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SCORE Success Steps Social Media Lunch March 2012


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Keeping up with the evolving Social Media World!

Thursday, March 15th, 11:30 to 1:00 at the Smokehouse Restaurant, Steamboat Springs, CO.

Are you struggling with whether or not you should be marketing your business with social media? Or, are you on Facebook and Twitter, but not sure if you efforts are worthwhile? Do you know what to post? When? Which social networks should you choose? Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, Pinterest, Instagram? An what's with the Facebook timeline? Get answers on these questions and more. Social media takes time and knowledge lets you invest your time wisely.

Leading this program is Katy Martin, who has teamed up with David Wittlinger to form Colormark Media Marketing late last year after 10 years at ResortQuest where she had been the Colorado Regional Marketing and Sales Director. In Steamboat since 2002 with an Honors Degree in Design (Visual Communications) from the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

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SCORE Success Steps Social Media Lunch March 2012

  1. 1. SCORE SUCCESS STEPS / MARCH 15, 2012
  4. 4. SOCIALNOMICSBeautiful slides and stats (borrowed) from:
  5. 5. Beautiful slides and stats (borrowed) from:
  6. 6. SOCIALNOMICSBeautiful slides and stats (borrowed) from:
  7. 7. Users visiting an average of 40 times per month Average 23:20 minutes per visit 47% Earn $50-99K 11% Earn $100+ 25% Aged 35-44 46% Aged 45+ More stats… Link to WSJ Article…
  8. 8. SKI RESORTS & SOCIAL MEDIARead Article. Survey by Ryan Solutions With the help of Guest Research Inc., nearly10,000 post-departure surveys were gathered from nearly three dozen resorts across the country.
  9. 9. K.I.S.SSOCIAL MEDIA.•  Stay top of mind•  Develop a personality behind your brand•  Show behind the scenes•  Develop relationships with your customers: Provoke, Respond, Share•  Experiment with ways to engage your customers
  10. 10. TO WHOMIT MAY CONCERN A  40  -­‐  50  year  old  woman   with  2  children,      a   husband        and  a  household   income  of    $250,000  who   owns  a  home        in   Colleyville  and          drives   an  SUV?
  11. 11. TO WHOMIT MAY CONCERNORWhat time did she wake up? Clock radio? Screaming child? Husbandsalarm?Did she turn on the tv? Look at her favorite blogson her phone? Go to the gym? Does shehave time to make her bed?What does her work day look like? Doesshe go out for lunch? Eat at her desk?Forget to eat because its so hectic? Squeezein errands on her lunch hour?What activities are her kids involved in?Does she pick her kids up from schoolor do they ride the bus? Who cooks dinner?Do they eat as a family or grab and go?What time does she fall into bed? Howdoes she spend her weekends?When does she find time to shop?Does she have any timeto do anything for herself?
  12. 12. TO WHOMIT MAY CONCERNIf you dont understand her life,you arent going to connect with her on a levelthat gives her a thrilling experiencethat shell be willing to pay (more) forAND tell her friends about.Understand where, when and how to make real connectionsthat actually mean something to your clients.Inspiration:
  13. 13. TO WHOMIT MAY CONCERN "e Nobis Hotel is a grand old lady who lives in a vast apartment in Stockholm. Shes a dame of means. She has a cocktail party starting every day at 11:00 am and is slightly tipsy by 5:00 pm and that is when she is communicating to you via social networks as a friend.”More:
  16. 16. BRAINSTORMSOCIAL POSTS!First:•  Brands •  Authors •  Fan clubs •  Recipes•  Ingredients •  Illustrators •  Organizations •  Design•  Suppliers •  Publishers •  Bands •  Colors•  Farmers •  Reading Groups •  Seasonal products •  MaterialsThen…•  What’s New•  What’s Seasonal•  What’s Topical / HeadliningSearch Each Topic:•  Google: Articles•  Google: Image Search•  Pinterest Search•  YouTube•  VimeoGo Deeper…
  17. 17. SUBSCRIBE First, you need a Google Account You don’t need a Gmail Account to get a Google Account. You can sign up with any email address.
  18. 18. SUBSCRIBE:GOOGLE READERLearn More: Search for “Google Reader in Plain English”or:
  19. 19. SUBSCRIBE:GOOGLE READERSubscribe to…•  Blogs•  TripAdvisor Reviews•  Twitter streams•  Facebook streams•  YouTube & Vimeo Video Channels•  Pinterest boards•  Google Alerts: •  Your brand •  Brands / Products you carry •  Important people
  20. 20. BRAINSTORMKEYWORDSHow?•  Start with a list from all the topics you just brainstormed•  Google Analytics Keywords Referrers - How are people finding you already?•  Google Keyword Tool: •  Search broad phrases •  Plug in your competitor website and see what they rank for•  Wordle: •  Your website •  Your reviews •  Use the words your customers use
  21. 21. BRAINSTORMKEYWORDSA Simpler Way:
  22. 22. BANKYOUR IDEASUse Google Docs…Keep a spreadsheet of ideas to post on Facebook, Twitter, Blog posts.Share it with key stakeholders on your team so they can add ideas.
  23. 23. PLANYOUR POSTSUse Google Calendar…
  25. 25. GET SMART!This image was stolen from Google Image Search. I don’t make any money off this so hopefully it’s ok!
  27. 27. Beautiful slides and stats (borrowed) from:
  28. 28. WHATTO BLOG ABOUT:•  FAQs: What Are The Most Common Questions Your Customers Ask?•  The Best Top 5, 10, 15, 20, 7, 11 or 111 Lists•  Trending Topics: Be Opinionated • • ••  Other Ideas: •  One photo with a caption or Several photos with captions •  A review of a book, a film, a product •  A How-To guide or a How-NOT-To guide •  A short video, or audio clip •  An interview •  A rant or a rave •  A thoughtful response to somebody else’s blog post
