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Internet Marketing & SEO for Beginners


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It goes by many names: online marketing; internet marketing; web marketing...and more. It really doesn’t matter what it’s called – all you really need to know is there are many ways your business can benefit from using the internet and email to find more customers...and keep up with your competitors already marketing online!

But where to start? And how to do it well?
If you’re new to internet marketing, or you’ve had a go and wondered why it doesn’t seem to be working yet, this presentation could be for you.

We’ll look at social media, websites, blogging, email marketing and SEO. We’ll start with the basics and then look at ways to create valuable and engaging content to attract new customers, getting the most out of your website if you have one, how to make it look professional, and lots of tips to help you put it all into practice.

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Internet Marketing & SEO for Beginners

  1. 1. Online Tools and Tipsto Grow Your Business
  2. 2. My career never got this interesting! (I know, that does look remarkably like me)Image courtesy of Eleazar Paradise
  3. 3. This IS me!(Realitysucks)
  4. 4. The Basics What is internet marketing? Why do you need it? How can you benefit?
  5. 5.  Internet marketing tools and tips  Website/blog  Social Media – The Big Five  Email  Video
  6. 6.  Improving your site’s ranking in search results Get more visitors Convert visitors into customers Monitoring your website’s performance
  7. 7. This is the bit where you can wake up!Got any questions?(Don’t panic, this whole presentation is on my website with a full Image courtesy of Alan Cleaver - transcription!)
  8. 8. Image courtesy of MNSC -
  9. 9. Because your competitors are already using the internetto grab a slice of the action! 2008, UK online shoppers spent £30 billion. 2011 that went up to £68 billion. In 2012 it’s predicted to be £77 billion.
  10. 10. IGNORE THEM AT YOUR PERIL! In 2010, £1 in every £13 spent online was by older people That’s now £1 in every £8 That will go even higher as the computer literate generation gets older. Photo courtesy of by Public Places -
  11. 11. YOU CAN... Reach new customers (even outside your area) Communicate any time! Build a relationship/loyalty Establish your expertise Establish your brand Generate more website traffic Increase conversions City Light Customer Account Operators by Seattle Municipal Archives -
  12. 12. The hub of your online presence
  13. 13.  It MUST answer the users’ questions Is it up-to-date? Source: Do links work? How user-friendly?  How many clicks to deep pages?  Easy navigation  Shopping cart experience  Compatible with all major browsers
  14. 14. •It obeys the 3-second rule•Not too much or too little text•Doesn’t skimp on design•Web pages aren’t too long•No flashing banners or garishcolours•Images are good quality &download speedily•No spelling/grammar mistakes Sourced from
  15. 15. Clear, simple Simple primary navigation layout No jargon Cute icon, used sparingly Immediate and simple call to action Neutral colour scheme Plenty of white spaceVideo demonstration sells it Guides to make it
  16. 16. Go for, not It’s free! Customise themes – complete control over look andfeel Install apps to create extra functionality on your site Self-hosted (no need for “”extensions on your domain name) You’ll need a Google account to sign up It’s free! You can use your own domain name if you want Designed for simplicity
  17. 17. The big FIVE and putting them into practice
  18. 18.  Balance your social media content Give more than you receive Don’t always link to your own content RT/Share/Like and Comment whenever you can Get a conversation going! Don’t be too formal – this is “social” Absolutely NO typos, errors of grammar, text speak etc.
  19. 19. •140 characters (inc. Link to contentspaces)•Follow / be followed•Works well with B2B•Username limited to 15characters Link to photo•Customise background& font /link colours•Upload photos and # Hashtaglinks Retweeted Url shorteners:
  20. 20.  Tag any Twitter user with “@” Twitter news feed moves fast – slim chance your post will be seen. Re-post several times (every 2 – 3 hours is acceptable) Custom background image – ideal width to work on majority of screens is approx 250 px
  21. 21. With 250px widebackground imageVIEWED ON A24” SCREENVIEWED ON A15” SCREEN
  22. 22. •No character limit•Post links•Photos•Videos Interesting post•Ask questions / adda poll•Successful for B2C Urgh! Get rid of Link summary ugly urls in and thumbnail posts imageInteraction opportunities
  23. 23.  Best features for people to follow and interact with you easily People can “Like” your Page with no privacy risks SEO. Pages can be seen in search results No. of “Likes” unlimited Create multiple
  24. 24. 851px by 315px, jpg, under100kb Profile photo 160px by 160px About Facebook apps Maximum of 12 Incredible support
