencies• Quotes• …Just About Anything!
    4. 4. Content – Where to Post• Facebook Wall (Any) – Photos, Photos, PHOTOS!• Twitter (Any)• Blog (Any) – Embed YouTube Videos – Embed Radio Clips• YouTube (Video)
    5. 5. Content – Cardinal Rule“Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, whatyou are, what you believe, shine through everysentence you write, every piece you finish.” • - John Jakes, author
    6. 6. Consistency – Best Advice EVER.
    7. 7. Consistency Across ChannelsBranding across various channels shouldabsolutely be consistent! If you change yourlogo on Facebook, change it onTwitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. as well.
    8. 8. Consistency – Create a Schedule (and stick to it!)
    9. 9. Customization – Set Yourself Apart!• Facebook Cover Photo• Tabs on Facebook• Twitter Background• YouTube Skin• BlogTools: Shortstack, North Social, Photoshop, etc.
    10. 10. Community – Your PeopleAnyone you interact with, even if only onetime, is a part of your community• Insights and Analytics will help you determinewho your community is• Post content your community will LIKE• Post content your ideal community would like
    12. 12. Google Alerts• Setup Google Alerts for GHAC as well as top brands you carry and anyone, ie Pat Gambel, who might be mentioned in an article
    13. 13. “search term” near:zipcode Find people talking about GHAC/Air or Heat Needs through Twitter Search.
    14. 14. Topsy• Topsy allows you to search any term across multiple channels. This can help you find conversations to join as well as new content
    15. 15. Using Facebook as a Brand How to Post on Facebook Liking Other Pages How to Tag Other Pages Sharing Content From Pages
    16. 16. How to Post on Facebook • You can post as GHAC here. You can share a “Status” (just words), “Photo/Vide o” (accompanied with words), or “Event/Milestone” (these can be back- dated) • Any links will automatically populate with a PREVIEW
    17. 17. Facebook “Voice” You can comment and like posts on the GHAC Facebook Page as yourself by changing the “voice”
    18. 18. Using Facebook as GHAC • You can choose to “be” GHAC on Facebook. This will allow you to like and engage with any other Brand Pages
    19. 19. Add All of the Brands as Favorites• As the page, “LIKE” any pages of Brands you carry and any MAJOR clients
    20. 20. Engage With Things You Like • Like and Comment on the content posted by those pages
    21. 21. Share Your Favorite Content• Share content from those pages on days when you don’t have your own content.
    22. 22. Cross Promote Your Partners• Top selling brands, commercial properties, partners, etc.
    23. 23. Tag Brands When You Mention Them• Simply put “@” and then start typing the name of the page you want to link to – this will “Tag” them. i.e.: @Trane =
    24. 24. Measuring Success on Facebook Review your insights at the very least every month!
    25. 25. Facebook Insights• Review your Audience and Reach as well as what content had the highest engagement. Learn more about Insights here: Insights_en_US.pdf
    26. 26. Using Twitter as a Brand Speaking the Language Why Twitter Matters Using Twitter Lists Measuring Success on Twitter
    27. 27. Cocktail PartyRules of Engagement
    28. 28. Cocktail Party Rules of Engagement– Don’t talk all about yourself– Find the people who interest you– Try to add value to the conversation– Follow up with your new friends
    29. 29. Speaking the languageRT @fscnola hosting a #socialmedia101 training session this afternoon with @ghac_nola!
    30. 30. Twitter Translator
    31. 31. Replies@ denotes a tweet sent to another Twitter user.@TiffanyStarnes see youin the park tonight!So, GHAC’s Twitter“name” is@ghac_nola
    32. 32. RetweetRetweets are similar toforwarding a message ine-mail. They help growcommunities and makespeople feel good.RT @andyknola: Helpraise money for TsunamiRelief:
    33. 33. Direct MessageDM is a private message that you can only sendto those who follow you.D Adeletiblier Here’s mye-mail
    34. 34. Hashtag# makes a term into a keyword that issearchableIn the market for a new unit? Proper sizing &quality installation are critical to your homes#energy efficiency! #HVA
    35. 35. Why Twitter Matters
    36. 36. Twitter Can be Used For…• PR• Crisis Communication• Customer Feedback• Achieving Goals• Customer Relations• Recruitment• Sales• Driving Traffic
    37. 37. Using Twitter Lists GHAC currently does not have any Lists that they created. Werecommend creating Lists for Brands, Partners/Clients, etc.
    38. 38. Use Listorious to find people and lists to follow.
    39. 39. Why Use Lists?• Curate other “official” brand Twitter handles• Curate any resources relevant to your business or industry• Curate team members or employees• Curate industry influencers• Curate New Orleans specific events, information, resources
    40. 40. Manage (on your computer)• Don’t use Use some kind of third party application that provides some sort of reporting. We recommend:
    41. 41. Manage (on the go)iPhone Blackberry Android
    42. 42. Beauty in Brevity• Use a URL shortener to shorten the links you post to social channels. We recommend although they are all good options.
    43. 43. Measuring Success on Twitter Using Sprout Social or Hootsuite will allow you to review analytics and insights on those platforms. Here are some more free tools.
    44. 44.
    45. 45. Who.Unfollowed.Me
    46. 46. TweetStats
    47. 47. Measuring Success on TwitterReTweetist- Allows you to discover trends, popular topics and popular people bytracking Retweets (RTs) across Twitter. Twitters most popular measurement solution for business and personalusers, focusing on influence, impact and engagement.http://www.twitalyzer.comBackTweets- Get a comprehensive understanding of how your content is shared onTwitter, including tweet graphs, reach & impressions stats, influencer lists and more! – Allows you to review your friends and follower growth by week,month or 3-month intervals. You can also compare your growth to competitors.http://twittercounter.comOneForty – All of the latest and greatest online and social media tools.