  29. 29. BLOGGINGESSENTIALS:•  Creative, Keyword Rich Headlines•  500 words or less•  Sub-headings – Break Up Text•  Photos •  USE YOUR PHONE • • ••  Calls to Actions•  Tags
  30. 30. PROMOTINGYOUR BLOG•  Provide Subscription Options: Email (, RSS, Twitter, Facebook•  Social Media Sharing: Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, Pinterest•  Include Your Blog in Traditional Communications (WiseStamp)•  Write Guest Blog Posts•  Get Active in Online Communities Comment on others blogs•  Mention Media and Influencers
  33. 33. *NEW* FACEBOOK TIMELINE1.  Update Cover Photo2.  Update Profile Photo (Was rectangle. Now square.)
  35. 35. *NEW* FACEBOOK TIMELINE3. Update About Section4. Update pictures for apps5. Re-Order appsHINT: Look for the hidden buttons in thetop right corner of “apps,” and photos
  36. 36. *NEW* FACEBOOK TIMELINE•  Pin Posts To Top (for 7 Days) & Star to Make Posts Wider
  37. 37. *NEW* FACEBOOK TIMELINE•  Posts to expand across 2 columns
  38. 38. FACEBOOKEDGERANK•  Affinity – How often you interact with others (be it visiting a friend’s profile or commenting on a page’s picture).•  Edge Weight – The type of content it is. A few types are: Photos, Videos, Status, Place Checkins, becoming friends with someone, liking a page, changing your profile picture, etc. Keep in mind, there are general rules, but everyone’s Edge Weight is different and Facebook has carte blanche to tweak things at will.•  Recency – The older something is, the less likely you are to see it.
  39. 39. WHEN? HOW OFTEN?Link to the Study by Buddy Media.
  40. 40. FACEBOOK POSTING STRATEGY •  Photos receive the most Likes on Facebook. Photos get 50% more impressions than any other post type. •  Links are 87% more likely to be shared than any other post type on Facebook. •  “$ Off” offers receive twice the engagement of “% Off” offers.Seth Casteel – Featured Photographer.Link to the Study by Buddy Media.
  41. 41. •  Keep it Short & Sweet Posts with 80 characters or less receive 66% higher engagement. •  And while the content should be short, the URL probably shouldn’t be — posts with a full-length URL had three times the engagement of their shortened, and tinyurl counterparts.Link to the Study by Buddy Media.
  42. 42. TO LIKE OR NOT TO LIKE •  “Like” This? •  Fill in the blank Posts receive 9 times more Comments than other Posts. •  Ask questions to spark dialogue – “question” Posts generate Comment rates double that of “non-question” Posts. •  Outright saying “post,” “comment” or “tell us” motivates fans to engage. •  If you’re seeking answers, put a simple “where” or “when” or “would” question at the end of the post — you’ll get 15% more engagement than if the question is buried in the middle. •  Shy away from “why” questions, as they seem invasive and ask much more of a user than a “what” question,Link to the Study by Buddy Media.
  44. 44. HOW TO USE TWITTER•  Create a profile: Include photo, logo or illustration; bio; and link•  Listen for awhile, learn the lingo•  Follow people in your industry; customers; prospects; media outlets•  Set-up category lists in Twitter•  Use HootSuite or Tweetdeck to follow lists, company names, & keywords
  45. 45. TWEET. •  Craft a contagious profile. In 140 characters, people decide whether they want to follow you. Make it wow! •  You have to be interesting. You have to be enchanting. You have to be attractive. •  Make quirky statements make eye catching statements, ask questions •  Make people think, say things that make people laugh Share those thoughts that show your personality! •  Be yourself. Be your brand.
  46. 46. TWEET. TWEET.•  Follow interesting people•  You don’t have to follow everyone who follows you•  Block inappropriate followers•  RT often, but tweet more frequently•  Do not include links in more than 80% of tweets•  DM if tweet is TMI or irrelevant for masses•  Find TweetUps e.g.. #mrktchat•  Reply to Tweets•  It’s not all business
  49. 49. OPTIMIZE YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE 1.  Get Recommendations 2.  Summary section is indexed by Google 3.  Update your personal URL •  eg. 4.  When adding websites, choose ‘Other’ and use this area to spell out your current company with a few key – searchable – words. •  Eg. Colomark Media Web & Social Media Marketing 5.  Update your settings to show all your information 6.  Update Your Status Often 7.  Start asking and answering questions on LinkedIn Answers
  50. 50. PINTEREST
  51. 51.
  52. 52.
  53. 53. PINTEREST
  54. 54. PINTEREST
  55. 55. PINTEREST Real Simple •  New Uses For Old Things •  Celebrate St Patrick’s Day: Beer glasses, mustard, recipes
  56. 56. PINTEREST Oreck Vacumes •  Cleaning tips, design/architecture inspiration (Stunning floors) •  Furry Friends!
  57. 57. PINTEREST Peapod Grocery Delivery •  Food in season, recipes, food prep tips and tricks •  Favorite Foodie Movies
  59. 59. ROI REALITY CHECK 1.  Search engine ranking 2.  Social bookmarking activity 3.  Social networking connections 4.  Video/podcast views/listens 5.  Inbound links to your website/blog 6.  RSS subscriptions 7.  Comments on your blog 8.  Mentions of your brand 9.  Number of times people search for your brand 10.  Visitors (first-time and repeat) & Leads & Customers! Or Job Offers, Promotions & A Raise!10 Little Known Social Media Tools You Should Be Using – Now
  60. 60.