  25. 25.  Personal & business pages Add friends/fans to circles Publish posts, links, images, video, create events Use the +1 button to like and share web content Hangouts! SEO – Google integrate Google+ content in search results
  26. 26. 1. click 2. Drag & drop to invite 3. Name 4. Go public? (By the way, Hangouts don’t seem to like Internet Explorer, but they’re buddies with Firefox and 5. Hangout! Chrome!)
  27. 27. “Pin” images you findaround the web (orfrom your own site) tothemed Boards inPinterest.Clicks on an image byvisitors take them tothe originating website.Visitors can Like orRepin images to theirown boards, commentand follow you.
  28. 28. Some types of businesseasily lend themselves to avisual representationE-Commerce sites are agood exampleTraffic is drivenstraight to yourproduct page!The sale is halfmade already...
  29. 29. Other types of businessneed a bit of creativethought...Infographics are a visualway to explain a process,data, or knowledge.So even “dry” and “boring”stuff can be made visuallyinteresting!
  30. 30. And then for otherprofessionals you cansimply use Pinterest as agallery to display your work.Photographers, architects,landscape gardeners, chefs,artists, interior designers,hairdressers andbeauticians, tourism...Browse the Pinterestcategories for inspiration
  31. 31.  Professional business networking via “connections” Build your professional profile Showcase your credentials Upload your CV Professional discussion groups Share posts, photos, links
  32. 32.  Hootsuite Web-based application Attach files/photos to posts Schedule posts Search Reply/RT/DM/Like/ comment Pro upgrade for more bells and whistles, advanced reports etc
  33. 33.  Tweetdeck m Web-based or desktop application Similar features to Hootsuite No report features Fewer social networks
  34. 34.  Email Better chance of being seen/read than social media Newsletters Special Room for more content offers/discounts Touch base with customers New products regularly Tips / information Resource intensive Delivery problems/ISPs and firewalls etc May not display as intended Long-term reader engagement
  35. 35.  Existing customers  Web site/blog  Social media incentives  Visitors to your premises  Telephone enquiries Incentivise!Image courtesy of Sarah G -
  36. 36.  Owned by Google Videos appear in search results Demonstrations Promotions Reviews Interviews
  37. 37. See you in10 minutes! Coffee Break by Kheel Center, Cornell University -
  38. 38. Having fun?Let’s talk about SEO Image courtesy of Andvic -
  39. 39. Optimised website Happysearch engine Better More visibility trafficWider sharing Deeper Improvedthrough links engagement conversions
  40. 40.  Visible elements on your web pages Behind the scenes External links pointing to your site
  41. 41. What words do people use to find what you do?PlumberPlumber in LondonEmergency plumber in LondonGo for the “long-tail”
  42. 42.  Google Keyword Tool
  43. 43. Meta Title (max 70 characters)Meta Description(max 155characters)
  44. 44. Right click on a web page – “ViewSource”Write unique, keyword-rich and user-friendly meta tags and ask yourwebsite host/developer to upload them for you if you don’t have a CMS
  45. 45. Main Heading (H1)Secondary Heading(H2)Keywords usedthroughout bodytext (don’t over-stuff– must read well forusers)Add address at thebottom of each page
  46. 46.  Image Alt attributes Describe images with a keyword if it is relevant Labelled images conform with modern Weymouth seafront accessibility standards – Google brownie points? Ask your web host to upload Alt tags if you
  47. 47.  Use the “intitle” operator in Google’s search box to sniff out the competition! A web page with a title meta tag containing a keyword has a good chance of outranking a web page without
  48. 48.  Useful, interesting or funny content is more “shareable” Shared content is a signal of recommendation Links from authoritative, respected, influential sites carry more “link-juice” Social platforms are increasingly driving shares and links Image courtesy of Ukesh Kumar -
  49. 49.  Is content fresh, good quality, original, relevant to your niche? Is there lots of activity from users (social shares and comments)? Use Mozbar for Firefox or Chrome ( toolbar)
  50. 50.  Low quality link directories Paid links! Automated blog networks Sites with copied content Dozens of random links on the page Google’s deputies, Panda and Penguin – coming to a website near you soon!
  51. 51.  Consistently create Advanced Google and share great search content. Quality web “guest post” + keyword directories Guest posts (articles) “guest blog” + keyword Leave a link in a “guest author “ + keyword comment (sparingly!) Ask! Have something to offer in return A YouTube channel Slideshare ( )
  52. 52. Use GoogleAnalytics to keeptrack of : How visitors use yoursite How visitors arrived atyour site Sales and conversions Your most popularcontent The impact of socialmedia on your goals
  53. 53. Want to know more? Click on a Keyword and select Landing Page as the secondary dimension
  54. 54. But if internet marketing makes you feel like this...Image courtesy of Katie@1 - Image courtesy Dace-F-
  55. 55. Have a safe journey home Mandy Cochrane 01963 824822 mandy@webscenemarketing.c