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Social Media Marketing, Promotion Beyond MLS

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Promotion Beyond MLS

  1. 1. Promotion Beyond MLSWebsites, Blogs, Newsletters & Social Media Manny Sanchez Jr. Start Here
  2. 2. Shooting an ElephantThe largest U.S. web domain registry company, GoDaddy, was subject tomassive backlash after its CEO, Bob Parsons, tweeted a link to a video ofhimself shooting an elephant in Zimbabwe. People for the Ethical Treatmentof Animals led an effort urging a boycott of GoDaddy, and competitors triedto capitalize by offering discounted transfer rates and even makingdonations to elephant charities.
  3. 3. The Marsh Cafe The Marsh Cafe, in San Francisco, put up a sign that promoted ‘Foursquaremayor drinks for free!’. Since starting the offer, The Marsh cafe has a seen asurge in demand and has hired extra staff and extended opening hours tomeet it.
  4. 4. Social media is a double edged sword
  5. 5. Content• User Friendly Websites • Facebook, Twitter & Youtube – Exercise: – Exercises: Revise your website Create a Facebook page Create a Twitter account• Social Media Marketing Create a Youtube channel – Exercise: Content Questionnaire • Business Newsletters Social Media Calendar – Exercises: Build a newsletter• Dangers of Social Media • Other tools & the future of• Business Blog social media marketing. – Exercise: Build a business blog
  6. 6. User Friendly WebsitesWhat makes a website user friendly?
  7. 7. Navigation• Prominent• Categorized• Easily Identified• Easily Accessed
  8. 8. NavigationExamples of bad navigation
  9. 9. Design• Design should reflect you’re your brand.• Colors should not distract you from content.• Keep it simple.
  10. 10. DesignExamples of bad design
  11. 11. Content• People are on the internet in search of content.• People will not visit you website if you don’t have anything new.• You content must be searchable (search box).
  12. 12. Splash Pages & Flash On the web, a splash page is a page in your website that acts as a front page prior to displaying the home page. Usually used with flash.• 25% of visitors leave a site right after seeing a splash page.• Website takes longer to load.• Does not work on mobile phones.• You content must be searchable (search box).• Bad SEO, cant be indexed.• Annoying (for visitor).
  13. 13. Splash Pages & Flash Examples of splash pages
  14. 14. Mobile Ready• According to Google, 61% of users are unlikely to return to a website that they had trouble accessing from their phone.• By 2015, 90% of mobile phones will be Smartphones• By 2013 mobile Internet users will overtake desktop users.
  15. 15. Mobile ReadyExamples of mobile ready websites
  16. 16. ExerciseReview if my website user friendly
  17. 17. Social Media MarketingSocial Media is the #1 activity on the web
  18. 18. Years to reach 50 million users: Radio: 38 years TV: 13 years Internet: 4 yearsFacebook: added 100 million users in less than 9 months
  19. 19. • Social Media is the #1 activity on the web• If facebook were a country itd be the worlds 3rd largest• YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world• 93% of consumers believe companies should have a social media presence of some kind – Cone Business Social Media Study
  20. 20. Social Media Marketing What happens in Vegas stayson Facebook / Twitter / Youtube
  21. 21. Social Media Marketing• Like, subscribe & follow • Content • Impact • Authority • Personality
  22. 22. Like, Subscribe & Follow Positive word of mouth recommendations are still the best and least expensive way to build successful business. Social networks as the modern version of word-of-moth advertising on steroids• Pump out good content• Personally interact with your audience• The capacity to care about the people you interact with is the biggest reason why some brands win and others lose.• Get a flip cam start video blogging.• Open a wordpress account• Participate in local conversations on blogs, twitter or facebook• Dont expect overnight results.
  23. 23. ContentContent is relevant and useful information thatyour visitors will find helpful, educational,interesting or just plain fun.It can be in the form of text, video or audio.Content can position your company as a trustedsource of information.
  24. 24. ContentWhat would you do with an email or update like this? “We believe the alliance between Ramos Real Estate and Sanchez Reservations represents a synergistic win-win with significant value add for both solutions, allowing each to utilize and leverage their unique strengths in the market”
  25. 25. Content• Create something that your audience can understand, want to read, watch, listen to.• You want them to love it and share it.• Social media marketing starts with creating good content.
  26. 26. ExerciseContent Questioner
  27. 27. ImpactWithin the first 30 second of a speech, youraudience realizes whether or not they want to hearmore, in social media, you actually have less time.
  28. 28. Impact• You blog should have a provocative title in each post. Questions make great titles.• Video and audio clips, immediately jump into a story.• Dont use old marketing techniques in social media, its a recipe for disaster.• Start juicy conversations by – Asking questions – Make controversial statements• Always offer a next step – Share this with your friends – Leave a comment (by ending with a question)
  29. 29. AuthorityMilgram’s Study: "The Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures was a series of notable social psychology experiments conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram, which measured the willingness of study participants to obey an authority figure who instructed them to perform acts that conflicted with their personal conscience." Source: The experiment was primarily done during the 60s to test how far people would go listening to authority or doing what they believe is right. 2/3rds of people actually listened to the point of (they thought) killing someone.
  30. 30. AuthorityMilgram’s Study:• Milgram says we have a deep seated sense of duty to authority.• Our compliance to authority is driven mostly by perception.• Thats why a lab coat, police uniform or an expensive suit can facilitate influence over others.
  31. 31. Authority “Great content creates authority”• Write consistently about your area of expertise, that makes you and authority• If people think your important, so does Google• People respond to and follow important people more than others
  32. 32. Personality• Let people know there is a real person behind the social network account.• A strong point of social media is that its a direct conduit to your audience, its a 1 on 1 conversation, even if you’re a company as big as Coca Cola. There is really nowhere to hide (facebook,, linkedin, etc) so might as well be yourself.
  33. 33. ExerciseCreate a Social Media Calendar
  34. 34. Dangers of Social MediaInternet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life - Andrew Brown
  35. 35. Privacy• If not careful your profile information, photos, status updates, comments could reveal to much to the world. Things as where you live, when are and are not at home. Are you on vacation.• You email, date of birth, phone number could lead to ID theft.• Anything you post becomes public domain, even if you share it with “friends only”, social network policies change, what are your friends doing with that embarrassing photo?• Anything you post on a social network should be viewed as public or as material that can easily be made public.
  36. 36. Privacy• Familiarize yourself with privacy settings.• Regularly review your pages and see if any of the info you posted can be used by others for ID theft, people to locate you.• If you have sensitive information to share use other forms of communication. You should never publish anything online that you don’t want the public to see. (Personal information, questionable photos, offensive jokes or remarks.)
  37. 37. Time• Social networking can become a distraction and consume time. Social networks come with games, real time wasters. If you have time set aside for leisure, and that is your gusto, go for it. But if not, don’t waste time on the games.• The more contacts you have the more time you will spend social networking.• Keep a social media calendar and respect it, or time yourself.• Studies have shown that (and by personal experience), overuse of social networking can cause you anxiety and stress. Know when to shut it down.
  38. 38. ReputationSocial networks as the modern version of word-of-moth advertising on steroids. Watch what you post.
  39. 39. ReputationGilbert Gottfrieds Japan JokesIn March 2011 Japan suffered a devastating earthquake and tsunami.Four days later, actor Gilbert Gottfried tweeted insensitive jokes thatpiggybacked on the disaster. He was subsequently fired from his Aflacspokesperson position.
  40. 40. Reputation"Chryslers" Road RageSomeone with access to car manufacturer Chryslers Twitter accounttweeted their disgust for Detroit drivers. The company quickly removedthe tweet, apologizing that its account had been compromised.
  41. 41. Reputation• Companies have lost customers because of posting the wrong thing.• Many people have lost their jobs or been turned down for new jobs become of what has been posted online.• The most important thing to do when your brand is going down the tube because of something posted or someone else said is simple: – Respond immediately – Be honest• In Social media, you don’t talk to the company, your talking to a human being on the other side, social media is a 1 on 1 conversation.
  42. 42. SecuritySooner or later you will get hacked.• Study the security settings of your social network. Most of them have second layer of security. Not just a username password, but they text you or call you with a secret code.• If you do get hacked, reported immediately to your social network. All have a help button at the footer of the site, where you can report it.
  43. 43. SecurityUse secured passwords:• Make sure there at least 8 characters long and add numbers and mix high and low caps.• When using a public computer... dont. If you really have to, change your password once you get to your computer.••
  44. 44. Business Blog You business blog will be your hub, your foundation or home base. The reason you have social networks and newsletters is to bring people to your
  45. 45. Business BlogWhat is a blog & why should I have one?• The word comes from Web Logs, it was coined on Dec 17th 1997 by Jorn Barger.• A blog is a website. A website that is constantly updated. Blogs are an inexpensive way to build an online presence. Your blog is where people can go deeper and get more intimate with you.• You blog is where you educate, entertain, engage, end enrich your reader.• Blog at least 2 o 3 times a week.• Over 50% of blogs are abandon within the first 90 days.
  46. 46. Business Blog• Why do you want to publish a blog?• What are the business objectives, outcomes, or goals you want from your business blog?• Who is your ideal reader?• How do you want your readers to feel when they read your blog?• What do you want your readers to do when they read your blog?• How much time do you have to devote to your blog each week?• What is your blogs core message?
  47. 47. ExerciseBuild a business blog
  48. 48. News Feed or StreamOne of the most important things that madefacebook so popular is its news feed (copied fromtwitter).This news feed, stream, live update is replicatedon the majority of social networks, so itsimportant we understand the concept.
  49. 49. News Feed or Stream
  50. 50. News Feed or Stream
  51. 51. News Feed or Stream
  52. 52. Facebook• In February of 2004 Mark Zuckenberg and a few of his collage friends launched facebook from their Harvard dorm room.• Currently it is the #2 most visited website in the world.• It is the largest photo sharing platform.
  53. 53. Facebook• Page Are intended for businesses, brands and public figures. Every time you post something on your page only people that have clicked the “LIKE” button get notified.• Profile People use them to maintain their online identity with Facebook. When you post something in your profile (depending on your privacy settings), only your friends get notified.• Group For people who share a common interest, access can be restricted. When you post something on a group, everyone in the groups gets notified about it.
  54. 54. ExerciseCreate a facebook page
  55. 55. TwitterTwitter was launched in July of 2006. Many call it a social network,but its actually a microblogging site. You can tweet text messages ofup to 140 characters long.Twitter is great for updates. It use to be just text and links, but nowyou can post photos and videos
  56. 56. ExerciseOpen a twitter account
  57. 57. Youtube YouTube is a video-sharing website, created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005, on which users can upload, view and share videos. In November 2006, YouTube, was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion. It is the #4 most visited site in the world. You want to create video. Go to or (online simple as dirt video editing).With a webcam you can do:• Interviews• Event News• How-two• Video tours• Promotional
  58. 58. ExerciseCreate a youtube channel
  59. 59. NewslettersA newsletter is a communication distributed to interestedpersons via email.The topic of the newsletter can vary but it should alwaysrelate to your business and provide information that isinteresting and useful to your readers.
  60. 60. ExerciseBuild a newsletter
  61. 61. Other Tools & the FutureOther social networks worth mentioning• LinkedIn (mainly used for professional networking).• Flickr (Photo sharing site)• Forums (another tool to get people to your hub)• Social bookmarking sites:,, reddit.comKeep an eye on• Mobile Marketing By 2013 mobile Internet users will overtake desktop users.• Google+ Google own social network, connected to and youtube.comResources••
  62. 62. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME SEE YOU SOON Websites, Blogs, Newsletters & Social Media